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Renewing Greencard

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Timeline for removal of conditions I-751
I sent all my paper work in may of 2019, my gc expired august, so i did it 3 months prior expiration of my gc , it was received in California service center on june.. i received an extension letter also .. finger prints were taken on first week of december , my case was approved in march 20,2020 .. it took 10months and no interview required .

Be patient , good luck guys.
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Change Address
Hi everyone ,

Question .. i will renew my conditional card soon , but will moving to another address can we change now or do i need to wait till i apply my renewal card ? Thank you in Advance and stay safe all :)
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Anyone with the i751 wavier? Please update your timeline and the documents and the decision if any taken by USCIS in your case
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I 751
Anyone who can suggest anything would be highly appreciated. Me and my wife got married feb 2018 and in June 2018 we applied for our green card and in January 2019 I got my conditional green card but since very beginning we had issues going on together right and we are at that point where we think we might end up leaving each other, and she is saying she will help me with the 10 year green card but unfortunately we neither have any joint bank account, no joint credit cards, no utility bills, no rent or mortgage together cause we live in a joint family and unfortunately we didn’t even file for text returns together but she is saying we will not file divorce in court cause she want to help me with the 10 year green card.. now my question is should I apply for wavier or should I apply jointly without any joint document and even though it’s not the time for me to apply for 10 year green card yet but I want to prepare myself from now
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name was updated
we updated your name for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. What does that mean? It show that my application i didnt changed any info.
can u guys help me
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1-90 renewal
Do anyone know that the processing time to renew 1-90 in Florida?
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i-751 case transferred to new office by 2nd time
Hi everyone. We applied for GC conditions removal i-751 in March 2018. We received notice the Vermont office would take care of it. After 1 year, in March 2019 we received notice that the case was transferred to the Texas office. In november 2019 we received another notice that the case was transferred this time to Missouri office. We haven't heard from them ever since. Tried to check processing time in USCIS website but i-751 is not listed as processed by the Missouri office. Anyone in the same or similar situation?Thanks
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Renewing Drivers License
I am trying to renew my DL however the DMV is asking for my updated GC. Since I am also needing to renew my 10 year residency, do I have to wait for the actual GC to come in to get my DL, or can I use the application receipt for my GC renewal to get my DL?
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Good evening everyone. My two years GC will expire Jin one year.
So I still have time, but I like figure it out the way to process with lot of prior time.
I know I can apply for the remove of the condition 3 months before the expiration.
How long it should take? During the waiting time, in case I will not get my 10 years green card before the expiration date of my actually green card, am I allowed to travel and keep working, or from the day the 2 years card will be expire, I will not be able to work/travel?
Thank you!
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Renewing 10 yr Green Card
Hi Guys,

Need some advice from folks who have gone through the process.

My spouse and my GC is expiring in 5.5 months. It is a 10yr GC. I want to start I-90 application but not certain about the processing time. Since the DL and Job are tied to GC, will the expiry affect either of those? Is renewal a complex process or straight forward? Do they give any temporary card while in process? Any issues in the renewal process?

Part 3, Question 1 on Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, asks about the “location where you applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status.” I am not sure what are they asking? Is it the service center or my physical location?

Also, can we start our naturalization process together?

Thanks in advance and I will certainly appreciate your opinions!!

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