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PIO (minor) - San Francisco
I sent the documents for my son (6 months) on 10/16. Like other people I found the instructions on the website confusing in so many places. I called them up and they picked up the phone after 20 minutes. Here are a few things they told me over phone:
- notarize these 3 forms -> parental authorization form, additional particular form, PIO form (on the website they mentioned only PIO application form to be notarized on 3rd page)
- Declaration form is mandatory (looks like this form is added recently)
- Send 2 copies of everything (forms and supporting docs)
- Send the supporting docs photo copies in color (I sent color copies though I think its not necessary)
- if you are adding $15 additional in the fee ( $205 + $15 = $220) then no need to do anything for the Step 5 of the instruction 'Fill courier Service form online'
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confusing question in PIO Additional Particular Form
Hi All,

I am filling out the "Additional Particular Form" on CKG website for the PIO application of my 4 month daughter. Here's the link for that form.

On the last page its asks us "I am applying for Visa / OCI / PIO card (select whichever not applicable) "
Its asking us to select whichever NOT applicable. Do let me know if its a typo and what should be selected in my case.

I tried calling CKG customer service regarding this issue but no one seems to be picking up the phone there. Do let me know if any of you have any other number where I can shoot this question.
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Need Help in PIO( No response from CKGS) HELP HELP HELP HELP
I have sent the packet on 10/2/2014 , it was recieved as per fedex on 10/7/2014 , so far i have not recieved any confirmation number to my email for my 6 month old daughter pio , can you please suggest me where i should call and check about them

i sent my packet to Houston as i live in Dallas

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PIO for minor with expired visa but valid i94
hey guys,
sharing my exp so that it could help someone.,
I am on L1B visa and my visa got expired few months back but having valid I94 till 2016. I applied for PIO for my son and got it in 10 days.. Kudos to CKGS Atlanta.. :)
Below are the docs which i sent:
1) Made 2 document set for all online forms:
PIO Application form( 3rd page notarized)
Order form
Parents authorization Form (Notarized)
Additional particular form (Notarized)
2) Made one document set for below supporting doc:
Birth certificate of my son- Long one (Notarized)
son's passport first 3 page and last 3 page copy
Parents passport first 3 page and last 3 page copy
Water bill(Original) and My DL copy
Parents Visa copy
Parents I94 Copy
I797B copy(Notice Of Action)

Along with above set,
My Son's original U.S passport and his 4 passport size pics
Cashier Check of $220 ( Did not send any return prepaid envelope)

Good luck..!!
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Thumbprint of Minor
Hi guys,
 can you please share your input, I am filling for my infant's new pio card application with CKGS at SF , and the instructions says that all part of baby';s thumbprint have to be inside the box, else it will be rejected. Out of 3 box, in 1 box, little part of thumbprint is out of the box, other 2 thumbprints are in the box only. would it be rejected?Do I need to worry about it. It was so hard to get all 3 thumbprints of 11 month old at first place..

I called them and the first person told me it's totally fine and I shouldn't worry about it, the second time I called other person said no I should re do it.
How can they expect perfect thumbprint from a baby?
Plz share your experience
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PIO application at SFO
I would like to share my experience with CKGS. It was gr8 experience indeed. I have applied for PIO for my Son on Sept 11, 2014 and received PIO on Sept 24, 2014. Here is the list of documents I sent ( 2 copies of all documents)

US original passport
PIO application form with 3rd page notarized
Additional particular form
order form PIO
Both Parents passport copies with VISA (1st three pages and last 2 pages)
Birth certificate copy of my son
PUD Bill original / copy of drivers license / ITIN (of my wife)
4 photograph of my son
Passport copies of my son
Marriage certificate for India address
Bankers check from Bank Of America ($220)

I paid $15 for return courier service so didn’t send return envelope.

Documents sent by FEDEX on Sept 10th
Received acknowledge on FedEx on Sept 11th @ 9.30 am
Received email from CKGS saying that documents received with tracking number on Sept 16th
Received email from CKGS saying completed application has been received from the Indian Embassy on Sept 22nd
Received email from CKGS saying application has been dispatched by post/courier on 9/22/2014 8:47:40 PM
Received PIO with original passport on Sept 24th @ 11.30 am

overall it all depends on your documentation. I found process is good and quick. Kudos to CKGS….
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PIO experience with ckgs chicago
The entire experience was very smooth. Photos i have taken for two month baby girl at CVS. Completed two sets of application and one set of supporting documents for me and my wife (Driving license, Electricity Bill , H1b Copy with I94 , passport first and last page). Notarized the last page of PIO application at my work palce for both the copies of applications.

