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H1 Visa stamping at Nogales

I am planning to get my visa stamped on 26th April'07 at Nogales. If you know of anyone who can get the draft arranged beforehand, please let me know. so that I can collect the draft on the 26th morning before proceeding to the consulate).

If anyone had gone recently, could you share your experience and whether they return the passport on the same day?

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Nogales,AZ Visa Stamping - March 5th

Is anybody going on March 5th to Nogales,AZ for Visa Stamping
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Successful Stamping at Nogales on Feb 12th 2007
Hi All!

Thanks to this forum & all the friends who given the information and helped me a lot for successful stamping. I am writing here about my Nogales trip for H1-7th year extension.
Went to Tucson Intl' airpot at 10.30 and got a rental car at 11 Then reached at Nogales (USA) 12.10PM then get into best western hotel (previously Called and booked the room). Hotel manager is Indian and his name is Manu and he is very helpful guy. Taken rest for 3 hours and went out and checked for next day morning Car parking at border. Next day morning got up at 5 and vacant the room at 6 and started journey to Nogales (Mexico). Parked the car (McDonalds opposite road left side parking lot) for $4 and walked for 2 min. to border and crossed the border from one gate And taken one taxi and went to consulate (paid US$8). (Need banamex receipt which I got it before I went to Nogales). Went to consulate at 6.45 and there is nearly 70 to 75 people ahead of me. I went with my wife and 11 months old baby. I requested security guard for me to go inside first because its very cold outside and I am with my baby.. They said ok and given me first number. At consulate:
1) One lady came and checked my appointment letter, DS-156, 157 & 158(for h1 and h4). (Don’t take any cell phone, remote keys or any electronics) at 7.30AM
2) Inside they checked us and sent to next counter.
3) The same lady who checked appointment letter that lady checked passports, banamex receipt and given token and asked us to sit in front of finger prints room.
4) Finger print officer called us and taken finger prints and photo and checked all the US address and asked few questions at 7.50AM.
5) Then we went and sit in front of Interview cabins at 8AM
6) Interviewer called our number at 8.10AM.
VO: Hi!
Me: Hello Maam, Good Morning
(My wife is holding baby)
VO: Hi baby how are you.
Baby: laughed and shouted very loudly.
VO: she asked my wife to take the baby to play area (inside consulate)
VO: Which company you are working for?
Me: I told company name
VO: For how long?
Me: answered
VO: What your company will do?
Me: bla bla bla....
VO: Right now for which company you are working on project?
Me: answered
Now she checked my ds-158 and in that I dint write all parents and my brother sister’s names.. So she asked me and my wife to write those names and come back. I have completed and went again.. She checked all the information and said your visa has been approved and given one blue slip to collect the passport.(In blue slip its written to collect the passport next day but it will ready on same day.. for some people they will get next day.. they might check background process for delay) came out at 8.40AM.
Went to wallmart and nogalus mall and spend rest of hours. I will suggest to go burger king.. really cheap and good.
That’s all.. I collected passport at 3.10 and went to border by taxi And got the New I-94 at 4.10PM (at border the I-94 issuing officer is very slow) came back to US-Tucson at 5.30 and got the flight on time.
If you need any more information send a message I am happy to assist.

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I wish to post a warning to anyone attempting to use a bogus “immigration consultant” under the name of “ATO Immigration Services”, run by M.B. Wanli aka Mohammed B. Wanli. This man is NOT a member or CSIC or an Immigration Lawyer, but acts as if he is a legitimate consultant. He has injured DOZENS of potential immigrants both in Canada and attempting to Immigrate to the US.
Go to British Columbia Court Services Online:
Click on “Search Civil” put in the name “Mohammed Wanli”

You will find some 40 entries (the most ever in BC) where he is involved in civil litigation. He is neither a lawyer nor a member of CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) . Check with either organization. In fact, there was a BC Court order forbidding him to practice law in BC. in 2000.

“Mohammed B. Wanli, a non-lawyer of Vancouver, B.C., was charging fees for drafting documents in family law matters. B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald Brenner has ruled that Mr. Wanli cannot give legal advice or provide legal representation to clients”

Check BC Supreme Court file 21925 where he pleads guilty to 4 counts of theft/fraud on March 29, 2004.

Check the Better Business Bureau of BC and put in ATO immigration. He has been named an “unsatisfactory” record and 9 negative unresolved counts.

Contact your local Authority if you have been injured by this man.

Best of luck.
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H1 B stamping at Nogales mexico
Hi All,

Is any one going to Nogales via AZ on Jan 9th 2007? It would be great to have company and share details. Thanks in advance.

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Anyone doing to Nogales on the 3rd of Jan 2007?
I have an appointment at 8.00 a.m on the 3rd of Jan, 2007. I see that the Benamex does not open until 9.00 a.m. Can someone suggest how can I get the draft made and attend the interview?

Also, if anyone is going to Nogales on the 3rd, please let me know.
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H1 B stamping at Nogales mexico
Hi All,

Is any one going to Nogales via AZ on Jan 9th 2007? It would be great to have company and share details. Thanks in advance.

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Never pay transit visa
Paying $55 for transit visa and getting treated like crap at a European airport. Take a direct flight to India instead. Its worth every penny.
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I am visiting Ghana in December and will be transiting via the UK. I actually need to change airports. From Heathrow to Gatwick. All in all, my stay in the UK will be under 12 hours.

I am a Ghanian Citizen and i hold a Canadian Green Card issued in 2003.

Do i need a visa or not?

Pls help!
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UK Transit visa
hi guys,

i am still confused whether i need a UK transit visa or not. i am flying from boston to london to mumbai, transiting only for a few hours at heathrow. i have a valid H1b visa in my passport.

my only problem is that i switch airlines at heathrow so i have to collect my baggage and re-check in at heathrow.

does this mean i need a "visitor visa" or a "transit visa" or can i get away without either?

any help will be much appreciated! thanks...
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