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Interview experience in Ankara
Our CP experience in Ankara (it is going to be long)

DV 2006 winner with case number 2006AS39xx
My husband was the main applicant.

We have married four years ago. As our country (IRAN) does not have any US consulate, our interview has been scheduled in Ankara (Turkey).

Interview : 9th of March

Travel to Turkey : 6 of March

On 7th of March we went to the authorized medical center which KCC introduced to us in our 2nd NL for medical exam.

In the morning we had our blood test and x-ray and in the afternoon medical examination and vaccination and half an hour time the result was ready. It was a very simple and quick procedure which last all in one day.

Next day we had sight seeing Ankara and found the location of US consulate that fortunately was very close to our hotel.

Slept with lot of stress and anxiety very soon as our interview had been scheduled for the next day at 8:30.


We went to the embassy at 7:30. The weather was pretty cold and it was snowing. They had opened the door at 8:30!!!!!!! .

There were only a few people standing on queue at that day and we were the only Iranian plus three Turkish families who won the lottery.

When the door opened they have compared our passports with their own appointment registered. And one by one has been guided toward small front yard where we had security check.

Then there was another queue a guy asked for our passports, two photos and the medical result (nobody asked for the appointment letter).

He reminds us that we should pay $755 individually and gave us ticket having showing our number and we went inside.

They collected our cell phone and checked the hand bags. Still I was bitterly cold. We went inside at sat.

Then a nice young lady called us and asked for my husband’s original High school diploma that I told her we have sent all the required documents (original, translation and certified copy) two w! eeks ago by DHL (In US consulate in Ankara people should sent their required documents via express courier before the interview) and she found it.

Then she asked for the fee. And we came back and wait.

Less than five minutes our number has been announced (at 9 O’clock) for the interview. This time there was a young American guy who could speak Persian language very fluently.

I spoke English with him while my husband preferred to speak Persian. At first he took his finger print and then asked some questions such as his job in Iran (he is working in MAZDA factory), is it his first ever job? How long he is working there? He asked about his military service? How long we have married and whether we have any child? And whether we have traveled to US before? Then he returned all the original documents to us except my Birth Certificate.

Also he very carefully checked our original married certificate with its certified copy. Then he asked my husband to sign the end of the form and s! wear an oath that everything which has been mentioned was right.

Then it was my term, took finger print asked about my job, whether it was my first job? Is the company where I am working belong to government or private (I am working in Oil Company) section? Then he asked about Affidavit of Support and he said who the person supporting us that I told him he is my uncle and he said he is living in a very nice area in USA (New Mexico). And I swear an oath and sign the forms.

At the end he said everything was OK but he needs the form W2 from my supporter belong to the year 2004 we had the W2 for the year 2005 and he said there is going to be security clearance which normally takes between 4 to 6 weeks and said when our case number appears on US consulate website we should come with the W2 form for visa.

It was all. They were all very friendly and kind although I thought as we are coming from Iran and because of political relation between Iran and USA and nowadays nuclear crises they maybe have different behavior but it was not right. Although I am sure we will have more security check and hope it will not take longer than 6 weeks.

Now 9 days has been passed and I hope our FBI check gets ready soon. I will inform you when the clearance has been done.
Again I would like to thank all of you who during this period were such helpful friend for me and wish all of you best.
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Successful Experience in Tunisia
hello all

4 months ago I went through the CP in Tunisia

Last years I found this message board very useful and supportive, rich of fantastic people willing to help and encourage each other.

Since I have not posted many message during this time I feel a little bit guilty hence I decided to post my experience hoping it will be of some help for people that is still dreaming for a new life.

Especial thanks to the Aussie people for good job they doing in the board. I’m from North African region and DV2006 was my 1th attempt to win the DV lottery.

I had my interview on Tunisia in 2o of Nov, 2005. everythink was perfect Except the address in USA, where the Green Card should be send after I arrival to USA. So, the Counselor officer asked my that "do u have an address , telephone number, name of any person in USA" I replied " Yes, I will send t to you afternoon" then He told me that you should send us by fax as soon as possible to start the administrative process.

He said by law we cannot issue and send the GC to address overseas. Which means that no green card issued unless you have "address, telephone number and name of any person live in USA". So, all guys u have to find someone there to obtain ur GC.

I couldn’t get the address , name, phone of my friends in USA that day. 2 days later the Embassy called me asking for the address and etc .. of my friends. One day later I sent the information by fax , I received conformation email from that they received my fax and they started the administrative process , which my t! ake from 2week to 3months as they told me. After 2months and half I called the embassy asking about my application, they said that" we didn’t the respond from USA yet.

