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Extension starts when?
hey everybody
need your help here. My friend came here on a visitors visa b1/b2. and it was expired in april, but he applied for an extension before. My question is, if he does get the extension ( still waiting!) does the requested amount of time start from april or from when we get the notification? also, he got into a university, is it better to apply for his f1 here or go back to egypt? thanks!
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Applied for extension, but didn't get approval yet
I'm not sure if this is the norm these days, but this is what happened. My parents came last September (they had a 10 yr visa), at the airport they got a 6 month visa which was supposed to expire March 15, 2006. 6 weeks before March 15, I appled for a 5 month extension. I got a receipt from USCIS dated Feb 15 (this date is a month earlier than their original visa expiration date). But we never got approval notice till now, my parents stayed till July 16th (we just assumed we'll get approved) and went back. Still we dont have any communication from USCIS, I called them and get the machine everytime, it says their representatives dont have more info than the automated message. If anyone has experienced something like this or would like to give any feedback, I'll appreciate that, please email me at '[email protected]', thanks.
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10 yrs Visa
I have this question. My boyfriend has been going back and forth to my country back 4 yrs. He came to united states with a 10 yrs visa. He has been working and brought property ( apartment) in the united states. He was a business man in my country.
He has received a letter from immigration stating that he has to leave the US on December but he had to attend a business form. Therefore, His lawyer and him send a letter to the immigration requesting an extention for his stay and send all the necessary documentation.
On June, he received a letter from the immigration stating that this time he has to leave on june 16th. Which he did leave.
Now he stayed in my country for couple of weeks and now he is in amsterdam and will be entering the united states from there. will they give him a problem when he is entering the united states because he extended his visa on december? Has anyone experience anything similar to situation like this
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I-94 extension received within two months of applying.
We applied for my mom on MAR 7 TH 2006 AND RECIEVED THE CONFIRMATION ONLINE ON MAY 3TH 2006.
It is better to wait or apply atleast two and half months before the expiration date so that we can plan to leave or stay..

The time might vary but i think will be approved in two months.
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Urgent- pregnant
my girlfriend live in Turkey and she is pregnant
her Business viza finish on october and I want she to give birth here but I have to be US citizen on december ?! How she have to come and give birth here ? what I have to do if the I-94 is for 1 month ( request extension may sound a good idea but is not our first choice, we don't want to violate the business visa)...We are not married yet, We want just she te give birth here and live again and after I am a citizen we will be together again
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Multiple visa - reentry
In May 2005 My mother got a 10 year multiple visa. She came to the US on August 2005 with her I-94 expiring on Feb 6th 2006 that is next month. In order to avoid getting rejected for an extension of I-94 she is going back to India on the due date. Please tell me if there is a minimum length of time she has to be in India before she can come back to US.
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visa rejected 3 times
my parents are living in gulf past 20 years and 6 yrs back my brother left to usa, my mother applied 2 years back in abudhabi embassy she got rejected she went there with my dad , and then she came to india after 6 months and applied again , but she got rejected , and then again last year , she came to india and applied , she got rejected again, my brother is not able to come to india due to some reasons , but why do thay have to reject her so many times , she is depressed for not seeing her son fro 5 years now, please help what is she supposed to do
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Extending Visitors visa
hi all,

i am planning to apply for extension for my mother . her I-94 is valid for only 3 months. can i apply for extension? is it possible? can anyone please tell me what to do?
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visitor visa extension
I just wanted to let people know that I did apply for an extension for my mother and got it approved within one month. I requested for a 4 month extension and did get exactly what i had asked for.

I think its better to ask for a smaller extension period which most likely will get approved than ask for another 6 months and get rejected. This is my personal opinion though.
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Extension Rejected
My mom got a 10yr multiple entry visa without any hassle. She came here on 26th August 2003 and was supposed to go back on 26th Feb, 2003.But, we wanted her to stay for my 5th wedding anniversary in April, so we applied for an extension in Jan 2004. We received a letter of rejection on 19th May, 2004 with her I94 stamped with a rejection date 8th May, 2004. She had an open ticket with Singapore Airlines, but we could not get a seat because it wsa a peak season. We bought fresh tickets from Bristish Airways and could send her back as early as 31st May, 2004. My concerns are:

1. Is her 10yr visa still valid?
2. Will she be allowed in this country again?
3. How long should she wait before applying for a new visa incase they void her 10yr multile entry one?
4.Does anyone knwo whether US Consulate grants fresh visa to people who overstayed while waiting for their decision?

Please help. Thanks so much!
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