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Advise on Aditya Problem
I see that most of people who purchased Aditya properties are suffering a lot but can not fight.

I would estimate atleast 10-15 lack of over payment on each of your apartments based on heavy charges but poorest quality ... that means, crores of rupees scam.

Why don't you guys spend %50K each, contrib like few lacks and pay to local police/CBI/MLA to crack down this scam and after all, you know some people are ready to do anything for a small amount of money too

There must be end to this scam, if any, and let people get the best for their like's hard earned money

All the best
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Beware of Latest Internal Scams on Craigslist

In the holiday season, many companies/guys put advertisement of Apple Macbook Pro at $1200 Or Sony VAIO of very high config at just $650

When you email them, they say currently they shifted to UK but their laptop is still in the public storage. then they accept money through moneygram and the agent will co ordinate and stuff.

THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BIG Scam like those Lottery of millions dollars emails from nigeria, you remember !!!!!

Please stay way of these and inform your local police if you get any selling offer like this

Good Luck ... Anybody already got trapped like this ? let me know and I can guide
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Aditya Builders - 27 yrs. of experience.
Dear All,

It seems that some misunderstandings are unnecessarily being created about Aditya Builders, a compnay which strives for customer satisfaction since 1979, almost 3 decades. We request all those who would like to have clarifications on these, to talk to us or meet us at our Corporate Office, or send us your contact details so that we could get in touch.

Our co - operative hand is & will be always extended for our valuable customers.
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Aditya Builder is Just a Cheater
Dont Buy Aditya Builders Property...i agreed with the message written below my post....
And Dont compare it with Chitale sweets...
Before booking try to get everything in writting if sales persons are giving any promises, commitments.....
Aditya's accessaries for Flat are not brnaded like Chitale Sweet Boxes....those are of very low quality.....
i got the possession of aditya's Garden City scheme and before going to live there...all taps door handles started rusting only in one month...then think @ it.....tiles are not proper fitted....
charginf heavy maintenance 2BHK 2600/month and 3BHK 3000/month but no service and no maintenace...

And major drawback he is forming Apartment and not the garden space and all other comman space in schemes belongs to Builder he can do anything over there...

And also its adjecent to High-way....its very risky.....we are facing lot of problems because oh much pollution, vehicle noises, so cant slip properly...Even service road work is going on there.....still its very think before buying 50Lac flat over there...

All The Best...
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ADITYA ..Best known for Late Poss, bad quality!
Out of hundreds on builders, people are complaining only about Aditya Builders... just imagine the frustation levels :)
There are some good posting also about Aditya Builders on this site.. extremely surprising!!
I'm sure all these posts praising the builder are by the employees only.. but everyone should form their own opinions... Try this, before you are planning to buy anything from Aditya, try to meet the owner of Aditya Builders for a couple of times. If you are allowed to meet him, please go ahead and buy the flat, because once you book, you'll never be allowed to meet him/her, like me.. There is no concept on customer service, once you have paid the booking amount.
Please visit any owner in Aditya Shagun Mall Or Aditya Garden City to know...
Also do'nt get sweet talked by the Aditya sales people with all their excuses and promises, take everything in writing.. Wish you all the best if you still want to book with these builders... but i will always sincerely regret my purchase with them.
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I trust Aditya Builders
I do not agree with the comments posted below. Even I'm a customer of Aditya, but the treatment I've always received is par excellence. Aditya Builders, I am always with you as I beleive that buying a flat from you is like blindly purchasing Sweets from Chitale. I have full trust.
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Aditya Builder is of very low quality
Aditya Builder is a cheater, dont buy aditya's property, i am owner of aditya's garden city..
the quality is very many leckages..tiles are very is proper answers from marketing team....heavy maintenance...but no proper amenities.....they are forming apartment and not society which is the major drawback of this project...2nd thing its adjacent to high-way,so loads of noises from high-way vehicles....even we cant slip properly at dont invest your valuable money at garden city....
windows doors everything is of low quality....
so think b4 buying at Aditya's property...
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Don't buy from Aditya. The guy is a crook and will cheat you.
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Dont Go for Aditya Builders Project....Big Cheater
Dear Friends,

I am Flat owner of Aditya Garden City ,Warje.we got cheated and suffering a lot.Builder Promised us posseion by March 07 but we actully got in Sept 07.Builder is not ready to meet customers even. The flats are in very bad conditions as they used poor quality material. There is Lickage in Bathrooms, And in walls.Even on 3-4 floor walls are having leackages. When we complaint about that nobody is giving us services from Bulider side. All Doors, Windows are with very poor quality.They used all "Patra's" for windows.
Tiles condition is very bad.Most of the flat owners are requesting to relace tiles to builder as they are cracked but no response frm him.

Even he charged very heavily as maintainance cost but there is no securities available at Project. 1 Person managing 3 Buildings. When we spoke to Secuirity he told us that they didnt get salaries for last 3 months ths why most of the people left Aditya.He promised us to give Club Possesion by 1st Nov. But still its uncomplete.He shown us big Swiming Pool While Booking Flat but He made Fish Pond as Swiming pool.

At the time of booking he promised everybody tht there will be socity but now he is saying it will be apartment.

He made all false promises to people while booking.We sincerely request u not to go for Aditya's any Project.
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Positive Attitude
Reading about such things, I feel that every person has a different way of looking at things. I find something good, my wife finds it bad. I find something bad, may be my wife may find it good. In such a situation, always a discussion helps me getting things solved. Always, a positive approach towards things helps in getting things solved. Why don't you people try this?
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