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H4 Visa EAD information

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  • Kate Parker
    Conflicting info re H4 and EAD

    Hello, I'm hoping for a bit of clarity and information. My background is as follows

    My husband is in the US on an H1B nonimmigrant skilled workers visa. I am therefore on an H4 spousal visa. We have just moved to the US and will only be applying for permanent residency in a few years. I am a bit confused regarding the recent information on EAD and spouses.

    AM I or AM I NOT allowed to work as an H4 spouse in the US? Do we have to have applied for permanent residency before I am allowed to work?


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  • needhelptodecide
    F1 OPT to H4 EAD

    I am currently in the US on F1 OPT which is going to expire in 45 days or so. While here, I met someone who is on H1B (and recently got the I-140 approved) and we have been together for 6 months. We are great together and want to continue staying together, so we recently did registered marriage here. We have not had an Indian marriage yet since we are still in the process of convincing parents. Given the sensitivity of family situation, we have not told people that we got married.
    Now given expiry of OPT and F1 very soon, I need to change my status to H4 and then apply for EAD. My concerns are:

    1. Since we do not have an Indian marriage, will there be any trouble in getting H4?

    2. Should I file COS from F1 to H4 here or should I go to India for applying for H4 visa?

    3. If here, should I apply for COS and EAD together or wait till I get H4 (will take about 6 months or more in total for both)?

    4. If I go back to India, and then my H4 is denied, will my B1/B2 (10 years visa) also be revoked? Or can I enter US again on tourist visa this year?

    Also, I will have an important personal/work thing to attend later this year. Will they let me enter for that?
    Would really appreciate your views.

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  • baazi
    H4 EAD I-765 Question #11


    I have worked in US earlier for 10 years on H1B visa before change of my status from H1B to H4. Currently I am in H4 status since 4 years,so should I say yes to the question #11 and mention the dates of my previous H1B visas or should I mention No to this question. Please let me know


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  • Madhu babu
    Eligibility Category in I-765 form


    As part of I-765 form, you have stated that eligibility category is (c) (26). Is it common for all ?? Also as an H1-B principal applicant , iam planning to file H-4 EAD application process. Do you see any issues if I do it individually

    Madhu Babu M

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  • immihelp
    started a topic H4 Visa EAD information

    H4 Visa EAD information

    For extensive information about H4 Visa EAD, please visit http://www.immihelp.com/h4-visa-ead/

    As and when more information is known, we will be updating that section. Therefore, please keep visiting it often.