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Business Visa - B1

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Thanks to Immihelp and others who posted their good and bad experiences
Hello All,

First i thank this website and all of them who posted/shared their experience at the Visa interview.

My B1 Visa was approved on 5-Feb-10 in Chennai,

This was the first week after the implementation of new D-160 form, which needs to be filled on the net and also upload a photograph which will be actually used on the Visa stamp!!

In the interview hall, i patiently waited for my turn, during which i had a chance to observe the interviews, some were quick, some even went on for 15 mins, some were approved and others rejected.

I go stand at the counter window,
V.O(guy): Hello Sir, good morning, how are u?

Me: I am doing good, how about you?
(while passing him the pacakage which was made by the pre processing lady, a folder containing my passport, Ceac barcode, Blue HDFC receipt and some code scribbled on the paper).

V.O: I am doing good, thank you....lemme see...(started to type somethings on the computer,kept typing..was even humming some song!)

after around 15 seconds.....

V.O: Ok, so what company do you work for?

Me: @!#$

V.0: Sorry, i did'nt get it,

Me: its @!#$, spelt as @ ! # $.

V.O: Oh ok i got it
(started to type again!! was srcolling the page up and down)

V.O: So what does @!#$ do?

Me: ( I explained what our company does, clearly and slowly, he kept nodding, while looking straight into my eyes, as soon as i finished he asked me)

V.O: Why are you going to US?

Me: ( again I explained my trip plan slowly and clearly also mentioning the cities i will be visiting during the process)

V.O: What is your work at the company?

Me: (Yes, again slowly and clearly mentioned my work and was in sync with what i explained the company does)

V.0: How long have you been with the company?

Me : 3 years and 3 months (answered quickly)

V.O: and your salary?

Me : %^ per annum
(be cool and mention the salary in Indian numeric system - Lakhs! he understands!! there was a guy before me who mentioned his salary in dollars and V,O gave the lakh conversion instantly and confirmed with him "u mean 3 lakhs per annum dont you?'")

V.O: kept typing..( i wonder if he was chatting on an gmail or yahoo!! :-) and said )
"I am approving your Visa, you will get it in a week's time, enjoy your trip.

Me: controlled my joy and said "Thank you, have a nice weekend!"

Folks my suggestions/advice,
- I think the guy was checking some thing about my company on the website!! when i was telling about our company he was seeing the monitor at the same time listening to me, after i was finished he was still browsing the screen, i said few keywords about our company which will be readily seen on the company's website..

- Be very careful while entering the D-160 form, at the pre screening area so many people were questioned for around 10 mins!! some of them had entered their gender incorrectly!! they were asked to go out and correct it online!! so be careful

- I carried a kilo of documents right from my birth certificate to the last promotion/increment letter i received, but the V.O officer did not even ask for anything nor was he interested, BUT, BUT, because of the documents i was carrying i had loads of confidence in me while facing the interview, SO PLEASE CARRY AS MANY SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AS YOU CAN.

- you need not be fluent or have an native english accent!! yes, they are really not bothered about the accent or grammar mistake! including me i saw so many people giving their answers in a broken english with lots of errors in grammar but they had their Visa's approved! so dont loose confidence just bcos of your accent/english grammar.

- Take a deep breath just before u go to the counter (ofcourse, dont make it obvious to the V.O) to relax your pounding heart after all Its their nation which will benefit from our visit to theirs!

- Dress appropriately at least till your waist ! (pun intended)

Well thats all folks!

I wish you only the best, as i read somewhere in this website which i always said to myself "getting rejected is not the end of world. You will certainly have more opportunities"

Jai Hind
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B1 visa approved
I got my B1 visa approved on 22-01-2010.

This forum really helpful. And the experience was same as everyone already shared.

Few Questions asked:
1)What is your experience at present company?
2)Purpose of the visit?
-- I gave a short answer. VO asked to explain in brief.
3)How many days are you travelling?
4)When are you travelling?
5)How many are travelling with you?
6)What is your salary?

Thats it. Visa is issued.
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B1 visa approval
Got B1 approved , one hour back.
I did refer this site for preparation,it helped me lot. As posted by lot of people over here, its about getting basics right, when you are prepared, You will be confident.Thats it.

Following was the conversation,

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning mam.
VO: whos your client?
VO: How long you have been with your company?
Me: 6 Years
VO: What are you gone do in US?
Me: Will analyse techno-functional requirements,prepare business case for the client for tool deployment.
VO: Iam giving you visa, Have a nice day.
Me: Thank you. Have a nice day.
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B1 Rejection
Hav egot B1 Rejection today-6th Jan,2010.
Questions Asked:

What does your company do?
I answered development of so & so products.

Why are going to US??
To meet client understand their Requirements & send the same across to India for Development.

What salary are u earning??
I Said XX LAcs per annum

How long have u been working in this Organization??
I have joined this Organization on the 16th of December,2009.

