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Adjustment of Status - I-485

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130 and Asylum
Hi guys. Just wondering if someone experienced my situation. I filed asylum in 2013 and after interview I was referred to a judge. I married my girlfriend in November 2016 and my lawyer filed the I 130 at the beginning of March 2017. Anyone with the same situation can tell me what to expect? My lawyer told me I can't file for I 130 and I 485 at the same time because of my asylum case. I need to wait for the I 130 to be approved first before the judge allows me to file for AOS.
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Glory to God, i when this journey started , I never believed this day would come now.

I never believed soon i would write my positive experience here as well.

I have been tapping into everybody's blessings. My card has been sent to production now, Day 103. When should i be expecting the card?

Please just be patient if you are waiting, its not an easy thing to wait, but it will happen.

My interview has also been scheduled for Next month.

God i return all the glory to you. Cos you know what i have been through.

Thank you Lord and wish you guys luck

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when can i expect my EAD to arrive
Hi guys,
My US citizen husband filed for my green card with concurrent filing i-130 and i-485 and i-765 applications.

My Reciept num starts with MSC179059XXXX

My timeline is as:
Docs received date: Jan 09,2017
Priority date: Jan 09,2017
Notice date: Jan 20,2017
RFE (i-485)date: Feb 10,2017(DOB affidavit)
Biometrics date: Feb 16,2017

when can i expect my EAD to arrive?
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card mailed
How long does it take to get he card?

PD 12/19/2016
CARD MAILED 3/29/2017

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I submitted my application last month which was accepted and also received NOA and bio letter.

My wife didn't work for 2014 & 2015 because of a lawsuit but started working in May 2016. Therfore, only submitted the 2016 W2 along with last 6 months pay stubs. Her income is over the poverty guideline but I'm worried I might get a RFE later from USCIS.

Please for your feedback

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EAD/AP arrived!
Since it's been so helpful to hear everyone's timeline, I wanted to share mine (so far):

12/21: Priority Date
12/29: checks cashed
1/7: got NOAs (including bio)
1/17: did bio
3/6: did SR for EAD over the phone (75 days)
3/18: got notice that my SR had been assigned to an officer and responded to
3/22: got notice that my EAD had been approved
3/25: got a letter with the result of the SR (which said everything was delayed due to factors not related to my case)
3/30: got notice that EAD had been mailed
4/3: EAD arrived!

So 103 days from priority date to getting my card. AOS due to marriage. This was the National Benefits Center (my field office will be Washington, DC). It took longer than I was hoping for, but I guess the fee increase plus the new Administration means a lot of people have probably been applying lately. I don't think the SR really did anything, but it couldn't have hurt.

The waiting is terrible but don't lose hope!
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ITIN taking too long
Irs received the application and return on February 13th. 7 weeks ago. Is it normal that we haven't gotten anything back?
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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone please tell me if there will be any change in case status after giving biometrics? I was originally given appointment for 4/5 but I went early on 3/27. Will there be any update on I-485 or I-765 cases after giving biometrics.

Thanks for your reply in advance,
NC filler!
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Domestic Flight

Do you think its safe to fly domestically if adjusting status? What if Im stopped and questioned? Can my NOA or biometrics letter be used as proof that Im adjusting my status?
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RFE after 92 days....what to do???
So I recently received rfe from uscis regarding my pending application.
I can almost recite both pages word for word haven read it times without number but still uncertain what I should send in again?
I sent in every single documentation which clearly shows joint sponsors ''Tax documentation'' .
What do I send them now?
Anyone knowledgeable at this????

 This office bla bla bla bla

A) Submit all supporting tax documentation (W-2s, 1099, Form 2555, and all supporting tax schedules) submitted to the Internal Revenue Services for the most recent tax year.

B) Based on the documents submitted with form I-864, affidavit of support, for the joint sponsor, the income did not meet the 125% poverty guideline for the joint sponsors household size.(Gross income clearly shows $115k)

Submit evidence of assets that meet the standards listed below or obtain a different joint sponsor.

Assets must equal the difference for applicants filing as orphans.
Assets must equal three times the difference for a spouse or child of a USC.
Assets must equal five times the difference for all others.

Evidence of assets includes:

Bans statement s covering the last 12 months.
Evidence of ownership and value of stocks, bonds, and certificate of deposit.
Evidence of ownership and value/equity of other personal property and dates acquired.
Evidence of ownership, a recent licences appraisal or county tax assessment bla bla bla bla bla

Why am I being asked to submit evidence after submitting official transcript from IRS and more?

Should I consider getting another sponsor?

Any ideas forum???
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