I called again after 3months and week, they said "we haven’t received any respond yet but we sent a reminder to USA regard to your administrative process.

After 4months I received any email from the embassy saying that "we received positive respond from USA, and it is valid for only three months, you have to come to the embassy to get ur visa stamped and preferable 2 weeks b4 the expired date, incase the visa machine doesn't work.

Medical Exam, I had Medical Exam, Ex ray and the vaccines in Tunisa 2 days b4 my interview date, and it was easy and the result was perfect. Doctor gave me sealed envelope and told me to keep the ex-ray until u arrival to USA, cos they will ask u about it in the airport when u get there.

Police certificate

I lived most of my live in my home country "A" and 10 months in country "B "and 4 years in country "C" Aussie. I Optioned PCs of country A even though, it was not available in USA list, country B even though I had not been there for a year or more than that, Aussie PC which took 4 weeks to get it done. The Counselor was so happy and thanks me for bringing PCs of country A,B even they dnt ask for that. He also said that we might would ask to bring PC of country B cos u lived there nearly a year " 10 months" but it is good u brought it .

Financial Support I gave them my bank statement which has on it almost 25000 Aus, ( which nearly 19000 usa) was accepted by them, he didn’t ask about it. I think it is consider a big a mount of money and hard to be offered in the region. Other reason is that I am well educated person "holding a master degree" , so they believe that it easy for me to get job in USA .

I am confused and have a big problem now, cos I did nt include my gf in my application cos I knew her just for 2months ago and we agreed to get married.

I am asking you that is it still possible to include her as wife to my GC or not. If not is there any other type of visa which allows her to come to usa till she got GC after 5 as years. Any one has any Q regard to my experience most welcome

all best to you regards
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WWICS - kindly advise about this service
My friend is planning to use WWICS service in Chennai, India to get Canada Study permit. I would like to get some input about this company. Please share your experience and kindly advise if this is a good consultancy company to proceed with Education in Canada. Somehow I'm skeptical about their service as they seem to hide things and promise too many things without anything on paper.

Desperately seeking advise and help. Contact me at [email protected].

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POE Exp at Atlanta

I thought I'd just post my POE experience through Atlanta. It may be useful to those entering via Atlanta,GA. We entered on 2 Mar 2006.

FORMS The process was actually quite straightforward. Before leaving the plane all we needed to fill in was the customs form (1 per family). We took the I-94 forms anyway (one for each member) because the official on board the plane insisted we do so even tho it clearly states its only required for non-immigrant visas.

UPON ARRIVAL Once we got to Passport control, the officials were very helpful as we were travelling with little kids. One of the them again insisted that we fill in the I94. I did not object as they actually volunteered to help with filling in the forms for us.

We were then escorted to an immigration officer. He tore up the I94's - said they were not required. He only checked our passports and our package from the US Consulate. He did not open it. We told him we wanted our mailing address for the GCs to be changed.

He just struck off what was on the summary sheet and wrote in the new address on each envelope. Five minutes later we were on our way to Customs & Imm. They looked at our passports and took us aside for futher processing. They took the brown envelopes from the US consulate and asked us to take a seat while they processed them.

The lady at the counter opened each of them and began "entering stuff" on her PC whilst we kept the kids busy. After 15 mins she fingerprinted my wife a! nd myself (index finger only) and asked us to sign a form. She stamped our immigrant visas and said they would serve as temp GCs for the next 12 months.

She said our GC's may take up to 3 months to arrive - maybe sooner, but in the event that it did not arrive within 6 months she gave us a form that we could fill in and mail to the Texas Svc Center to query the status of the GCs.

Twenty mins later were on our way - new US Perm Residents :-)
GEN COMMENTS ATL is a great airport the enter via especially if you have kids.

The SAA arrival concourse is rarely busy and people are very friendly. The only downside is that you have to pick up your luggage and then recheck it after going Customs. You then have to pick it up at baggage claim at the main concourse. Just make sure you have dollar bills ($3) for a luggage cart :-). You can use a credit card to get a cart as well.

AFTER ENTRY Three days after we arrived we went to our local SSA office to apply for SSN for our kids. You can find your nearest office on ( I took all our passports, full birth cert and our full marriage cert. I did not take the kids with me.

All they wanted to see was our passports. The official did ask for our I94's but I told her we did not require one as we came in on an immigrant visa.

I was surprised that she did not ask for our marriage cert or the kids birth certs. She did ask for my wife's passport though. My wife and I did not apply for SSN's as I have one and she applied for one when we filled in our DS230.

Kids under 18 cannot have one automatically assigned to them. Our kids got their SSN's and welcome letters within a week. We're still waiting for ours.

