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The interview was very cool.All the officers at US Consulate were very helpful and poite.My interview went for 5 mins where i was asked purpose of my Trip,Designation and Salary.Then the officer asked me to show my degree certificate.After that he wished me for my visa approval.Tip is-just b relax and take it very cool.
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L1 B Blanket denied with 221(g) Ineligibility

I appeared for VISA L1B blanket interview on 7th Sept 2006 at Chennai consulate. I was denied VISA under section 221(g) and the reason stated in the 221(g) was "Your blanket L1 application is not clearly approvable under section 8 CFR 2214.2(I)(ii)(D) and INA 101(a)(15)(L)". Can anyone tell me whether I am eligible to reapply as L1B individual.
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L1B Blanket...
Hi, This forum is good for all persons attending their VISA interview...

My interview was on 22-AUG-2006, VISA has been refused due to missing documents under section 221 (G).

Later, I went with those dosuments and got my VISA done.

Dont leave any of the pages on this forum. This will really help you..

This is really good...

Good Luck..
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L1 Individual petition
Just thought of sharing my experience at Delhi consulate where I had been recently for my visa stamping along with my husband.

After all the initial formalities, we were made to stand in the BEP queue. When our turn came, we went to the counter. Earlier i was holding a L1 Blanket, but didn't travel using that and it got expired. So I was asked about why I didnt travel using L1B, I gave the reason. Then he asked my husband about his place of work, whether his was a government or a private company. Then he asked for our marriage photo graphs. Since we were instructed to take formal photographs of the marriage ceremony, among the 15 snaps which i had carried with me, many of them were from the church snaps, which will have only the priest, ourselves and 2 more persons. So the guy at the counter started asking me about how many of them turned for the marriage, why there is not much crowd, etc. (He particularly pointed at a snap where the initial few benches were empty in the church and asked why all these are empty, where is the crowd...). I replied saying that the whole crowd came for the reception, then he asked where are the reception photos. Unfortunately i carried only 3 reception photos with me. The guy then finally approved our visa without any more questions.

So from my experience I would suggest that you carry as many photos as you can with a lot of crowd.
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VISA Interview at Delhi Consulate
This is my experiance at Delhi Consulate for L1 B Blanket VISA. Delhi Consulate is little cool compared to others.

My interview was on September 1st 2006 at 11:45am. I had reached the consulate by 10:00, since it wasn't crowded they let me in.
At the first counter they had asked for 3 copies of petition letter and also the MRV forms along with the DD and VISA application form. And then they returned only the VISA application form and asked me to go for finger printing. After that they asked me to stand in the main queue.

Finally in an hour i had been called for one of the counter and here are some of the questions they had asked me,

How many years are you working in this Company?
What are you doing in this Company?
Why are you going to US?
Where in US you are visiting?

After these questions, she said your VISA is approved and wished me for my journey.

They just check the documents, if the documents are proper, they won't ask much questions.
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Can BL1 salary offered be less than that on petition
The salary offered to me is less than what is mentioned on my BL1 petition.I would like to know if this is right or wrong.
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My visa interview was at Chennai on August 7. It was a BEP Appointment.
The visa interview lasted 5 minutes, but the waiting for initial screening was very long. At the initial window, the person kept our file and it came back perhaps after being prescreened... not sure what they were doing with my documents :)
Ours was a BEP appointment, and we were asked very few questions like
How long have you been working with the company
How long is your project
Describe your current project
Is your supervisor located at the same location
Any Children
How long have we been married
Marriage photograph

I guess the visa officer asked these just as a formality and quickly approved the visa for full 3 years.

If the papers are right and company is good, I don't think there is any reason to worry.

All the best to others!
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Blanket L1B ....

I had my blanket L1b iv at chennai on 7th aug. Apart from the long queues, it was good experience. :)

My iv time was at 1:00pm. I stood in the queue outside the embassy at around 12:15pm. In another 30 min. I was in. After normal prescreening of documents, I stood in queue to enter iv hall.
From there, it was a long wait for me as I didnt have BEP status. There, while everyone was waiting for the turn, one of the US consulate himself came to the hall and advised to "smile, be relaxed, listen to the question properly and answer to the point, present yourself well". People really got relaxed to hear him. This was nice thing and changed the tensed atmosphere of the hall to relaxed.
At around 3:45pm, I had my iv. It was of 5 mins. US consulate was a young, smiling and cordial person. We both greeted each other and he started looking at my petition. He asked the anticipated questions like -

for how long you have been with the company? what will you do in US (little in details also)? will you travel to the clients in US also? etc.

I gave the answers to all of them confidentially and my visa was approved.

Just to repeat other's words - be confident, relaxed and smiling. Prepare for the anticipated questions. Thats all.

all the best to everyone going for an iv.
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Clarification for Blanket L1B
Hello All, I have been going through all of net content on the possibility of getting a blanket L1B for those professionals (like me) who dont hold a engineering degree or even a relevant degree. Most of the folks had only a negative opinion and projected rejection for such candidates.Infact at one point of time, i got so sure that the chances are rare, i contemplated to cancel my appointment for Blanket L1B at the chennai consulate
I however decided to take a chance and am i glad i did that. The officer did not bother much with my qualification, he concentrated more on my experience and the work I am to do for the assignment in the US. All in all a wonderful experience
This is for all those future Blanket L1B candidates. DONT go by general postings...Every case is specific on its own, there are no steadfast rules. As long as you can prove yourself worthy and valuable to the company you work for, the chances of getting the visa are that much and more bright.
Best of Luck!!!
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L1B - Normal
L1B - Normal
Please note that this visa is already approved by US Gov. so practically there should not be any reason for visa officer to reject your visa. But still you should not take any chances. I will not comment anything about blanket as mine is Normal case. :)
My interview was in mumbai 26th July, 2006. Questions asked were very general and straight forward. You should be knowing what is written in your case papers. You should know where you would be staying and where will you be working. Keep in mind that you will be employee of your company and not the client company. So always stress a point that I will be employee of XYZ company and we have client ABC. Do remember your current salary as well as onsite salary.

My interview is as follows -
I greeted him
Q. How long you are working in XYZ company
A. approx. tenure
Q. Do you like working in XYZ
A. Yes Sir
Q. What do you do in XYZ
A. Told my designation
Q. What will you do in US
A. I told that I would be an employee of XYZ but will be working for client ABC
Q. What would be your salary in US
A. Told the exact amount
Q. Are you married?
A. Yes Sir.
Q. Why are you alone?
A. My case is bit urgent. She would be following later.
Q. How long you plan to stay there
A. 3 Yrs.
That's all. Few general discussions and I was told that my passport will be couriered to me in couple of days.

Guys. Don't take tension. No need to worry at all.

All the best.
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