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Transit Visa

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Transit visa
If an Indian citizen holding a Multiple entry "D" type visa with 90 days stay issued by Polish embassy,can he transit EU countries in Multiple time or he can he transit non EU countries in multiple times
Also please clarify the below question
There was a 30 days Swiss visa exemption for Indian Citizens ,who has valid UK resident visa (yellow colour) or USA Green Card, before Swiss became a shengen member .Is this exemption still available for Indian
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i am a acs worker and im trying to get a copy of my recent paystubs how can i go about doing so and is there a way i can get it online
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Mexico to US

I am travelling from Mexico to India via US. I have a wait for 7hrs at US and would like to visit a friend nearby. I have a valid H1B visa, but I dont have supporting documents as I work in mexico and not in US.
1. Do I need a transit visa to go and visit my friend?
2. Even if I dont get a transit visa, can my friend visit me inside the airport?
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Anyone going to attend on Nov 3rd in Nogales, mexico
Hi all,

Is there anyone who is attending in Nogales for H1b Stamping on Nov 3rd 2008, please reply,,, we shall [email protected]

Thank You...
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My H1b Experiance in Nogales
Hi Friends,
               I had appointment on Oct 6th 2008 for H1B visa
extension and got my visa next day at 3 PM. I took Manu's help to get
Banamex draft and stayed in Best Western in Nogales US side. Manu
dropped me at the border next morning then I took TAXI to consulate
and reached around 8:00 AM. For taxi from border to consulate and
consulate to border it is fixed $8. There were like 260 people (I was
28th) that day but for different visas. At the time of interview visa
consular took all necessary documents and asked these questions.
1. Why did you come to Mexico?
2. Do you realize that it is going to take more time to process your
3. Do you work for xxx employer??
Docs asked(Other than DS 156, 157, 158 and i797:
1. W 2 forms and Tax filing copies
2. Pay stubs
3. Labor Clearance and I 129 papers (I gave packet from my employer)
Then she told me "Please be seated I will call once it approved.
waiting waiting waiting......I have waited until all 160 members
processed. Everyone gone except myself and watchmen. They (Consular
Officers) were discussing something, aftger 30 min of discussion she
called me for second interview and asked more questions for about 30 -
45 min.
1. Do you work for any clients? (Said yes and gave client letter copy,
she asked me the original too)
2. What were your duties?
3. What is your salary now? Why are you getting more salary now??
4. What is your education?? Where did you finish your education??
5. How far is your employer's place and client place??
6. Where do you live??
7. Why did you visited these countries?? (I mentioned them in the
8. How long does it took to get your previous visa in Germany(she
verified in the system after I told her the no of days).
Note: Consular officer called my Manager to verify :)
Then she verified each and every document and compared employer
financial reports from year to year then she asked me to fax/e-mail
employer quarterly reports and contract between employer and client.
Then she asked me to come at 3 PM and kept my passport and all other
documents. I asked my employer to fax and they did and I went there at
3 PM. From outside ACS people verified that whether they received fax
or not and they said they didn't receive fax. I have asked my employer
to resend the fax again and e-mail the same. Second time they said
they received the fax but the consular officer is busy so come
tomorrow at 3PM. I have to wait one more day there then I went to
border and took room in FRAY MARCOS HOTEL (You will get ATT and other
signals). I had nothing with me but I got my stuff next morning (Manu
brought my stuff). Fray Marcos Hotel is not that great but safe place
to stay they have restaurant, Internet, wifi access etc($65). I went
to consulate next day at 3 PM and received my passport with visa and
all documents. My opinion is don't go to any Mexican consulates (I met
one guy who attended on 3rd Oct and he got security clearance and he
said he is going back to India) they are just trying to delay (Best
option is Canada/India).
If you want to go Nogales anyway just contact Manu, he is nice person,
he guides and helps you. I contacted him just 4 days before my
appointment and he has my draft ready.
- I just wanted share my experience and every other person might have
different experience.
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Alert Alert Alert- If you are going to Nogales for stamping... please read...
Hi Guys,

I am posting this to alert people who are going for stamping to Nogales. Especially if your visa has expired.

I and few other indian fellows went to Nogales for stamping on 9th October. Since I had got my stamping done 5 times and this is the 6th time with all possible documentation all genuine. Over all the experience is very very bad. Please avoid going to Nogales. The VO is searching for all possibilities to reject your visa. Since she didn't find any reason's in my case I got the visa stamped. This was the worstest experience I ever had in whole 6 times stamping.

