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NEW PIO for Minor @ SFO
Just want to share my experience. Actually after going through the positive experiences I have applied the PIO card. I was in tension until i get my PIO card since i have travel plan on 4th November.

I would suggest go for VISA process if you have travel plans less than 40 days. Embassy have SLA 4-6 weeks better avoid taking risk.

Application set to CKGS on 10/7
Received tracking id from CKGS on 10/10
CKGS submitted Application to Indian Embassy on 10/14
CKGS received it back from Embassy and delivered to me on 10/27
Received the FedEx courier on 10/28.

Overall positive experience, other than contacting CKGS helpline and visiting in person. FYI though CKGS website says unperson applications are acceptable between 9 am - 12 noon but I went there SFO office they did not accept my application. There is a UPS store right in front of the office and I have posted from there.
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PIO Fee process
If I am sending $220 draft which includes Fedex fee, do I need to send an Fedex envelop with my address on it??

Or if I fill online courier form do I need to send an envelop with my address to get back my documents?

PLease suggest

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urgent help
iam sending pio minor card . i paid 220 money order. do i have to do couier service on line or just take everything and fedex with tracking no.
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PIO Card Minor @ SFO
Adding my exp in case it helps others for tracking. It was relatively straight-forward exp taking around 3 weeks from receipt to notification of return courier.

CKGS SFO acknowledgement of application : Oct 8th
Application/tracking number email: Oct 10th
Sent to consulate: Oct 14th
Email about application being received from consulate: Oct 27th
Email about return courier: Oct 27th

Sent two copies of all forms. Notarized both sets for - Application form, Parental authorization and Marriage Certificate of parents.
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PIO Minor - Need help on notarizing
Can anyone please help me,...
I just need to notarize the PIO application form.
I went to CHASE bank to do, but unfortunately they couldnt do it.

Can anyone please let me know where did you notarize those forms? Thanks
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PIO Card Minor @ SFO

I saw multiple posts on people waiting for PIO and had applied in October with dates similar to mine.

Pretty Smooth experience, it took three weeks from the day of mailing to the day of PIO being shipped-

Mailed 6th Oct
Received by CKGS SF 7th Oct
Confirmation Email with Tracking number received from CKGS on 8th Oct
Status Changed to Application sent to SF Consulate for further processing on 13th Oct
Received Email with FedEx tracking number Oct 27th
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PIO Card Minor - How many Photos
Hi - Some questions on the PIO application forms to all the folks to recently received the PIO for minors:

1. How many photographs did you submit and where did you attach them ? As per my understanding, we need to submit 4 photographs in total. One photograph each needs to be pasted on each copy of the PIO application form (hence 2 go here) and 2 more photographs to be submitted with the package or instead do we need to pastes 2 (one each on each PIO application form) and 4 more.

2. The "chklist_new-pio-card-us-minor.pdfPIO application form" pdf says "All questions must be answered fully – NA as an answer is NOT ACCEPTABLE" For a minor, these can be no business addresss , do we leave it as blank ?

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New PIO for Minor @ Chicago
I am applying for PIO card of my new born Son. I will be applying to CKGS @ Chiacgo. I have few questions in the application form. Please tell me if you know the answer:
1. The instruction sheet for Minor-applicants "new-pio-card-us-minor.pdf" mentions that "All questions must be answered fully – NA as an answer is NOT ACCEPTABLE". What are we supposed to write if any field is really not applicable. eg. Question#12 about spouse's nationality or work address/employer info (for 1 month old child !!)

2. Question # 25 about Proof of Residence. I presume we have to give US address proof and not India address proof. Am I correct?

3. How ling does it take to receice PIO once we submit the application?

Thanks in advance,
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New PIO for Minor @ SFO
Hi I have applied for PIO car on 10/10 and I see the status is on 10/14 the details are submitted to embassy. I know it is too early to ask but I have got some urgent work we need to travel to india on November 4th and we booked the tickets . I am thinking to go Indian Embassy on 10/29 to check the status. Any one knows whether embassy people will help to prioritize the request?

Not sure whether they will really allow us to enter into their office. Please share any advise...

When I call CKGS they told reach out to SFO CKGS office.. But I already seen how the CKGS works in SFO, they don't really care visitors and they are busy.

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New PIO card for Minor @NY
How long does it take to receive pio card for my daughter?

I have applied on 30-sep-2014, but received confirmation mail on 7-oct-2014. The current status says the application is submitted to Indian embassy on 7-oct and that's it. No changes whatsoever.

I emailed them couple of days back, but no response. So far, my experience is terrible.

Anyone who applied in similar timeframe, has any update. please share/help.

Thanks and Happy Diwali.
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