Indian Student Numbers Increased in USA in 2022

Despite remaining pandemic concerns and rising education costs, the number of Indian students studying in the United States increased in 2022 by a significant number over 2021, according to an annual USCIS report.

According to the data, 64,300 more Indian students came to the USA to study in 2022 over 2021. By comparison, China sent 24,496 fewer international students to the US in 2022 vs 2021, similar to the drop from 2020 to 2021, and likely due to travel restrictions that have since been rescinded.

Overall, Asia was by far the most popular region of origin for international students in the US in 2022, seeing an increase of 68,678 F1 and M1 visa holders as compared to the previous year. According to the report, a full 46% of active SEVIS records originated either from India or China in 2022.

This increase in international students in the USA was distributed nearly evenly throughout the country, with all four regions of the US seeing a year-over-year increase of between 8% and 11%. California hosted the largest raw number of international students at 225,173, as well as the largest percentage of international students at 16.5%.

2022 also saw a 15% increase in exchange visitors in the United States, with the number of J1 visa holders growing from 240,479 in 2021 to 276,723 in 2022.

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