The VO gave 221G to all the F1 -> H1 stamping candidates. And she cancelled the current visa. Now they either have to wait in mexico or go back to india. I am very sorry about them but I hope they will get thru the hurdles. One person is flying back to india since they told that the verification of the degree (MS in USA) takes few weeks to months.

Over all horrible experience.

I suggest to cancel the appointment at Nogales and goto Bahamas where couple of my friends got stamped without Bullshit questions. It might be a bit more expensive (May be 100 or 200$ more) to goto Bahamas. But its worth every penny.

If you want more clarification, You can reach me at 201 606 1855 and leave a voice message. I will get back asap. Or you can email me at [email protected]. I will respond when I check my emails.

This is just to help people going for first time stamping to Nogales.

Thanks for reading.
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Going for stamping at nogales
Hi All,

After reading all these messages, I decided to go for stamping at nogales. I am going to renew my H1B on 9th October. If any one is going on the same day please let me know. We can plan accordingly.

I will post my experience once I get it stamped.

201 606 1855
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Whether US Transit Visa is required for travelling Via US?

Currently Iam staying in Mexico and i need to Travel to Bombay. My Company has booked my return tickets Via US to Bombay.
But i don't have a Valid US Transit Visa or Bussines Visa. I have only L1 Visa.

Please let me know whether i can travel Via US without having a Transit Visa.

Thanks & Regards
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I would like to share my experience for H1-B stamping (extension) at the Nogales US Consulate in June, 2008. This and other forums helped me prepare and so I felt it as a duty to share my experience with our community as most of us are in the same boat.

I went with my wife (both work at same place) and our 3 yr old daughter for our H1-B stamping. I had scheduled 1 appointment where I was primary applicant and my wife was secondary applicant as a family member. THIS WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE. WE WERE STUCK IN NOGALES FOR 4 DAYS AS MY WIFE’S PETITION WAS NOT FOUND IN PIMS DATABASE.

IF YOU ARE GOING AS A COUPLE PLEASE SCHEDULE SEPARATE APPOINTMENTS FOR YOU AND YOUR WIFE. The reason being that as soon as I scheduled my appointment they automatically check for the primary applicant’s H1-B petition in the PIMS database and if not found will put in a request only for primary applicant. They will not check your spouse’s H1-B petition until you present at the time of your interview. They have also stopped checking your petitions if you email them before your interview a scanned copy of H1-b’s since April 19, 2008.

Anyways I did the following for the whole process:

1. Scheduled interview date thru their web-site. Keep in mind to schedule a date with a gap of atleast 15 days so that by the time you go for your interview they would have sufficient time to check your H1-B petition in PIMS database and put in a request to add it if not found and this may take 7 business days.
2. Nowadays they give everyone appointments at 8am only on any day so don’t worry u can reach there until 9 or 10am but the earlier the better are your canhces of getting visa stamped on the same day.
3. Called up Manu Naik (Desi) Cell: 520-223-0299, Hotel: 520-287-4671(manager of Best Western Siesta Motel in Nogales US side) to arrange for 2 BANAMEX drafts for the Visa Fees. He charges $40 - $50 extra per draft but it is totally worth it. Give him details like ur passport no. and names etc and he will take care of it. I stay in Phoenix so I drove early morning on the day of interview but if you wish to reach there a day prior to ur app., he gives you a good discount at his motel for the night stay and will make sure you get up at 5 am and are out between 6 – 7 am for your interview.
4. Prepared all the following docs:
a. Appointment letter
b. Employer letter stating you work there describing job skills and terms of employment as a specialty occupation worker.
c. If working for client, vendor etc get letters from everyone (all layers)
d. All DS-156 , 157 & 158 (male or female) filled out and signed original
e. BANAMEX Visa fees receipts (I got it from Manubhai)
f. 1 passport photograph for DS -156
g. All petitions I-797 original (H1-B approvals)
h. Took copies of all docs filed for H1-B (I-129’s etc)
i. Copies of Degree certificates (bachelors & masters) & transcripts
j. 2-3 recent pay stubs
k. Past 3 yrs tax returns
l. Copy of drivers license, SSN card, OPT card
m. Past 6 months bank statements
n. Copies of previous I-120’s if any