We called the SSA toll free number and they said we should wait a week and then check back with them.
I hope this helps.
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CP in Jakarta - successful story
Hi All,

This board has helped me a lot, so I'd like to share my successful experience to express my appreciation to everyone in this board.

Nov-04 2005 Filled out the online DV entry form.
May-05 2005 Received the 1st notification letter in Jakarta. Sent back the application forms (DS0230 and DSP0122)

Jun-Dec-05 Prepared documents: birth certificates, marriage certificate, diploma. Had them translated.

Dec-05 January 2006 Visa Bulletin was issued, and my number was current in Feb 2006.

Jan-06 Sent email to KCC asking for the interview appointment schedule. Got a reply from KCC, stating that the 2nd notification had been sent, and an interview had been scheduled on Feb 21, 2006 at Jakarta US Embassy.

09-Jan-06 Went to Police Headquarter to apply for the Police Clearance Letters for me and my wife. The letters were ready in 2 business days.

28-Jan-06 Received the 2nd notification letter. No medical forms enclosed.

30-Jan-06 Went to Jakarta US Embassy to get medical examination forms.

30-Jan-06 Went to bank to request for Bank reference letters. Cost: USD
5/letter. The letters were ready on the next day.

04-Feb-06 Went to the Medical Center at 07:30am. Had the medical exams, and the results were sent directly to the Embassy.

10-Feb-06 Went to Embassy to have document screening. The original bank statements and copies of other docs were taken. The other originals (including the original police cert) were returned back to me.

21-Feb-06 Went to Embassy with my wife and my 2 children, arrived at 7:45AM. After going through the security checks, arrived at the interview waiting room around 7:55AM. Gave the original documents to a lady at Window 4. Requested to pay the fee at the cashier (USD 3020). After waiting for less than 1 hour, called to go to Window 1 (9:05AM). The interview only took about 10 minutes: oath and fingerprints were taken, and signed the forms.

24-Feb-06 Went to Embassy to pick up the passports with the visas and 4 sealed yellow envelopes.

That's it. Thanks again, everyone .... FS
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Sydney applicants...information
I have a few tips just to refresh for upcoming applicants, which I hope will help:

a) Call KCC AS SOON as your number becomes current, after the 15th of the month to confirm your interview date. (Handy to book flights/hotels etc in Sydney if you don't live near the city)

b) If you think you will have problems with the medicals, (no tetanus / chicken pox records, etc) get tested for the necessary things at your local GP and get the jabs early. It will save time later. I scheduled my medical before I got the second package (due the x-mas / new year usual shutdowns) and printed the forms from one of the govt. websites. I wouldn't have had enough time to do all the necessary tests, medical exam, etc before the interview if I waited for the '2nd package' to arrive.

c) Public Charge. This was my only REAL concern during the whole process. I didn't have a job offer OR I-134. I went with my own funds. If you CAN'T GET a I-134, (and they ask for one) DON'T um 'n ah and say you will get one, be firm and act confident with the presentation of your own assets.
Forget about that 16 odd thousand US poverty line guideline as any real guidance for meeting the public charge provisions. It might cut it a small African rural area or far eastern blockade country (no offence here guys!) but they need to see a fair bit more than the 16K guideline at Sydney. Period. You need to have a strong employment background, AT LEAST the 16K, some property, superannuation, and a clear idea where and what you will be working as in the US. I used my property (which the lady at the first window wanted to see a contract of sale for) and as if I was selling before being issued with a visa) and had to press the consular official on this issue at the final interview.

d) You need a US address AND phone number before they can issue with your visa. I didn't have the number handy, and made a quick call home to get it and then faxed it up upstairs to the consulate from the post office in the MLC.

e) Dress neatly and be organized. Have copies of everything, take all documents you think will help your case, and try and remember everything that the ledgends like Wikas, Curious, OzAnt, OiBoy, Fi, have posted previously. (sorry if I didn't mention your name), but I think all posters really helped me understand the whole mystery that is the Diversity Visa.
Good Luck to all future applicants, new arrivals, and anybody else thinking about taking on the United States Immigration System!!

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GOT IT CP in Italy DV2006
GOT IT CP in Italy DV2006

Yes, just 3 weeks ago my wife and me went through the CP in Italy.

In the last 2 years I found this message board very useful and supportive, rich of fantastic people willing to help and encourage each other.

Since I have not posted many message during this time I feel a little bit guilty hence I decided to post my experience hoping it will be of some help for people that is still dreaming for a new life.

I’m Italian and DV2006 was my 8th attempt to win the DV lottery (yes sometime you have to be perseverant).

