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L1/L2 - Cake walk
Firstly I would like to vouch for this forum. Its simply superb with to-the-point info!

Now my experience:

Case: L1 blanket
Appointment time: 7:00 AM
Place: Chennai

I applied for L1/L2 visa for me, my wife and son.

We had appoitment for me and my wife but not for our 5 month old son, as his passport was under progress at the time of taking appointment.
Thus our son accompanied us without appointment after telephonic confirmation from consulate.

1. We were allowed to enter the consulate without much hiccups (as we didn't have appointment for our son).
2. Asked to wait for our turn.
3. As we were having a baby with us, and our appointment time was also early morning, we were allowed to take the first turn.
4. The lady at the counter was very cooperative.
5. The lady took all the documents such as both old and new passports (we got new passports due to change of address), Form I 797, Form 191S, pay slip from employer, draft of 23K, HDFC reciepts, DS 156/157 etc.
6. We were sent to the next building.
7. After waiting for around 2 hrs, we got our documents back after pre-screening.
8.While waiting for the turn, one of Vos came and explained the process in a very nice manner.
9. Again, the consulate people were very nice and gave us priority for interview as our son was not feeling comfortable and was crying a lot.
10. The interviewer was an American lady. She was very nice and cooperative.
11. I was aksed to submit the complete folder as was retuned from first counter after pre-screening.

The interview:
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning

VO: Please submit your full folder
Me: Submitted

VO: What is your current project?
Me: Explained

VO: For how long you have been working in this company?
Me: Answered

VO: Please give index finger print at the device
Me: Given

VO: Please ask your wife to give the index finger prints
Wife: Given

VO: Your visa is approved, you should get your passports back within 3 days.
Me and wife: Thanks


All in all I would like to say that visa officers are very cooperative and try to help you out without any attitude.

TIP: Please do not forget to carry baby food with you, as you are not sure how much time it may take at the consulate. I didn't take it on the assumption that they won't allow that. But I think they won't have any issues with baby food.

I am happy that all went well.
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Red Aleart for candidates in chennai
Hai all ….
First of all I would like to thank this website for all the valuable information it has provided.

I had to face a very few simple questions. But I am shure it is not going to be the same for all.
I went there for a H1b for me and a H4 for my wife.
Initially the visa officer started to question my wife.

VO: Show me your marriage certificate.
My Wife: Showed
VO: Do u have any photographs
My Wife: Showed
VO: Alright

Then Me
VO: show me your degree certificates.
Me: I showed and told that I hold a masters degree from YYYY University
(After few minutes of typing some thing in comp)
VO: How many years of software experience you have
Me: Very close to 3 years
(After few minutes of typing some thing in comp)
VO: How did you get this offer
Me: From job portals sir. I was applying on all portals. I got a mail from this company, I replied for that, then I had to take few rounds of interview.
(After few minutes of typing some thing in comp)
Then the golden words
VO: Your visas are approved, it will be couriered in 3 working days.

Please see the conversation of a visa officer and a candidate when I was standing in the queue for my turn.
VO: Show me your degree certificates
Candidate: showed
VO: He displayed the degree certificate to him and told that it is a fake certificate. (The certificate was from Andhra University.)
Candidate: No sir
VO: I am shure that it is definitely a fake certificate. Accept the truth or I am going to arrest you.
Can: very silent (Did not know what to do)
VO: Accept the truth. This is your last chance Mr.
Can: ( To the surprise of all there) Yes sir these are fake certificates.
VO: Take this white sheet, draft a letter to the VO stating that you have provided fake certificates.
Can: Sir, Please.
VO: The choise is yours, you better write it and get away or get arrested now.
Can: (Started writing)
The visa officer was telling what to write in the letter, at last
VO: sign in now.
VO: I am not giving you any of your certificates you have given me, ( filed all the original he gave initially), GET OUT NOW.

Please do not take any of fake certificates like this.
Your are not only spoiling the VO mood but also the putting down the hope of the other people standing in queue.

Truth, confidence and presentation are the key issues for interview. Present your self in a good way, the visa is yours.
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L1 Blanket Interview
L1 Blanket Interview Experience

Mine is L1 Blanket.

Already my B1-Visa got refused under the Section 214(b).

This time I went for L1-Blanket . I was fearful because this time also I given the same client details.

Myself : how are Sir ? how are u doing with a smiling face.

VO : Fine . Came for L1 Blanket

Myself :Yes Sir

VO : Which company you are working ?

Myself: Told the Company name

VO : Why you are going US ?

Myself: Given client details . The area i am working all the stuffs . one important point since it is a L1-Blanket we must proof a specialized knowledge person . Use some Company tool name . Say I got mastered in this tool etc..

VO : While approving the visa . The office caught me you applied B1- Visa Last time and got refused for the same client.

Myself : I got stuck and told last time i told i will go and work in US (Usually should not say go and work in B1-Visa) inorder to escape this point I told like this for that office told me apply L1-Blanket therefore my company processed L1-Blanket for me.

