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Traveling on Emergency Advance Parole during COVID
Hello all,

I am currently trying to figure out how risky it is to travel internationally right now.

I sadly had a death in the family, obtained an emergency AP through USCIS and am now planning on traveling to Germany to be there for a very small “service” as well as to support my mother. I am planning on leaving the Us on Friday and return 3 weeks later. I am currently on AOS (married to USC) and should thus be excluded from the travel ban and/or EO as I fall into the immediate family category.

My question is if anybody has recently traveled on AP and what their experiences were? I read of people getting stuck in their home country due to canceled flights, but as of rn, it seems that flights from Germany are still departing fairly regularly. I just don’t know if I will run into issues upon reentry, even though I have the correct documentation. I originally arrived on F1 Visa and didn’t overstay it or anything.

I am torn because 50% of what I have read or found out through conversations with USCIS, CBP, etc. is that I should be just fine, while another 50% say it’s too risky in the current climate.

Thank you for reading my post and thank you in advance any advice or experience. I appreciate it!
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Executive order impact

I have applied for family based green card and I have received Advance Parole document and my application is pending with USCIS.

I came to India and got stuck here as the international flights got cancelled. I have my advance parole valid untill Feb 2021.

My query is , can I travel back to United states once the lockdown is over or does the immigration ban for 60 days will affect me as well?

Appreciate your inputs!

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Lockdown India
Hi I am stuck in India and now I hear this lockdown will not be lifted for international travel until June 30, my flight back to US was on march 18.
Any one know if theres any way to depart the country?
Visiting home was my dream but now I'm tired already and can't wait to be in US asap.
I'm holding a combo card.
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advance parole getting expired
Hello everyone. hope all are staying safe!!!!!!!!

 I have a query and would really appreciate help.

 I have a pending AOS and my combo card EAD and AP getting expired in may 2020. my problem is m in INDIA at present and unable to reach US due to lockdown , flights not working due to Covid 19 pandemic. If i dont reach US before may then my green card application will be rejected. Is there anyway I can apply for renewal of AP/EAD if at all i m not able to reach US on time?

how can i convey/explain this to USCIS that this isnt my mistake but a global pandemic and emergency situation

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AP after receiving EAD
Hii guys I hope you are all well.
I wanted to ask if anyone here had their EAD and after they decided to apply for advance parole.

Is it possible??
 Do you have to pay a fee and how long does it take?

My attorney did not tell us about advance parole and since the GC proceedings will take too long as it seems im thinking of applying for AP if it is possible since I already have the EAD.

Many thanks
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Temporary travel suspension
Hello family!!!
I hope all are safe on this horrible situation in the present world.
I applied for AOS on 11/22/19
EAD 04/01
I had interview on 3/31/2020 which got cancelled due to pandemic and online status again case is ready to schedule for an interview!!

I had flight on 03/22/2020 which got cancelled due to outbreak of COVID-19
my concern is I had emergency parole which got expired on 3/31/2020 and I'm still in india due to temporary travel suspension and I got my EAD with me. Will it be ok if i travel with combo card or should i need to explain them a situation coz it wasn't my mistake it was national emergency!!!

Suggestions and opinions will be highly appreciated.

STAY SAFE and pray for each other!!!
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Just received AP- wrong name with picture
I just received this document today, it is an actual piece of paper looking somewhat like a certificate.
All of the information is correct except above my picture at the bottom is someone else's name and signature. I chatted with an agent online with USCIS and they said I have to re-apply for the I-131 starting over from the beginning and send the document with wrong info to prove it's their error. That's just not right to submit everything all over again which will probably require fingerprints again. Also my AED just updated to being mailed to me, I sure hope it is correct or I'll have a big paperwork mess to figure out.
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Traveling to one of the ban countries on AP
Hello. I have been reading experiences on this platform for a while now, I decided to share mine.

So, I just came in from my home country Nigeria. I was there for 2 weeks. Left end of Feb...came in mid March. I live in NYS...flew out of JFK...came in through JFK...both non stop.

My flight came in really early in the morning. Airport was virtually empty that early. At the first check point I gave the officer my passport and AP card. He asked a few questions: where I travelled to, how long, any other country visited, coming in with food, $ up to 10,000, etc...and said I would have to go to another officer...expected. He walked me there...he had my passport and card with him. I had to leave my hand luggage at the entrance...couldn’t take it into the room. We get into the looked split into two. The far side from the door had more people...about 7 or so...most were sleeping. The side (bigger) closer to the door had about 3 or 4 people...myself included. There were 2 officers attending to people. The initial officer dropped of my passport on the counter and told me to sit. I think I saw them take my passport and AP card to a closed off office behind the counter. I’m guessing my info was checked out there...just guessing.

After I was taken to secondary inspection as expected, I waited about 5 mins or less before my name was called. I was asked about 4 questions: where I flew to, how long, why, and my address in the States. Lasted about 2 mins. After, the officer gave me my passport, AP card and a long laminated card inside my passport and said welcome to the United States. At the door, another officer asked for my passport...took the laminated card and said I could go.

Checked my passport, it was stamped...paroled.

That was it. I grabbed my hand luggage...picked up my checked in luggages and left.

Entire process less than 10mins.

A little about myself...came in on F1...never out of criminal records...adjustment through marriage to another Nigerian.

Happy to answer any questions.

Thanks and good luck y’all.
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Traveling with AP
Hello, has anyone recently traveled using AP? If so can you please share your experience!

Thank you!
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Criminal records
Hello everyone.
I’ve been waiting anxiously for my case to be over for a long time.
I’m married to to a US citizen, we applied for a green card back in August 2019. But before that , I had to clear some records that I had back in the days. We sponged those records before applying which took another year and a half prior to apply.
Just the beginning of February of 2018, I received my combo card. My interview was held in Santa Clara office on February 18th 2020. My I130 got approved maybe a week later. Now, just waiting for approval for my I485.
Since I have the combo card I would love to go and visit my family overseas, but because of my records I’m debating if I should live the country. I came here in a student visa back in 2005 and over stayed for about 10 years illegal.
Has anyone here had any convictions and traveled on AP? If so please give some light. Because seems like I can’t make up my mind yet.
Thanks for reading
Wish you the best!!!
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