Filled the ckgs order form and additional partiucalrs form and Took the money order from Rite Aid store just for .99cents and sent the money order for 220(includes return envelope too) went to usps purchased flate rate envelope with tracking for the sending this packet of application along with my daughter Us passport original and 4 photos of her took at CVS. Here is timeline.

USPS outgoing mail drop off date in my office: 09/15/2014
USPS delivered date at Chicago ckgs office: 09/17/2014

CKGS Tracking:

Passport received: 09/30/2014
Passport sent by post/courier number FEDEX YYYY YYYY ZZZ 09/27/2014
Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted.
 Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. 09/27/2014
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. 09/23/2014
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 09/22/2014
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USACxxxxxxxxx 09/22/2014
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PIO tracking number
I sent them my application with a pre-paid USPS Priority Mail envelope. They said everything was complete and they had mailed in on Thursday Sep 25th. The tracking number they gave me had the USPS tracking number with some other numbers in front (my ZIP code). USPS has not recorded the mailing of the envelope and the CKGS website keeps telling me that they have no record of the tracking number
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New PIO minor - Chicago
i want to share my experience. after seeing all the comments & experiences i was scared how to deal with these people. but at the end my experience with CKGS is good.

i applied PIO card for my 4 monhts old by post to Chicago office. I completed all the required documents with the third page attested from chase bank. chase bank will not actually due attestation, but they provide you additional document i just send that one too. i havent used ckgs courier service page as i gave errors all the time so spoke to one of their rep and they suggested i can do that from Fedex with my fedex account.

sent all the documents Fedex on 9/12. Just to be on safer side i've send 220$ in money order, received confirmation from ckgs on 9/15 with a tracking number to my email.
i received my sons PIO on 9/24.
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PIO card minor San Francisco
I wanted to share my experience to help others, and as everybody knows CKGS website is not too descriptive, and people applying for PIO card do not get clarity with that website.

1 - I applied for PIO card for Minor for my son in San Francisco office.
2 - I submitted 2 copies of all supporting documents(birth certificate of my son, address in US, Indian passport for myself and wife, with 1st page, last page, and visa copies, payment copy of the fee, along with photocopies of my son’s passport with 1st page, and endorsement pages) with duly signed by me and my wife.
3 - Other than that I submitted 4 photos of baby, and original passport and application form duly filled for my son. only 1 copy of the forms.
4 – Forms submitted are - Additional Particulars Form, CKGS Order Form, Parental Authorization Form for Minors, and PIO application form.
5 - Get Parental Authorization Form for Minors and 3rd page of Additional Particulars Form notarized. Both the forms should be notarized with signature of both the parents. I got it from a mail place, but some people have specified it at Bank of America it is available for free, I checked with them, but it was not available in my bank facility.
6 - I shipped the documents with Fedex along with prepaid return shipping envelop in the envelope that I sent to SFO office.
7 - Don't pay the fee online, there system sucks, and you would have to do follow up to get the acknowledgement receipt. What are the other ways to pay it, I am not sure.
8 - While filling the form, give 1 India address, and if your passport has that address, then you do not have to give any other document for India address proof.
9 - In the form specify 1 passport details wherever it is asking for parents details (like father's details or mother's), but attach copy of both of the passports.
10 - They take some day to respond back with the tracking number once your documents are delivered, for that too I had to do the follow up.
11 – I sent the documents on 8/28, but got a tracking number on 9/9 and the same date I got the status as application submitted to Indian embassy.
12 – Then no update until 9/18, got an update on 9/18 that application received back by CKGS, and they will send it back to me, as I had already sent the Fedex return shipping level.
13 – I am on H1 and my wife H4, both from India.
14 – Overall not bad experience from CKGS San Francisco.
15 – Once again, application form were 1 copy, and supporting documents were 2 copies signed by me and my wife.
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