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Visa for India
I am a US citizen with Indian origin . Can I apply for tourist visa or do I have to apply for Entry Visa? Can someone give me the link for it. How long does it take to get an Entry visa or a tourist visa whichever I am qualified for?
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US born with india tourist Visa
Does anyone know if I can travel with my kid on his tourist visa?

A kid is US Born but he has tourist visa for india.

Getting mix message that only OCI holder can travel to India right now. Is that true? Any help in topic is appreciated.
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web page which steals your money for eVisa
My experience wtih
Do not use this page please. There are many companies providing service and arrange for you the visa. I suggest to use always the government web page for e-Visa.
This company
charges 99 USD for their service. It is a very tricky web page. It is very difficult to find the amount you need to pay for their service. You fulfill the form and there is nowhere written the amount. You give your card number and they count amount you even do not know. They use the tricky thing, that people do not read things written in small letters and just click and accept conditions and submit the request for e Visa. When you complain, they do not replay within 24 hour via emails although they say that they have 24/7 service. They arrange the visa pretty fast, in 1-2 days. When you want to take your request back, no possibility. They say you that you already have the visa, because the are pretty fast but you loose 99 USD. This is not my first travel to India, I have an Indian husband, but this experience of people who were robbed this way for 99 USD is really sad and bad. You simply give your card number without any clear info about the amount in the whole application you fulfill. Please never use the web page and their service. They steal money form people!!!
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Observing challenge due to account locked
Can any one please tell me how much time it took to be unlock the account after payment the fee.
Actually was trying to go for appointment but the CAPTCHA was filled incorrectly two times and it gets locked for next upto 72 hrs.

Anyone please can suggest what will be the minimum or maximum time for the same to be unlock.
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221g experience
I gave my interview on 10/24/2019, officers asked below questions and handed 221g with case number written on it( it never worked).

1) who is your employer and client
2) please give me your petition and client letter.
As per my client they provide standard client letter not individual client letter. So I’ve carried SOW from my employer.
3)how long you working with employer and client.
4) what’s your client line of business
5) what is your designation
6) tell me about roles and responsibilities
7) projects you worked on.
8) do you know your rights.

After above question and answers he asked me to wait and went to talk with some and verified something on system and came back. He returned my passport and took my petition, client letter and SOW and handed 221g.

On 10/25 I received a call embassy. Lady on the called asked basic questions and requested to email my petition and Client letter. I did on the same day.

On 10/30 received a mail to collect my documents. I received after couple of days.

When I track my petition status, Case was created on 10/23 and updated on 10/24 after a month on 11/26 I revived a mail from embassy to submit my passport.

After submitting the passport below are passport and visa status.

11/27 submitted my passport, case updated date but still administrative process.
11/28 my passport is delivered to embassy (not exact sentence)
12/02 your passport is still with the US embassy/consulate
12/03 case status changed from administrative process to ISSUED
12/04 passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery.
12/04 your passport is ready to pickup. Received same info through email and sms.

When I checked with my client on 12/05 he said couple of weeks back he received email from USCIS to send the recent work related emails and documents for verification.

THANK YOU _/\_ for who have shared their experience, it helped me a lot.

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LCA salary

I am on OPT and my visa is approved. I am going to india for stamping and interview is on OCT 16.
I get salary of 82k today but my LCA is filled with 93k, My employer said that i will get paid as per LCA from OCT 1st. Is that a problem for visa interview. My employer told to state what am getting today in DS 160 and tell to VO that i will be paid as per LCA from OCT 1st.

Do you think its an issue ? what do suggest
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H1B-Administrative Processing after Visa Interview
Hi All,

I had my visa interview on 26th September 2019, following are the questions asked

Q. Did you worked in US earlier?
 A. Yes, on L1b

Q. H1b is for the same employer?
A. No, new Employer

Q. Is xxx is your new employer?
A. Yes

Q. Are you going work in employer location or client?
A. Client location

Q. who is your client?
A. yyyy

Q. What is your client location?
A. zzzz

Q. What is the salary with new employer
A. xxxxx

Q. Can you show me the client letter?
A. Sure, I gave the client letter

Q. Is your client is a middle Vendor?
A. No

After the above questions he gave me the blue sheet , telling my case is put of administrative processing and he returned back my passports. He didn't ask me any documents from my side and didn't say why my case is put for administrative processing.

Can any one help me what might be the reason and how many days it will take and what is the next steps.
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E-visa for my child having an OCI.
Hello, I am in the following situation and seeking suggestions and help.

I am working on an H1B work visa and my wife is on H4 dependent visa.

My daughter is a US citizen and has an OCI card. We travelled to India as well on the OCI card previously.

In Jan 2019, we renewed her US passport as she completed 5 years. Until recently, I had no idea that we need to get the OCI card as well renewed when a US passport is renewed for a minor.

We have a travel plan coming up in Sep 2019, and looking at the wait times, I don't think I can get the OCI card renewed before we travel


We recently had a baby boy in July 2019, and we are about to receive his US passport. Again, based on the wait times and our travel plans in Sep 2019, I am afraid I would not get his OCI card done before we travel.


I was thinking of two options
1. Get e-visa for both my daughter and my son and travel to India, and have the e-visa converted and renewed into OCI for my son and daughter respectively in India.
2. Fly to the assigned OCI office in US and get the OCIs issued both kids.

My questions -
1. Can e-visa be granted for a child who already has an OCI card and renewed US passport? If yes, I would save effort to submit and time in flying to the OCI office to submit in person.
2. Where in India can we get this conversion done? what is the application process?
3. If so, are there any repercussions in the future for my daughter who already has an OCI card?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Multiple Entry Visa to India
Hi- I have to apply for a multiple entry visa to India, Does anyone know- If I have the canceled due to acquiring a foreign nationality stamp on my old Indian passport(canceled before 2010) ..that will work as the proof of Indian Origin and Renunciation. Do they need a copy of Naturalization also for the Multiple Entry 5/10 Indian Tourist visa?

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can I go to mexico for H1b visa stamping if my I797b has consulate mumbai
Can I go to mexico for H1b visa stamping if my I797b has consulate mumbai. Please suggest?
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