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VIsistor's Visa Extension legally at USA by filing I-539
We filed Visitor's visa extension at USA by filing I-539 Notice and we have also received Approval Notice extending six months by sending a revised I-94 (.) Kindly let me know whether we have to show any I-797 INS extension to show that we legally extended the in USA when we approach for Tourist Visa next time in India at Chennai Consulate (.) With best wishes

                         Gullapalli Madhu
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Parents got 10 yr visa after visitor visa extended first time
This is my parents experience. Thought it will help others. My parents came first time in 2001 with 6 months Visa. My Dad left after 4 months and I have extended visa for my mother. Her Visa got approved and she left after 3 months of exteded stay. A month back (09/2004), they appeared again to come to US and they got 10 yrs visa this time. Their experience at Consulate was pleasant except they had to wait whole day. They went at 10:30 to consulate of Chennai. At 3:30PM, the officer called them and asked my Mom, why did she over stay first time, she told him that She helped my wife during delivery and didn't had time to visit all the places she wanted (Later on I told her that is the answer she is not supposed to give). The officer laughed itseems and warned them not to over stay next time and approved 10 yr visa.

Hope this helps.

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Waiting is frustrating
I've applied for stay extension for my parents who have 10 year multiple. I waited till the last week of their initial stay. We haven't recieved the approval yet. So, we decided not to take the risk of getting the 10 year visa revoked. So, they are leaving next week. But, they will be back soon. It is worth spending for the tickets but not for INS.
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Question to travelking

Is this the first time visit for your mother or second time? I am planning to extend for my mom .she got 10 yr visa after 5 rejections. I am in dilemma whether to apply or not.
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Mother visa extension rejected!
Recently we applied for extension of tourist visa for my mother who was visiting us after I had my first child. In the extension application we provided the following reasons for extension: "My daughter gave birth to a baby and I was offering her emotional and physical support to take care of her child and so I couldnt visit places that I wanted to visit."

INS rejected this indicating that the applicant claims that she was taking care of her grandchild for the past 6 months which is illegal employment and she has violated her status as non immigrant visitor. Although the employment identified was with a relative it nonetheless be employment and therefore not be authorized under the visitor for pleasure non immigrant classification" I am very scared at this illegal status statemnet that it might effect my moms future entry to USA. She wasnt doing any employment with me and how can they infer it as employment and state her total stay as illegal which sounds scary. Please help. I am very scared that they will not allow my mom to USA in future though she has 10 yrs multiple entry visa.

My mother was providing me the support that any mother typically provides to her daughters during her motherhood. She wasnt doing any employment. But INS interpreted as employment.
What should I do to clarify this to INS and how can I remove this illegal status mark from my moms records. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
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