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I'm a citizen of Turkey. I was told I needed a transit visa to pass through Germany on my way home to watch the Champions League Final last May. I went and got my German transit visa, and noone checked it, neither passing through on the way there nor on the way back.

I cannot recall if the airline checked it before departure though. I had an H1 which expired the week after I landed back in the states.

Now I want to go to Dubai. My H1 is still expired, but I have the approval for an extension. I just need to make the Consulate in Dubai for a stamp. I bought a ticket on KLM this time.

Will I be allowed to board the plane without an airport transit visa?

Such a pain in the neck. It's complete and utter discrimination - I can't leave the airport anyways, why make me go through the hassle - I'm only on Dutch soil for 3 hours changing planes.
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hi friends,

recently 8 months back i travelled to india and came back 3months later.i went to india without a valid visa and also with out valid i-94 .i took an emirates flight from newyork which has a stop over only in dubai(no london or paris or frankfurt stops). no one asked me for a transit visa.while going to india and got my h4 stamped at chennai .
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Transit Visa through Frankfurt
I recently was on a Lufthansa flight with transit at Frnkfrt. However I was not allowed to board the plane at Calgary because my W-1 visa had expired and in Canada you do not need to extend your visa to stay on longer.
The rule as explained by the German embassy was if you were in possession of a valid visa from the destionation country on way back to home country, you do not need a transit visa. In all other cases you need to be issued a transit visa to travel through Frankfurt.
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Transit Visa
My Route :-
From Washinton Dulles International to Bangalore, India via Frankfurt

Date of Travel :- Departed on Jan-5th-2006, came back on Feb-8th-2006

AirLines :-

My Status :-

On H1B, but the stamping had expired at the time of travelling. Had a valid/un-expired I-129 (also a valid I-797 & a Valid I-94 )

I 'DID NOT' get a Transit Visa as it is not necessary, i did not have any problems either at Dulles Airport OR at the Frankfurt Airport. It is not necessary to get a Transit Visa as long as you have a valid I-129/I-797/I-94 & a valid Indian Passport
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according to exception 4 in this list

ppl who are travelling to india with valid I797 but with expired visas still dont need transit visa. they dont have to leave only at the end of legal stay, but even in the middle of it just for a vacation, right? so if iam leaving for india to get my visa re-validated I dont need a transit visa? please confirm
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Nogales Mexico H1b Multiple entry stampin
Please reply urgently on the Nogales Mexico Consulate Experiences and other info about the travel, stay and other expenses involved...
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In Transit Visa
I read this website to determine my need for a visa being in transit to Canada via San Francisco where I read an intransit visa could be granted at the port of entry. I was unable to board my plane in Sydney as United Airlines said I needed a valid visa to enter the USA regardless of the fact that I would not be leaving the SF airport. I am a South African.What did I read incorrectly?
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Transit Visa for Frankfurt

I travelled to India last week in Lufthansa Via Frankfurt with my L1 visa expired. I did not have a transit visa. No body checked for transit visa in Frankfurt airport. I had to change planes in Frankfurt. Just want to inform the guyz who are planning to travel enroute frankfurt.
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H1 Stamping at Nogales, Mexico
I got my H1 visa stamped on Nov 02.05 at Nogales. Since the US consulate is very near to the border of US and Mexico, an permit was not required. Investing money for permit to a Consultant is not required specially in the city of Nogales.
 Interview was very short (around 1 minute). Please feel free to write to me if you need any further information about my experience.
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Transit Visa for Switzerland

I am traveling to India next week for my H1B stamping. I have the H1B approval notice but do not have a valid US visa as my F1 has expired(I have an extended 1-94. I will be stopping over in Zurich on my way to Mumbai and am wondering if I will need a transit visa for Switzerland. I am an Indian citizen. Please advise.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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