In the last 6 years I used a law firm to enter my lottery application, is not necessary and I don’t think you have any advantage in doing so, but if you live in a country where the postal service is unreliable you are more comfortable to have an address in USA.

The 14th of June I received an e-mail by the law firm informing me I was one of the GC winner.

After few day they sent me the packet containing NL, forms and instruction. I hired again our lawyer to help us in filling form and to have a check on our documentation.

It was very expensive and not so helpful as I thought in the beginning, but for thing of such importance I need someone that can give me more confidence in the whole process and a reliable address.

We filled forms and started to collect all documentation mentioned in the first packet. Meanwhile I called the consulate in Naples to ask if they need all my documents translated in English or notarized, but apart for my wife’s police and birth certificate (she is German) nor translation or notarization are required. It seem an easy process afterwards, but it has taken a lot of stamina.

I have felt strange sensation during those months excitation, anxiety, fear, frustration, happiness, … well it was like living a whole life in just few months.

For October we were ready but our number EU 0050XX, even if low, was not current.

It is terrible to have a lot of time in front of you with nothing you can do to accelerate the process.

I have rearranged our documentation at least 20 times, checked and rechecked everything almost everyday, called the Consulate in Naples another 5 times, called my lawyer in USA 10 time… and then at the beginning of November we received our second packet telling us that our interview was fixed for the 21st of December (what a beautiful Christmas gift).

As for the first packet there was some incorrect or unclear statement, so I called Naples again.

Photos are to be taken as for the DV Application, not ¾ as mentioned in the instruction and you have to be at the consulate the day before (the 20th in our case) for medical examination.

No one was able to tell me the actual vaccination required. They accept Euro only for medical and Dollars or Euro (they change Euro for Dollars at a fixed rate) for the VISA.

They do no accept credit/debit card for none of the above. Who knows Naples knows is very unsafe to go around with such a lot of money (we had 3,000$ cash with us) and more unsafe is to drive a car there.

So we decided to take a train and to arrive there 2 days before (in Italy you have to anticipate strike!).

We booked an hotel on the seaside promenade where the Consulate is located just 1 mile away from it. The 20th we arrived at the Consulate at 8 o’clock.

There was about 20 people outside the consulate (Consulate in Naples is the only one that give Immigration Visa for Italy, Iran, Iraq, Malta and other middle east countries) and my wife and me were the only for the DV.

At 8:30 the policeman at the gate asked for passport, after about 15 minute they let enter people trough the gate one by one, giving back passports and a number.

At about 9 we were inside.

We had a **** l detector check and the information office at the entrance told us to go right trough a corridor to the room 12.

This is a small open room (no doors) with about 20 chairs with 4 counters on the left side.

After few minutes a very rude Italian woman start to ask for forms calling by number and we were first (our number was 4).

Since it was the day for medical examination I give her the medical forms sent us by KCC in the second packet.

She started yelling that she want the DS-230 and DSP-122 and she has no time ! to loose.

I reply very calm that our DS and DSP were sent to KCC but if she wants I have a copy of originals with me (so even if it is the medical examination day bring everything with you and bring a copy of everything).

She took my forms and asked for two photos for each of us (this was not mentioned in the second packet, the only photos required was 1 for medical examination they asked me afterwards).

I handed her our photos (I had about 6 photos for each of us) and waited. After about 30 min our number was called at the counter, they give me back my form copies (they are not necessary for DV applicant but it was not known by the mean Italian woman) and the photos submitted to the KCC with the DS forms.

Then they asked me to wait for the Counsellor to take our fingerprint. Back to seat we waited another 5 min and our number was called again.

The young man at the counter took our fingerprint and asked us to go to the upper floor for the medical examination, he also told u! s, while already there, we can pay the visa fees so we don’t have to d o it the day after.

On the upper floor we waited just a couple of minute in the corridor then we was asked to enter in a room.

There Italian Doctors collected our medical forms, a photo and evidence of vaccination.

The only vaccinations required for Italian people are MMS (2 shots) and Tetanus. We had to take our second shot of MMS.

We paid about 400 Euro for medical examination and vaccination, then they made us chest X-Ray.

Back in corridor, after few minutes they called us in another room where we had our blood test, back in corridor we waited for about 30 min so I went to pay to the cashier the visa fees (755.00 $ for each of us, they give you a receipt to be presented the day after at the interview).

Afterwards we had our medical examination (eye test and palpation). We waited again in corridor until they called to give us shots for MMR. At about 12:00 they gave us our chest x-ray and a sheet as a proof of our vaccination.
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Do not use WWICS
Do not use WWICS...They just take your money
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Passed the CP interview! - American Embassy in Tokyo, Japan 2006 CP
First of all, I would like to thank those who helped me out on this board when I had questions about documents for CP.

