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Transit Visa

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I contacted NY german consulate on monday. They replied that all B1 visa holders require transit visa.

However, when I checked today, their website (NY) has been updated with new information. That is, "Until further notice a “Visa on arrival” will be issued for them by the competent authorities at the respective German airport."

I am not sure why they have quoted the words "visa on arrival".
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German Transit Visa
Here is what I was informed by the German Consulate, Chennai regarding transit visa requirement:

"Indian nationals unfortunately require a transit visa for Germany, but passengers, who are holding a valid EU, US or CAN visa and who are transiting through Frankfurt airport without leaving the international transit area, will be issued a visa upon arrival by the competent Authorities there.

I hope this regulation meets your requirements and does not cause delay or further obstacles to your trip via Frankfurt airport.

Wishing you a safe journey."
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Transit visa not required for another 6 months
Dear Mr. Gupta,

Please note that from 1st Jan 2005, German Immigrations had imposed a requirement of transit visa for Indian nationals which on the request of Lufthansa, was relaxed till 24th Feb 2005.

Upon constant pursuing, our security department in Frankfurt has got a verbal confirmation that such an arrangement will be extended for the next six months. As such you may travel without a transit visa via Frankfurt.

Best Regards

Rajkumar Gopalakrishnan
Station Supervisor

Lufthansa German Airlines
Station Delhi, DEL ST
IGI Airport Terminal II
New Delhi - 110 037.
Phone: +91 11 2565 2063/64/2328
Fax: +91 11 2565 2843
E-Mail: [email protected]

-----Original Message-----
From: Gupta, Jai (J.)
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 8:43 PM
Subject: Airport Transit VISA

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email from USA. My wife and daughter are in India and they
have valid H4 VISA to return to the USA on 21st march 2005 via Frankfurt by
Lufthansa German Airlines. I have heard that the new rules require that they
have transit VISA. I would like to know whether they need to have transit
VISA stamped on the passport.

I would like to know whether it is possible to get to USA this time without
transit VISA as it would be a unnecessary hardship for them to go to Delhi
just for transit visa stamping. We did apply for transit VISA when we left
from the USA, but at that time the German consulate in Chicago said that we
don't need it as we have valid US visa. Please let us know whether there is
any relaxation offered for next few months for passengers stranded in India.
I would not like them to face any hardship in Delhi airport or Frankfurt
airport. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Best Regards,
Jai Gupta
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Transir Visa requirement at Frankfrut
Hi, I initially posted the email from Lufthansa. Here is what happened in last couple of days. On 18th Feb. I came to know about this new regulation over Internet. Being Friday I could not do much except calling the consulate at Chicago, they told that my parents traveling on 3rd march require transit Visa at airport.

Sunday (Monday morning in India): I called German consulate at Delhi there was a moron sitting there. He told me that transit visa is required for my Parents. Then I asked, when did it start? he said this requirement was always there. I told him, last month I traveled to India and at that time there wasn't any requirement for transit visa at Frankfurt Airport, and the reply was "You must have sneaked out some how". I asked him to tell his name and he said, "I am talking for German consulate".

Then I called German consulate at Mumbai: The lady there told that there is status-quo on that and decision will be made on 25th Feb, and asked me call back on 25th. I was little upset that day i could not get hold of any LH guy as most of there phone system will not put you on hold rather they will ask you to call back.

In the mean time i asked my parents to get ready and go to Delhi and get the transit visa.

Monday (Tuesday morning in India): As my dad was ready to leave, in the last ditch effort to make sure they really need transit visa I called both the consulate and LH. This time lady at Mumbai consulate told me that to be on safer side I should go for the transit visa. That day i could get hold of a LH guy in India he was a bit reluctant but told that LH is talking to German Authorities and they are expecting some thing by 25th Feb.
       In the anger I wrote some nasty note to German consulate and Lufthansa India and German office. Finally I got reply (after a day) from LH saying we don't need transit visa at airport.

