US Goal to Increase Visa Interviews for Indian Students by 30 Percent

The US has set an ambitious goal of increasing student visa interviews in India by 30% this summer, as reported by the Economic Times.

In an interview, US Consul General in Mumbai Mike Hankey stated, “Our goal is to expand the number of interview appointments we offer for students by 30 percent this summer. We hope to welcome more Indian students to the USA.”

The USA is the most sought-after destination in the world for international students. On average, over one million international students study in America each year; roughly 200,000 of those students come from India.

According the Hankey, US Consulates in India are making progress towards their goal of growing that number even higher. He said, “Last year, we sent more than 1.25 lakh Indian students to the US, setting a new record for Indian students going to the US in a year and establishing India as the leading country of sending students. This year we are trying to increase that number further.”

As of this writing, the average wait time for an F visa, J visa, or M visa interview appointment in Mumbai is down to 45 days. Undoubtedly, there are many Indian students who are hoping the US follows through on their promise to increase visa interview appointment slots, and make it easier for them to pursue their educational goals in the USA.

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