I had the visa interview today at American Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, and successfully passed it! The interview itself was very very short and the consular officer didn't ask me anything specific. She asked me a couple of basic things like what I am doing in the states (I am a PhD student with F-1) and what my future plan will be.

She even congratulated me on winning the lottery! (At some point I was kind of nervous about getting asked how many times I have applied for the lottery because I know you cannot have any intention to immigrate if you are staying in the states with F-1. So when she said "Congratulations! Everything will become easier for you, huh?," I felt very relieved).

And then she quickly said that everything looks perfect and will issue a visa. I still have to wait for my passport and visa to be delivered by mail, which will take probably a day or two, but I feel really relieved!


1. I am a graduate student with F-1 visa in a PhD program.

2. My case number is AS28XX.

3. Since I don't have any friend whom I can ask to write an affidavit of support, I collected all I have as financial evidence. It can be summed up to $43,200 ($20,000 in my saving account, $15,000 in my pension plan, stocks of current value of $5000, $3200 in my checking account in the states.)

4. I prepared all the tax documents, since I have been working as a teaching assistant at my university, but she never asked me to show them.

5. My POE will be Chicago/O'Hare and I am currently planning to go back to the states in three days if I can receive my passport with the visa (I have to start grading my students' papers!!)

Again, thank you so much for your help and good luck to everyone!

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Successfull CP at Jakarta - Indonesia
May 2005 Recieved first package. Contact KCC couple times via email, they replayed slowly. Read and write the form carefully. Sent back the form using UPS after 1 week.

Nov 2005 Received second package, schedule for interview 27 dec (6 weeks to go) Week 1 - Get police certificate at POLDA (Jakarta HQ), only takes half days because my father knew some police PC cost about 60,000 rupiah or about 6 USD. I think will takes more times and money if you don’t know anybody there.

Get medical check-up form from US embassy. First contact with embassy

You don’t need to queue with other visa applicant because immigrant visa applicant can go inside directly but sometimes the guards don’t understand that. Just be proactive by ask around except you have plenty times to hang around embasy. I don’t know why they don’t send the form with second package, I think its waste of time just to get the form.

I went to one of chosen physician. Its child physician (what it called in English?), so I waited together with moms and children’s, quite strange Everything ok, cost me 200,000 rupiah / 20 USD. I went to lab for blood test at same days, cost about 110,000 rupiah / 11 USD. Both results send directly to embassy.

Now about public charges, I read at forums about avidavit of support and asset amount. I try to get avidavit of support to my friend but not success because the form ask many personal matter. Then I have to go with personal asset. Luckily my savings used for family saving so I have total about 16,000 USD in my asset (from savings and mutual funds) even though its not all my money. I went to banks (3 banks) to get bank reference, cost me 50,000 rupiah / 5 USD each. Its takes 1 week to complete so be prepare.

Dec 20 Everything is complete then I go to embassy for document screening on 20 dec. The lady checks all documents and takes everything except original docs. She ask me for address at US to send plastic greencard, I give her my friend address. She said must have address in US, so you need to be prepare. Then she told me to come for interview on 22 dec. (sooner... great!)

Dec 22 Then the day has come... I wake up at 3:30 (excited) then get ready. Arrive at embassy at 7:30 but stopped by guard in front street. He asking me to queue with others, I told him I came for immigrant visa but he dont care. Quite upset that time because my interview is at 8:00. I join in behind of queue for while then when other guard pass by I ask him. This time he asks me to wait but in front of queqe. After while again I ask other guard (senior one) then he let me pass directly. Now come to front gate, there are some queqe too to get inside the gate. I go directly to guard then tell him I come for immigrant interview. He let me pass the gate directly. Inside gate I need to pass another security to come inside. I ask the guard there but he insists me to join the queue. This time no luck, I need to queue together with other. Its takes about 45 minutes just to get inside. I finally got inside at 8:30, already many people inside. Lots of wait now, wait about 30 min then hand over my docs, Wait again about 45 min then pay the fee. Wait about 30 min then give the receipt. Then wait (like forever) to call for interview. Finally at 10:30 I got call to counter 1. The interviewer was speaking in Indonesia language even I speak in English. He ask simple question like how many times I enter DV, when I will go to US, My current job, What kind of software I develop (I am an IT consultant). Then finally he said everything done and I can pick my passport at 28 Dec. Enjoy your trip to California he said which I replay with big smile

Dec 28 I week later I came to get my passport. They give my package that can't open and my passport with immigrant visa. Now I am ready to go dreamland

I plan to go on March/April to california.
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