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NBC August Filler (Marriage-Based)
Hello Family,

Merry Christmas to everyone!
I am currently employed full-time at company XYZ based on my CPT which is a work authorization you get while you're an international student. However, my CPT didn't get approved for next semester which starts from Jan 5th. I am so much depressed that I will loose my well paid full-time job of 4 years due to that. So, I would have to expedite my EAD for that. I am already waiting for my Combo Card since last 122 days!!

Can anyone please suggest what kind of documentation I need to submit in this scenario? Since I am already working there last 4 years, I am not sure Job Offer letter would work.

Please help. I hope everyone get their EAD approved very soon!
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Advance Parole Mexico
Hi everyone,

My dad just went to Mexico with only AP and his combo card. Will he have any trouble coming back to the US? He has no criminal record and he went to visit a sick uncle. Can someone share their experience traveling to Mexico? I am very worried. Thank you

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Pending I485 Adjustment of status and Travelling Internationally
I came to USA on F1 status. My I20 is expiring on 31st December 2019. However I am married to US citizen and applied for adjustment of status on March 2019. We have received an Interview date. Unfortunately we had to apply for reschedule due to necessary international travel.

Along with I485, I have applied and approved for I765 (Work Authorization) and I131 (Advance Parole). I left the county last week and coming back on February. My concern is:

1. Since my I20 expires on 31st Dec 2019, but I have my Advance Parole card with me, do I have to worry about my reentry?
2. I have one more semester to go. Is it a good idea to wave my F1 status through University website or should I wait until my green card get approved? Asking because I have only one class to take. To maintain F1 status, I have to take 9 credits as I have already applied for course reduction in fall 2019 semester. If I wave F1 status, I can take one class.

I would really appreciate any help regarding this issue.
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Temporary passport
Anyone travel with EAD and temporary passport? I heard temporary passport won’t be accepted unless you have a visa. Is the EAD the equivalent of a visa in this case? Thanks
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I can travel on my EAD and AP combo card

I know it is safe to travel after getting EAD and AP combo card. But my Visa expired in October 2019. if I travel to my home country with just EAD and AP combo card, Do i have any problem re-entering in USA.
Any one had problem like this in past? Do I get visa first and then travel?

Need your advice.

Thank you.
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GC-EAD approved but I-131 didn't get any notification
My status has been changed on December 19, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number for GC EAD but for I-131 I didn't get any notification yet.
how long will it take to approve i-131 (AP) after EAD approved?
I applied both on same date.
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Can some one help me please
I came in with a dual passport came in with a British pass visa waiver program
Visa expired 8 years ago now married to a us citizen just got my combo card wanted to see my family after 8 years wanted to fly back but my British passport expired I Still have my Japan passport valid. Do u guys think it’s ok if I travel in and out with my japan passport cus got the i94 is stamped in my British passport. I was thinking of renewing it when I go back to japan. Thankyoi
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Advance parole and VAWA
Anyone have and experiences traveling on AP while VAWA case pending? I want to travel home for christmas i'm worried i'll be asked why I'm not traveling with husband etc. We have been separated for a few months now
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Don’t be afraid to use AP to travel
I have been a silent reader for a while so I figured I’d share my recent experience using AP to help others who are hesitant. I also want to thank everyone who share their experiences, it is sometimes all we need to go ahead and take the chance!

Anyway, I used my combo card to travel to my home country in the Caribbean for a couple of weeks. I flew from JFK in New York. Upon my return, all I needed to show was my passport and the advance parole document to the cbp officer. The officer took my fingerprints and then sent me to a room for secondary inspection. I spent about 10 mins waiting and then I was called. I was asked where do I reside in New York and who do live with. I currently live with my wife, a US citizen. I was free to go after that. Very smooth experience. Best of luck to all! Love
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Traveling with Advance Parole
First I want to thank this for Fourm and everyone who has shared there experience. It really helped my husband and I

I-485 Pending ; NYC - Manhattan office
My Husband has his EAD card and was approved for Advance Parole. My Husband came here on a K-1 VISA

We Traveled to El Salvador on Nov 30th and returned to New York JFK On Dec 14th. We went through the first inspection and the officer asked why we traveled, I politely said that we went to see my husband's granfather who was sick. She said ok, and told us that my husband would need a secondary inspection and that once he gets a green card he would not need to do that anymore.

We went through the secondary inspection, the officer gave the other officer his Passport and I-512 Letter and I heard her say, "his wife is USC" in less then 5 minutes he called out my husband's name and we were all set to go. Passport and I-512 was stampted and we were off.

A lot of people told me we shouldnt travel with Advance Parole but we honestly didnt have a problem here or in El Salvador.
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