Prohibited and Restricted Goods to/from India

Certain goods are prohibited (banned) or restricted (subject to certain conditions) for import and/or export. These are goods of social, health, environment, wild life and security concerns. There is no complete and exhaustive list of all the goods, some of them are listed below:

Prohibited Goods
  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Pornographic and obscene material
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods and goods infringing any of the legally enforceable intellectual property rights
  • Antiquities
  • Aero models (such as remote controlled toy helicopters) that operate on high radio bandwidths because of their possible interference with the communication networks of security agencies.
  • Indian coins which are covered by the Antique and Art Treasure Act, 1972.
  • Maps and literature where Indian external boundaries have been shown incorrectly, in view of Government of India.
  • Chemicals mentioned in Schedule 1 to the Chemical Weapons Convention of U.N. 1993.
  • Wild life products
    • Human skeleton
    • Specified sea-shells
    • Beef, tallow, fat/oil of animal origin
    • Exotic birds except a few specified ones
    • Wild animals, their parts and products
    • Specified Live birds and animals

Restricted Goods
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Live birds and animals including pets
  • Plants and their produce e.g. fruits, seeds
  • Endangered species of plants and animals, whether live or dead.
  • Any goods for commercial purpose: for profit, gain or commercial usage.
  • Radio transmitters not approved for normal usage
  • Gold and Silver, other than ornaments (for import only)
  • Currency in excess of prescribed limits
  • Telephone and telephony equipments of restricted frequencies
  • Medicines and drugs
  • Certain Animals - Camel, Horses, Cattle
  • Semi processed hides and skins
  • Silk worms, silk worm seeds and cocoons
  • Family Planning Devices (NOC from Ministry of Health Required)
  • Vintage products, replicas of antiques or weapons
  • Sand and soil
  • Whole human blood plasma and certain products derived from human blood
  • Sandal-wood (except handicraft products & oil)