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Renewing Greencard

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What happens to work authorization while i 751 is pending for too long?
Hi fam!

I am needing to find an answer what would happen to my job if my GC renewal doesn't get approved in time.
I am not supposed to submit i 751 until 3 months mark from my GC expiration date, right?
But it looks like the processing time would be at lease a year and most likely way longer than 1 year.
Then, I am worried what would happen to my job during that 7 months to longer time frame of waiting for the my i 751 to be approved?

Any one who might have an insight or experience with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you (:
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I751 waiver on divorce
My case overview
Marriage 12/17/2018
conditional green card 02/4/2020
Filling for divorce 08/10/2020
Because things are not working out between me and my wife
Joint documents from since i am married
Verizon bills
Bank account
Car insurance
Joint taxes (2018,2019)
Apartment lease
Renters insurance
Xfinity bills
Affidavit from wise that our marriage was real

I am scared i am gonna be filling my waiver in California i need your opinions on my case i haven never been through all of that i am going through bad mental trauma right now
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I-751 Experience 2020
Sent I-751 forms end of May for wife's card which expires in July 2020.
Credit card charged for fee's 3 days after they received paperwork.
Received verification letter receipt 2nd week July
Received waiver letter for Bio-Metrics July 15.
Will update as info received.
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Hi anyone knows how long they will deduct the payment and how long they will send you the letter with case number i was submitted in lewisville texas last july 13 by 15 document was delivery to that address until now i didn’t received anything or even the payment didn’t removed yet .. thanks in advance
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Hi everyone. Can you guys share under this topic your last case Update&Sevis center? I believe this can give us little bit idea and will help to track that Uscis actions

I have I-751 in process Texas Servies center last update 7/2020 Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken
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Approval letter received
Today I received my approval letter ! Service center Vermont apply on September 23 2019 . How long is gonna take to receive the green card ? I know there is delay in green production! Anyone here currently get their green card ? How long it take from receiving approval letter to receive green card
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i751 Experience California
i751 Application Received End of April 2019 by California Office

Document Submitted, Bank statement, Credit Card Statement, House Paper, 4 Years Tax, Utility Bills, etc ( No pictures), NOT all documents were on joint name only a few but I submitted most of the letters delivered to us ( some on my name some on wife's name only a few joint)

No Finger Print request

06/23/2020 We Ordered your new Card at 16:00 ( Text message and email received case status changed)

06/23/2020 Fingerprints relating to your i751 were taken at 22:22 ( I did not receive any request for Fingerprints they must have used from I485)

06/25/2020 Case was Approved

06/29/2020 Approved Notice received

07/08/2020 NO CARD Its been over 15 days since the case has been approved.

Good Luck Every One please let me know if anyone knows Green Card delivery time Frame after case approved.
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I751 is still pending more than 2 year
i i applied my 1751 removel of condition in start of 2018 i gave my fingers and after i got a req for RFE 11 months ago i sent everything and the updated my status that on aug 2019 we recived you request for evidence and still didnt change my status ..
on jan 2020 i did inquiry by phone call and they said wait 6 month if you dont get anything from us you can call us back and its 7 month already passed still same status
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Green card delivered
I just want to share my experience and hope it will help someone through this stressful and long wait. I also want to say everyone’s case is unique so just be positive it will workout.

Uscis received my package on 03/11/19
Extension notice was sent on 03/15/19
Biometrics was done 11/13/19
06/15/20 new card ordered
06/16/20 case approved
06/26/20 new card mailed
06/29/20 post office picked up card
07/01/20 I received my card
Service center Texas, no interview or RFE
Documents submitted:
2 years lease
2 years tax refund married filing separate
40 Pictures
Affidavits from family and friends
Health and motor vehicle insurance
2 years Bank statement from joint account
Drivers licenses for both of us with same address
Phone bills with both of us on the account
401k with her as beneficiary
Invoices from trips.
It was a long journey but I remained positive and trusted in God. You are next in line to receive yours
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New card is being produced
On June 30 2020, we ordered your new card for receipt number EACxxxxxxxx and will mail it to the address you gave us .priority date September 2019 . Vermont service
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