Here is the info if any one needs to get transit visa:
1) Rs2000/- Cash
2) Two photographs
3) Transit visa form
4) Photo copy of passport
5) Passport
6) Confirmed tickets

After submission of papers they will give you a token and anyone with the token can collect the papers after two days. They don't send via mail etc.

The lady at Mumbai consulate told me that one family member could bring all document for whole family. But at Delhi by mom's paper were returned as she wasn't there in person.

Finally, I got mail (that i have already posted on this link) from LH saying I don’t need any transit visa as LH has got confirmation from Frankfurt airport. I feel pretty confident, as I have written proof. So I asked my parents not to run around and keep printout of mail with them.
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Transit visa-FRANKFURT- The worst seems to be over

        I just received a mail from the German foreign office and it seems that there is no need for a Transit visa for PR card holders. Others can have a VISA ON ARRIVAL. Contact me at [email protected] for info. Other categories who need visa on arrival keep Euro currency handy and most important is PHOTOS and photocopies of documents. You can be rippppped of to take photos and photocopies at the airport.

        And dont forget to take a GLUE stick to stick your photos.

Srinivas Velanki.
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Tranist Visa : email received today from German Consulate Boston
From 1st January 2005 all Indian nationals have to apply for a Transit visa except greencard holders (10 years validity) when they are flying via Germany to India.

for visa-information please contact our website:

best regards

Lüder Volckmer, Vice Consul

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

3, Copley Place Suite 500

Boston, MA, 02116

Tel *** 617 369 4905

Fax *** 617 369 4944


Office hrs. Mo - Fr 09.00 - 11.30

----- Original Message -----

From: Anand

To: [email protected]

Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 1:20 PM

Subject: Airport Transit Visa


My wife is travelling from Chennai, India to Boston via Frankfurt by Lufthansa on March 5 2005. The wait time in Frankfurt, for the connection flight to Boston is 3 hours.

She has a valid Indian passport and a H4 US Visa. Will she require an Airport Transit Visa for that short period? If so which form should be filled in order to obtain that.

Lufthansa officials give conflicting answers.

Please clarify.

Thank you

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Transit Visa
Can anyone please let us know the final decision taken on this "Air Transit Visa" ? Any latest updates ?
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Do not rely on VERBAL Assurances !!
We see two things here. Both Lufthansa and German authorities are trying to make money out of us.

If Lufthansa says, "Yes. You need a Transit Visa", then that would be a blow to their business. So, they are trying to pacify their customers by saying that there is no need for any Visa.

On the other hand, German Consulates say, "Yes. You need a Visa", being wary enough not to instill any thought like "Ah, Yes... there is no need for any Visa" into travellers' mind.

Even though both parties respond customers with different answers, there is no assurance that whatever they say verbally can be shown as a proof at the time of transit.

Verbal assurances have no value!!

So, better go by what German Consulate states officially either on websites or in any PRINTED FORM obtained at the Consulate itself. Doing so would avoid leading into problems at the transit location.

It sounds like transit locations located in European countries are changing into TOLL GATES for Air Travellers, with two way tolls per trip amounting to USD 100... ufff!!
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My parents asked Lufthansa Chennai if they needed a transit visa. Lufthansa has told them that they do not require one. But when I call german consulates in USA and India, they say that transit visa is required. So we are in a dilemma whom to believe and they are travelling next week.
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Change course from Atlantic to Pacific !!
Just introducing a new law creates so many hassles, confusions and additional expenses in our travel plans.
So long I preferred going by Lufthansa for its speed. But not anymore for the additional hassles it had brought.
I would prefer not to go through Atlantic countries anymore unless Pacific countries enforce Transit Visas.
I think, in future, all countries that are part of EU will enforce the requirement of Transit Visas making it as a source for a revenue.
So, why not avoid Atlantic and prefer Pacific?!
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