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Hey guyz. Do you think it’s safe to use my advance parole to travel to Nigeria considering the fact that Nigeria has been added to the Travel Ban List? Do you think it affects Nigerian Citizens here in America with Advance Parole? What do you all think guyz?
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travel experience with AP
My husband returned today from his country where he had been for 2 weeks.
Had no issues on a border control. They just ask where he have been.

So, don’t be scarred of traveling with AP. I was so much worried about it, but after reviews those who made it, he decided to go. And I am happy that he had a chance to see his family.
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AP approved but not received
I'm new here, and not sure where to post.
I applied for I-131 advance parole in August, on Jan 24 / 2020 it got approved. A month later I did not get it, so called USCIS the officer said I have to wait as my application is still within normal processing time even though it was approved. Today the status changed to status updated to show fingerprints were taken.
What should I do? Is this normal?
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Combo card
Hi everyone,

I applied I-485 ( marriage based greencard ) in end of September. I also applied Advance Parol. 3 days ago I got my EAD. I was waiting combo card but bottom of my EAD says “not valid for reentry to US” I was shocked because I didn’t expected this. So did anyone had this kind of experience before? Do you know what’s mean? Is that mean they denied my advance parole application? Or they will send to me another paperwork or something for I can travel?

Thank you so much
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My AP Experience
I traveled last month, and I had no problem with AP, and I did overstay my visa a few years back. You must go to secondary inspection. It's a must as long as you don't have criminal or drug charges etc. AP perfectly fine. I came to LAX after one month to south Asia went to the immigration booth, took my fingerprint, then another officer came and took me to a room, and there were about 20to 30 people in that room. I was waiting like 45 min then called my name stamped my Passport and asked me to check out at the front desk, no question asked.
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Advanced Parole/ Asylum applicant
Hi everyone,

I just discovered this forum, and I'm so happy to read all the positive experiences about traveling on AP, although I haven't seen any with pending asylum cases. Here is my story so far:

> Applied for asylum in Jan 2017 and ended up overstaying a student visa. I haven't been called for an interview on my asylum case and probably won't be called any time soon because of the major delays in old asylum case processing. Thanks to Trump.

> An uncle of mine got a stroke in October 2019 and is being treated in a 3rd country (not my home country). I REALLY want to visit him!!!

> I told my lawyer that I would like to apply for AP and he explained all the consequences to me. He said:
     > Getting allowed back into the U.S. is not guaranteed with AP, especially as an asylum seeker who overstayed a visa.
     > Getting allowed back into the U.S. will depend on the immigration officer.
     > The worst case scenario would be if the officer asks me why I can't just seek asylum in the 3rd country, since I was
         granted a visa to visit and have relatives there. In this case, the officer would try to send me back to the 3rd country.
     > The other scenario would be if the officer detains me for overstaying my student visa. In this case, I could end up in
         detention for 3 months as my asylum case gets reviewed by a judge (honestly, I don't think this would be terrible
         because at least my application would FINALLY be reviewed. I'm tired of waiting!)

> I decided to apply for AP anyway and my application was sent today (2/17/2020). My lawyer says it can take up to 3 months to get a response, so I'm going to sit tight and wait.

I will keep you all updated. If anyone else has applied for AP as an asylum applicant, please share your experience and advice. I'm so happy I found this forum!

Take care.

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Hello all
This platform has helped me a lot and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to post their experiences.
I had a pending asylum case but then I found a job that will sponsor me and got my combo AP card through AOS from my new job. I would want to travel using my AP and travel back home to see my family that I haven't seen in 15 years. Any advice? I am scared of going and not being able to come back. I have no criminal back ground and did not over stay visa.

Please help! thanks!
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Hello House,

I’ve being regular Member on this Platform,And it has

Help me during my Filling Process.

I Already got my Traveling Ticket earlier to see a Sick Mum and Daughter)

Planning using my Combo AP card.

But due to the New ban announcement .I need to know

if I’m safe to travel and return back to US without being

affected.I’m Married to a US citizen and my traveling

date fall on the day the new rule come to effect.

NOTE :My country fall in the newly affected.My Port of

entry is ATlanta.

Your Mature Advice will be kindly Guided

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EAD/AP travel query!!
Hi everyone! I’m from india married to a US citizen. Just received my EAD/AP combo card. My husband and I are travelling to Mumbai next week to visit family. My papers were filed in my married name, so my combo card has my married name. My passport is still in my maiden name. I know I shouldn’t have trouble with that in the US because they probably have all my information on their system and we will carry our original marriage certificate. However, I am nervous about immigration in Mumbai on our way back to Washington DC. Will the marriage certificate be good enough proof? My husband will be with me so they can easily see that our last names match. But I’m concerned about whether or not they will give us any trouble in india. Any insights will be greatly appreciated!
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Travel abroad (Asylum seeker)
Hello everyone.......i am from califormia. I am waiting for my interview date for my asylum case that is still in process. Can somebody tell me if they travled abroad while seeking asylum in usa, if yes please let me know the process...Thank you very much......
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