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Fiance Visa - K1/ K2/ K3/ K4

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221g talk k1 visa
Have been stuck in tal check for more than 4 weeks. Anyone in the same boat? It's a fiance (k1) visa.
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I-129F application--Wrong information

I submitted my I-129F application to get approved for the K1-visa this week.
I just found out that my fiance was divorced 6 years ago. I submitted her marital status as being single.
 What do I need to do to correct my application?

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Am here in Ghana, married my wife who is from the US in 2014.

She filed for me in 2015.

Had my interview in Accra May 11 2016, Consulate refused me by giving me 221g white sheet.

I am unemployed, missed some documents like Joint Account.

December 2016 we told by USCIS officer that our case is under 'Extended Review'

Till date July 26 2017 our case is not updated neither are we told anything to do.

Pls can someone help me out with what to do?
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Questions about
Hi everybody, I am from Brazill and spent 7 years in the US working and studying, all legally. Upon my return to my home country (that was inevitable), my student visa got denied. My boyfriend and I were devastated...that was a little over a month ago. We talked as soon as this happened and decided we did not want to be apart. We dated for 5 months after having known each other from work for about 6 months at the time (so we've known each other for about a year). We haven't met each others families yet and are currently in the process of getting things together to apply for a K-1 visa. We have a lot of evidence that we've been talking since I came back (text/FB/whatsapp, videocall screenshots), some emails). We also have a few pictures together (about 70), including a group pic we took at my place on Christmas of 2016 (posted on FB , so the date shows). So, we can prove our relationship is real, although we don't have tons of family pictures or big events since our relationship is recent, but my real concern is: after having a denied visa, will the immigration conclude this is just an attempt to return to the US? We are in love and can't wait to be together, but we're worried this background story might become a silly red flag that can doom our application. We're working with a lawyer down here and she's making it seem like it's an easy case, but then we talked to a guy in the US who told us our case is weak, and he recommends my fiance comes down here to meet my family and make the engagement official (to show our real intent to get married). Is this necessary? I don't know in who to trust to handle my case at this point and am concerned we might be doomed just because our story isn't a beautiful and long courtship that happened while the both of us were overseas. Our story isn't "perfect" on paper (which shows it's real! LOL), but our intent to get married and build a life in the US is 100% real. So, any thoughts??? Thanks so much in advance for your time!
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Green Card (I-551) Received (I-485 Application Based on Approved Form I-129F Petition)
Hello everyone!

Today I received my Green Card in the mailbox and I would like to share a complete timeline with you in case it is of any help to a few people.

My spouse had filed the I-129F form on 7/15/2016 and my K-1 Visa was approved on 12/13/2016 and sent to a pick up location overseas where I previously lived on 12/21/2016. I could’ve had the K-1 Visa received by mid-November 2016 but certain delays could not be avoided on my side.

I entered the United States with a K-1 Fiancée Visa and got married within the 90-day window. Following that, I filed all the necessary paperwork to Register Permanent Residence (Form I-485 based on an Approved Form I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancée) and be granted Employment Authorization (Form I-765 -? Eligibility Category: C09)

The timeline is as follows:

1/18/2017: Sent all the necessary paperwork to the USCIS Chicago Lockbox
1/20/2017 (Day 0): Paperwork delivered to USCIS
1/27/2017: Check was cashed
1/30/2017: Received two (2) Forms I-797C, Notice of Action (one (1) for each case) in which I was allocated a USCIS Alien Number and indicating that the cases have been received by their office (National Benefits Center, P.O. Box 648003, Lee’s Summit, MO 64002) and are in process.
2/03/2017: Received Form I-797C, Notice of Action scheduling my biometrics appointment
2/14/2017: Biometrics captured/taken at the Application Support Center in Long Island City, Queens, NY as scheduled and Form I-797C (ASC Appointment Notice) was stamped
4/6/2017 (Day 76): Raised a SR for EAD over the phone
4/18/2017 (Day 88): EAD Approved
4/27/2017 (Day 97): Received EAD card in the mailbox (NOT a Combo card)

4/28/2017: Sent all the necessary paperwork for I-131 (AP) to USCIS Chicago Lockbox. I included a letter which showed my timeline and in which I explained that as my I-485 application is still pending, I am applying for an AP (multiple trips) to allow me to visit my parents and relatives in case of an emergency. In the end, I requested that “IN CASE MY I-485 APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCY HAS STILL NOT BE PROCESSED BY USCIS AS OF TODAY, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD PROCESS MY APPLICATION FOR THE ADVANCE PAROLE DOCUMENT (I-131) OR THE PERMANENT RESIDENCY (I-485).” In that same letter, I also explained that “THE DATE OF INTENDED DEPARTURE (filled out on my I-131 application) IS ONLY AN INDICATIVE DATE, AS I DO NOT INTEND TO TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES BEFORE MY I-485 APPLICATION IS APPROVED, UNLESS AN EMERGENCY SITUTATION OCCURS. THE EXPECTED LENGTH OF MY TRIP WILL NOT BE MORE THAN 25 DAYS.”