My Visa got Rejected was given a 214B form & the reason said by the Vo was that I have not spent enough time in your New Organization so we cannot grant u this visa this time.
I Have had all the supporting documents,sponsorship letters,etc.
Kindly comment how to crack this case I want a B1& I ahve to be in the states latest by 20th of January,2010.
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B1 Interview at Hyderabad - Approved!
Attended B1 interview at Hyderabad Consulate on Nov 20th-09.
- Arrived at the consulate by 8.30 Am..Parking is toooo far…So, better skip ur morning workout plans ;)
- Initial check near the entry gate..only 9 am slot ppl where let inside!!!
- Check 2: Was asked to remove Belt, blazer, id, pen, keys, documents and put them in a huge tray…
- All my stuff goes through a scanner, I went tru d metal detector too. After check, I was allowed to put all my stuff back..belt etc
- Document Check goes on..I was asked to write my full name in my native language coz I left it empty in the 156 form. Writing my name in my mother tongue was a difficult part..I forgot the lipi…took the help of ppl around and wrote it…
- Waiting Zone: immediately after entering this zone, I was issued a token number..jus like what we get in banks..etc
- Waited for my number to flash on the screen..there u go..tats my no…
- Standing near the VO, next to someone who is already giving her interview..
- Started feeling nervous..can’t help it..friends!!! I said to myself “You can do it, jus be attentive!!!” Prayed to god…and here the VO waves at me…
ME: Good Morning, how r u doing?(Passed my docs, pass 156 n 157)
VO: Im good, how r u?
ME: im good, thanks 
VO: u work wid XXXX (Dint look in to my docs till now)
ME: Yes (I hung my ID on my neck with a broad tag with the name of company printed all over it)
VO: Why are you going to XXX?
ME: business meetings blaw blaw
VO: How long u been working at XXXX
VO: Whats ur role?
ME: blaw blaw(Short n brief)
VO: What will you do in US?
ME: blaw blaw(this was a tricky question coz she asked me something similar already). Presence of mind matters a lot!!!! I gave a suitable answer to d question!
VO: Whats ur income?
VO: Alrite, I am approving your Visa, u will receive it in few days!!!
ME: Thanks a lot!
VO: Have a good day!
ME: You have a gud one too!! 
All done in 60 secs

Imp Points:
- Dressing good is not enough, dress smart!! Wear ur company’s id in a visible manner!
- Be Attentive! “Presence of Mind is too essential”
- Speak Louder, don’t hesitate..Be polite and exchange pleasantries
- Ask to repeat, if u don’t hear or understand..(The VO sounded as if she were in a submarine)..cant help it, the glass is too thick..and the environment absorbs all sound!!!
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Business Visa - B1 Issued
First and Foremost A BIG Thank You to this site which helped me in preparing for the Interview

Here are the Question asked
1> Since How long have you been working with the Current Company ?

2> Who is your Client ?

3> What is your Income ?

4> Are you Married ?

5> Have you been to the U.S. for a Business Trip ?

6> Have you been to any other country for a Business Trip ?

7> What do you do ? (Work Profile)

This Interview Lasted for 30-40 Seconds. It was like a rapid Fire Round :) and I was very confident while answering. The VO did not ask for any supporting documents.

Some Tips
- Dress Well and be Presentable
- Listen carefully to the Question and Answer to the point
- Keep a light smile.

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Mom's and Mom-in-law's B2 Visa got approved
Hi, my mom and mom-in-law gave interview on 14 and 15th of Sept. and both of them got it in 5 mins. Questions asked were:
1. what does ur son/son-in-law doing
2. what ur husband do
3. how many chlidren do u have and
4. what they r doing

No documents were asked, just 156 and 157. Although, I had sent all the documents mentioned by immihelp.
Hope this info may be useful for immihelp readers. And I thank immihelp a lot, as it was truly a valuable resource for all the needed information.
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B1 VISA approved
First, I would like to thank Immihelp for providing excellent information on almost every topic with respect to visas. It helped a lot for me.

My VISA appointment was scheduled 15-Sep-2009 at 8:45AM in Hyderabad. They allowed me in at 8:30AM, fingerprints done by 8:45AM and I was there at the visa counter by 9:05AM. The VO asked me the following questions:
1. Which company are you working for?
2. What do you do?
3. Purpose of the trip.
4. How many years of experience?
5. How much are you earning?
6. Are you married?

Thats it. She said I would get my passport within a week.

Today, 18-Sep-2009 I got my visa with 10yrs multiple entry.
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Visa Got Hold-up
I applied for B1 visa & appeared for an interview. After the interview Counsellar said we cont issue a visa to you & gave me 212(G) pink color form.

Please advice what action can we take from our side to process the visa ASAP.

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B1 Visa Rejected
Date : 30 Aug 09
Time : 12.00

1. Stood in Que for 15 mins.

2. Finger print done by 12.15

3. Interview call by 12.45

4. Visa Officer :
Why do you want to vist US ?

How much do you earn ?

How long have you been working with your organization ?

Tips :
1. Never take sealed envlopes. They will send you out of embasy to open it.

2. You may not get B1 visa if your experience is less than 4 years.

3. The Visa Officer will not ask you for any document. You need to push applicable documents with each question.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
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