5. Drove on the day of interview and reached Manubhai’s Motel at 6:45am and collected the Banamex Visa Fees Receipt (Make sure you check your passport no. on the receipt). I parked my car at his place and he called a cab for the border. Its just a 4-5 mins drive and the cost is $6. He gave us a map and explained how we should proceed for the consulate.
6. Crossed into Mexico side thru 2 revolving gates. There is no one to check for anything. I did not buy a permit or take Mexican Visa as it is not required for 7 days I believe.
7. Anyways Taxi fellows are waiting so just pick one you like and tell them “Consulado Americano” (US Consulate) and ask them “Cuantos Pesos or Dollars”? They will tell you $7-$10 dollars. I paid $7 each time I went to the consulate the 4 days I was there. Don’t worry they are nice people and will not try to cheat you. I gave my taxi driver $8 but he gave me one dollar back which was quite surprising but that shows their honesty. To be safe always fix the price before you sit in the taxi
8. After reaching the consulate around 7:35am and standing in the line just keep all relevant documents (carry them in plastic bag or some folder (harmonium or accordion folder works best) with you. Give all other things like bag if you are carrying, cell phones, keys etc to the Taco shop (Taqueria) on wheels. The lady is real nice and will keep your baggage etc for $1-2 and don’t worry nobody will steal anything. I kept a big bag with clothes, watched, cell phones etc with her.
9. Once you are in thru security they will take your I-797 petiiton and all original forms with 1 photograph, banamex receipt and passport. They will attach everything together and give you a token no.
10. There is a big room (one half for Biometrics and other half for interview) and you will be seated there. First will be biometrics. After you finish that the same no. will be displayed for your interview on the other side.
11. My 3 yr old daughter (US Citizen) was also allowed inside the consulate and they have a small play area for kids too in that big room. Our interview process was very smooth and she did not ask us for any documents. She asked the following questions for me and my wife:
a. Where do you work?
b. Is this your H1-B extension?
c. When did you first come to US?
d. Which other countries have you visited in the past years?
e. What is your job title?
f. What kind of job you do? (Explain briefly and to the point)
g. Has anybody filed an immigration petition for you?
h. Since how long have you been in the US?

That was about it and our visa was approved. In the end she told us that she will check whether our H1-B petitions were available in the PIMS database. She came back and told us that my petition was available but my wife’s isn’t and that we might have to wait for a week in Nogales and she also said that she was sorry to let us know that. She told us that we can come and check everyday at 3pm or we could email them at [email protected]. She took our cell phone numbers and asked us about the hotel we are staying and we gave her that info. She told us that they will give us a call as soon as my wife’s petition is available in the PIMS.

12. After that we came out and passed time at the Nogales Mall just right behind the consulate until 3pm (good place to kill the time but expensive for buying). There is also a movie theatre Cinepolis and walmart just opposite the Mall.
13. Went back to consulate at 3pm. I collected my passport and went insearch for a hotel.
14. We stayed at Fray Marcos DeNiza Hotel near the Border as we knew that we get cell phone reception only near the border. I had T-mobile and Verizon and they worked fine in that hotel. Expect to pay $60 - $65/night. For one extra night we shifted to Hotel San Carlos also very near the border and paid only $45/night. If you are a single person they charge only $35/night. The restaurant in Fray Marcos was very good and most of the time we ate there.
15. For vegetarian people (as we were) we had some problems finding food free of meat and lard. We found out 1 small chinese place and 1 of our desi had explained that guy before how to make Chinese fried rice. We provided him corn oil and he would wash and clean his utensils before making the rice and do it in front of us which were so good and tasty with all veggies and rice. Also in Fray Marcos if you tell them Indian Rice they will make something like fried rice for you but please provide them your own oil.
16. Finally after staying there for 3 night four days my wife got her visa stamped and we moved to the border.
17. The process at the border was also very simple. It just took us 45 mins as there was not a whole lot of people in the line. The Immigration officer (IO) sent us on the 2nd floor where the counters are and the IO just asked us what work we do and if we have anything to prove that. We provided our letters for employment and he read everything and that was it. You have to pay $6 to get the new I-94 in the end and that was about it.

So goodluck to you all whoever is planning to go to Nogales. Play it safe. It is a safe town for staying but take some extra steps mentioned while you schedule your interview date and the caveat about couples scheduling interview and you might get your visa on the same day. For people working in SAP, software, hardware, MS in Physics, Chem, etc please answer specific about your job skills and the softwares you use as if the VO is not satisfied with your answer or doesn’t understand you job duties he might hold you under TAL Security Clearance (Technology Alert List) and you will be stuck in Nogales for 4-8 weeks. So please explain in simple words without getting too technical about it.
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help desi 2 visa @ get draft
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