VO : Told that your Visa got approved .

Be confident and trust in god .
Keep always similing face.

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L1 Blanket Interview
L1 Blanket Interview Experience
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L1 Blanket Visa

I thought if sharning the experience what we had at our interview in the Chennai Consulate on 18th Nov 2006.

It was a Blanket L1 for me and L2 visa for my wife. Our appointment was at 9.30 AM, but we reached there by 7.45AM and saw a lengthy queue standing out to get into the consulate.

We took all our documents including the entire wedding album, marriage certificate etc.

They let us in by 9.15 AM and after the initial security check up, they asked us to submit the documents for segregation and verification purpose, and they collected the forms like Passport, HDFC receipt, D-156,D157, Blanket L1 Approval Notice, I 129S and the FPF (Fraud Prevention Fee), they did not take the 2,300.00 INR for my wife and said there are no more issuance fees. After they asked us when do we intend to travel and we said some date which they noted and they put all the documents in a GREEN folder. After that they guided us inside the main drama place.

We were made to sit in the available chairs and VFS afficials were giving the GREEN folder to all the guys, i beleive before handing over the folder they made one round of verification. Our turn came and they gave our documents and asked us to go for the finger prints. Once it is done we were sent to Counter No: 12 there was a lady VO and heres how the interview went.

VO: Hello, Good Morning
Me & My wife: Hello Mam, Good Morning and How are you doing?
VO: Good and Which company you work for?
VO(turning to my wife): you both are working in the same company?
My Wife: Yes Man,
VO to Me: What is your role there?
ME: xyz
VO: How long you work there?
Me: x.x yrs mam
VO: What is the project you are working on?
Me: XYZ product man
VO: Who all are your clients?
ME: abc,ced,efg
VO: abc, what is it and what they have got to do with your product.
Me: abc-- aaaabbbbccc and they are using the product for so and so purpose in 2 lines.
VO (turning to my wife): Is yours is a Love marriage
My wife: No Mam, it is purely an arranged marriage
VO to my wife: what is your role there?
My wife: I am working as xyz there man
VO: Good
VO: Your Visa is approved and you would be getting your passport in 3-4 days and have a nice journey to US.

We said thanks and came out.

The main points to be noted is, be Confident, Cool and Crisp on your answers.
Have a good smile and not artificial nor plastic.

Thanks and Good Luck.
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Visa is pending under 221(g)
I am undergoing administrative processing 221(g), the pink form. I had my interview for my J1 visa, I am not sure of kind of check I am undergoing. But it has been 5 weeks, I am under the impression it is a security check. I am puzzled as to what to do. I had my interview on Oct 16’Th I would greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding what is Dos? How to contact this?
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Do i get L1 visa
 I was applied for H1 last year quota and consulate given me 3 queries and finally given administrative processing.I came USA on H4 visa.My company has applied L1 visa now,they don't know i was rejected for H1 visa.

Do i have any chances to get L1 visa? or not?
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L1B individual
At 1:30 PM, I was there at the American consulate.
Even though my interview is at 2:00 PM, They have made me stand in the queue.
They told that they will allow us inside the consulate only on queue, and not on the Interview Time.
So i was standing there in the queue, But unfortunately heavy rain started.
Since i had brought the umbrella with me, i was safe.
But lot of other persons in the queue does not have an Umbrella.
Suddenly there came an auto near by from which two guys started to sell umbrella each hundred Rupees ( it would worth 60 Rs).
Since everyone do not have any other chance, everyone force to buy it (Always take umbrella with you, whether it is raining or heavy sunshine) .
When i get in , they allowed me to carry my umbrella also with me.
They sent me to a counter inside the main building. There i gave my green folder.
They took it and told that they will give it after verification.
They made me to sit in the visa interview hall to wait for the folder to come.
Half an hour later, i received my folder, they told me to stand in counter No six,
The interview counter seems almost similiar to a railway reservation counter,
It is an open hall and there are about 12 visa counters,the same place where everyone waits for there folder.
The interviewer will be standing inside the counters and you have to STAND on the other side in the same hall.
For me, the interviewer is a male american,
He asked me, about what im going to do in US, and about my qualification.
After that he said that my visa is approved.
I think for L1B Individual the interview is a formality and their is no need to worry.

This is all my experience at the Consulate, hope this would help you.
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Stamping Extension L1b at Chennai
Hi All,

Any one clarify my case. I am working in US last 3 years on L1B, now my company applied for extension for next 3 years. I am planning to visit India on Jan. I want to re-stamp my L1 at Chennai. I heared that many changes in the visa stamping process.

How my case on the visa stamping...

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L1 - B (pending due to 221 g)
Today (Oct 16th) I had a difficult day. My visa is suspended under the section 221 g.
The VO gave the pink letter form saying that there is some pending administrative processing. VO took my I156, I157 form and gave back other the forms.

VO gave some case number and asked to verify after one week.

Is any one denied under this 221g and then got visa?? Please let me know.
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