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  • tvvijay
    started a topic H4 Visa Interview

    H4 Visa Interview

    Hello Friends,

    My wife is planning to visit India after 4 years in the US. My current H1B petition is valid till Sept 2019. Although, I changed my client and there is a new amendment submitted by my employer. It is in process as it was filed on Apr 24th 2018. I have few questions....
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  • Photo requirements for the Interview Waiver Program

    My wife and child are qualified for the dropbox. They went and took the photo from a studio for US visa . I just want to know if we can check if they are correct photos are not because since we are not doing biometrics.. I dont want the photo to be rejected. I checked in their us state...
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  • kesan
    started a topic H4 Interview and Travel Problem

    H4 Interview and Travel Problem

    Good day! I'm a h1b holder I have couple of questions for my spouse h4,.
    Here is my scenario:
    1. I just got married and came to USA alone, My spouse doesn't have any visa to travel. my current employer(A) scheduled an appointment on 9th September 2016 two month before and shared the appointment...
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  • H4 visa interview after changing employer

    My employer has scheduled H4 visa interview for my wife on August 18th. I have changed my employer now and h1 transfer is in progress, hope i will
    receive my receipt number by next week. Is it possible to use the same slot already booked for the interview by just updating the h1b receipt number...
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  • manishparab2014
    started a topic H4 Documents

    H4 Documents

    hello friends, my wife is planning to attend H4 Interview soon, Currently Im in US.

    I have confusion regarding two documents which she needs to carry to the consulate.

    1) I797B - I saw many threads which makes it more confusing if we need to carry Original I797B document...
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  • akhil_agarwal1
    started a topic H4 visa interview

    H4 visa interview


    My wife is going for a H4 visa interview next month (in India). What are the documents that she should carry along ?
    Just fyi, she was in US on H1 and mantained her H1 till May 2014. During May 2014, we filed a COS from H1 to H4 (as I am also on H1) which was approved (in August...
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  • test2244
    started a topic H1 visa interview

    H1 visa interview

    I am planning to appear for h1 visa interview this month along with my wife and daughter. Is it necessary to take my daughter during ofc and visa interview? She is about 8 month old.
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  • Question for filling DS-160 for H4 visa


    I am in US working on a H1B visa and my fiancee is in the process of completing her DS-160 form for the H4 interview. I need suggestions regarding the following DS-160 form questions:

    1. Who is paying for the Trip?

    I would be paying for her trip....
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  • ranjithsivanandan
    started a topic Wife H4 interview alone

    Wife H4 interview alone


    I got my H1b stamped a week back and I will be travelling to US on 30th June. My wife who has taken vacation leave has got her H4 interview date on 8th July(beginning of next month). We have some queries regarding the interview.

    1. As on 8th July(her interview date),...
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  • Help with H4 visa for spouse

    Hi Folks,

    I am on H-1B visa and plan to bring my wife over to US on H4. I haven't got my visa stamped so far (haven't traveled outside US in a while).

    While searching for the pre-requisites for H4 Visa interview on immihelp I could see that "Photocopy of the Principal...
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  • Steps for H1 and H4 Stamping in Mumbai Consulate

    Got my H1 and my wife's H4 stamped in March 07. Best way to get the entire process done is like this :

    This is according to my experience .. only read this for an idea not an standard process ... Q & A are according to my experience .. it may vary.

    Wear Formal clothes...
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