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Do I send both expired and new Passport
Glad to see so many positive experience.

My biometrics is finished with VFS and there is a request to send the passport to VFS LA. I want to understand if the original passport means the latest unexpired passport or do they mean both expired and unexpired passport which we have to send together?
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Very fast and straightforward
Oct 20: Online application submission (with all the necessary and optional documents sought by website)
Oct 21: submission confirmed by
Oct 21: Biometrics invitation
Nov 04: Biometrics submission at local USCIS center (there were no appointments between Oct 21 through Nov 04 available at my local USCIS office for 10printing)
Nov 06: request to submit passport
Nov 07: passport sent to VFS global office in Los Angeles
Nov 14: got my passport back in my hand

Please remember to send the transmission fees in money order and please send all the documents requested (consent forms -2x, IRCC letter confirmation and return label) and that should really expedite your process.

All of my process took less than 20 business days; bravo IRCC and VFSglobal.
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Canada Tourist Visa
Hi, my parents applied for their canadian tourist visa online. The main applicant received the biometrics letter but there was no letter for the other applicant. Has this happened to anybody before? what are the next steps?
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TRV from Saudi Al-Khobar
Visitor Visa with invitation letter from elder sibling residing in Canada.

Application and bio-metrics submitted: 16 September 2019
Temporarily got back back passport: 24 October 2019
Received message to submit passport: 27 October 2019
Re-submitted passport back to VFS: 27 October 2019

Inquired application status from IRCC webform with a reply "our office has not yet received the necessary clearance."

Have valid US visa, traveled in the past to US, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Australia, UAE, Bahrain, South Korea.

Such a long delay in processing made my trip just stressful instead of any excitement.
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UCI and Biometric updated online, but no visa info
I have applied for Canadian Visit Visa, My timeline is

Submitted on 14/10/2019
Received Confirmation and Bio metric submission letter 15/10/2019
Given Bio metric on 21/10/2019
Info and updated online for Biometric on 24/10/2019

How long it will take for final decision, I have applied online, I am from Pakistan,
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VFS No Decision after three weeks
I planned a vacation to Canada, leaving on November. I applied for a tourist visa some time ago, with the timeline as follows:

Application Submitted: Oct 1
Biometrics Submission at NYC office: Oct 4

After I submitted my biometrics I still haven't received any kind of decision, it's now Oct 21 and my trip is coming up. Apparently even if it's approved I still have to submit my physical passport for processing, which might take up to 10 business days. I'm really worried and I don't know what I can do because the customer service is super unhelpful plus the website help portal is basically useless.

Has anyone tried visiting the NY VAC office in person? Does it help?
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Horrible experience, still no decision
Had planned a vacation to Canada with my parents. Applied for tourist visa mid september, hoping it is enough to get processing done considering advertised processing time.

Application submitted: Sep 16
After multiple emails,
Biometric request letter: Oct 11
Biometric submission: Oct 11
Passport request: Oct 15
Passport mailed: Oct 16
Passport reached IRCC: Oct 17

Our flight is tonight, Oct 21 - there is no response yet. I flew down to Los Angeles VFS center to collect passport in person just in case IRCC dispatches our passport. But there is no response yet at 12:30pm. Really not happy with the slow processing of the visa. It upsets plans and also causes so much anxiety for travel. You start wondering why did you even pick Canada as a destination.

Still waiting at the VFS center today. Please apply atleast 45-60days in advance.

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Refused Student . what to do?
"**Error notice when downloading submission under Client Info"

"No info on # of practicum hours on LOA"

Lifted ij part from my CAIPS notes.

Me: I do not have any practicum in my program as far as I know of

Has anybody experieced these statements?
 What do you think and say about this?

Refused Student Visa

This is a very difficult time, as I am wondering about these stamenets.

Thank you.

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Tourist visa refusal email
Hello everybody

I submitted an application with my siblings for a tourist visa on the 6th of September, 2019. I received the biometrics confirmation on the 3rd of Oct and on the 11th of Oct I got a final decision refusing my application.
The refusal email was....”I am refusing your application on the following grounds:

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on the limited employment prospects in your country of residence.

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on your family ties in Canada and in your country of residence.”

My father is a permanent resident and my siblings and I applied ahead of time to travel for the coming Christmas holidays for a period of two weeks. We are all well travelled. I have a 2 yr uk visa, I attended my masters in the UK and I returned this year. I also have multiple past visas from across Europe in Cyprus, France and the UAE. This is my third attempt at a Canadian application and the disappointments are becoming unbearable, it’s ruined my once perfect record. I’m wondering if I should reapply before they return my visa or I wait it out if something changes because I tracked my application and it writes still being processed so I’m hopeful. I am disappointed but I thought it was a fake email to be honest at first but I’m really concerned now.
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Visitor visa (dependant) no update after medical

I have applied for visitor visa on September 17th and got a request for medical on September 26th.I got the results updated for my medical examination on October 10th as passed. It's October 14th now and there seems to be no update on anything.

I'm applying from Bangalore and I actually got the visa rejected the first time because we missed to provide the marriage certificate which we have given this time with additional supporting documents.

Any thoughts on why this delay is taking place or anyone else facing the same situation?
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