5/02/2017: Paperwork for I-131 (AP) delivered to USCIS

5/04/2017 (Day 104): I had scheduled an Info pass appointment at Federal Plaza field office to ask about my I-485 case status. Officer was very kind and willing to check in their internal system. She informed me that my case had been received by the field office that same day (I couldn’t see that online on I explained to her that I had already been interviewed 5 months earlier in the U.S. Embassy when I applied for the K-1 Visa, my biometrics had been successfully taken 3 months earlier and I had passed all background checks as I had received my EAD card. She seemed to understand and told me that processing could take from a couple of days to a few months.

5/09/2017 (Day 109): Green Card Approved (I-485 application)

5/15/2017 (Day 115): Received Green Card (I-551) in the mailbox

I truly believe that, the fact that I had not initially applied for an AP but only did after I received my EAD (and while my I-485 was still pending) explaining the purpose of my application, gave a huge boost (time wise) to the processing of my I-485 case. The info pass appointment could’ve also been a positive factor in the whole process as the officer or one of her colleagues might’ve looked into my case after my departure from the field office (my case was approved 5 days later). The fact that I initiated the appointment and showed up for a face to face meeting can also be perceived as a “nothing to hide” applicant. Every time I contacted USCIS (SR for my EAD, I-131 application with a letter requesting for my I-485 processing if possible, info pass appointment explaining my case and requesting my I-485 application to be processed if possible), a few days later I had a positive outcome. It seems hard to believe that this is just a coincidence as it happened, not once, not twice, but three times.

My advice from my personal experience is as follows: Always be 100% honest and kind in your communication with USCIS whether it is by phone, mail or face to face. If possible, try to pursue the K-1 Visa path. It seems to be a much faster way for people to register permanent residency as they are being interviewed in the U.S. Embassy abroad before entering the United States and applying for I-485. Therefore, after applying for I-485, the interview in a United States field office will probably get waived by USCIS ( and your I-485 case will be processed much faster, unless there are red flags in your case (marriage fraud, background check issues, etc). Try to include as much information and proof as possible when you send your K-1 file to USCIS and the U.S. Embassy overseas.

Also, regardless of which path better suits your situation, devote as much time as needed to build yourself a strong case. I respect immigration lawyers and any other legitimate profession, but I believe that no one has more interest in your case that yourselves. Read the USCIS instructions carefully, gather all required documents, gather all other documents that strongly support your case (joint medical insurance coverage, sufficient sponsor income, sponsor’s last year’s tax returns, joint bank account, etc.) prepare your package, review the package carefully before mailing it out, have a loved and trusted family member/friend review it as well and then send it to USCIS for processing.

Good Luck to everyone!!!
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If you and your SO (significant other) are about to embark in this long complex journey of applying the K1 visa.. please feel free to contact me.

My fiancé and I are about to send our I-129F packets in a few days, we are both nervous and would like to share our experiences with others who are on the same boat..

If you have just sent your packet and are waiting for the approval, feel free also to chat with me.

We don't know what to expect along the way, so for those who are waaaay ahead of us, we look to you for tips and answers too.

Thank you in advance,

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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K1 approved
I had my interview yesterday, April 17, 2017. My schedule was 7:10 am.

it was a smooth process.

First is initial screening with a Filipino Consul. She asked for my NBI, CENOMAR, NSO BITH CERT and MEDICAL from ST. Lukes.

She asked me the following:
1. my name and birthday
2. name of petitioner and how I am related to him
3. She confirmed that I was never married (I have 2 kids) - I said no I was never married
4. How I met my petitioner (I said we were childhood friends, lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same school until he had to leave for the states when we were in 5th grade.
5. When did you get reunited - we started talking on FB last June of 2016 and got engaged October of 2016.
6.Countries I've been to and confirmed that they were all for travel purposes and not work.
7. She told me to have the photos and evidence ready for the interview.

American Consul - Finger Printing, confirmation of port of entry (I said NY)

AMerican Consul
1. Oath Taking - to affirm that all information I will give him are true and correct.
2. He took a pink folder out which contains all documents that were submitted by my fiance.
3. He was typing on his computer for good 10 seconds and then asked me for my full name and how I met my fiance. My answer was just short and direct. Same answer I told the Fil Consul.
4. Then he closed the folder and said okay, we will approve your visa an this should be ready in 10 days! Wohooooo!

Just like all of us here, I prepared a scrapbook, more like a photo album but he did not bother to ask me for it.

Good luck to whoever is reading this and I hope it helps! :)
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