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Renunciation Procedure using VFS

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  • Renunciation Procedure using VFS


    I am applying for renunciation of indian citizenship using VFS. Below is the link that details what needs to be done for renunciation
    Documents list,

    Renunciation certificate processing and timings,

    I am not clear on multiple things.

    1. I was able to create an online application for surrendering the passport. I was provided with an ARN number as well.

    2. Looking at the checklist, it states that i have to upload the digital image of my photo and digital signature but not sure where/how to go about doing it. There is no specific instruction given for that

    3. For payment and creating shipping labels, there is a link provided to fill questionnaire and create account. the link is
    https://row1.vfsglobal.com/IHCUSPostalAppointment/IHCQuestionnaire/Index? q=shSA0YnE4pLF9Xzwon/x/PpYJNc6tVYvHRijnlGjPCAkTJhlFZMmqoidQtaOLB02b6MUlVJYs451ljwqd Ep1gtmFpUBTGmrQzPgEV4Nf87vc382F6SI8kzNZeTYRNY1S
    There 3 options i see. one for OCI, Global entry and passport.

    a) Checked all options under passport and there is no section for surrendering passport which logically leads to oci section
    b) Proceeded with OCI but there is no option for renunciation but only to apply for new OCI card.

    4. So now i am confused how/where do i go to pay fees and create shipping labels.

    Any insight from anyone is greatly appreciated. I need to travel to India as soon as possible and want to get the renunciation done before i can apply for emergency visa


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    Hi, I wanted to ask you a question. I am not applying for renunciation but for reissue but I am using the same VFS system. Were you able to login in the VFS system finally? I was able to create my profile and login but in the next step to add customer it gets stuck on that page and does not do anything.


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      I was able to create an account and log in.


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        Could you please share with me how did you create your account. Still there is not option for renunciation. What about uploading photo and digital signature. Thanks in advance.


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          @ renunication_oci

          I am also in the same boat, after completing your 3 rd step, I saw 4 options, 1 for renunciation on Friday and filled out, and now when I log in today it is not even showing up.

          I was also looking for answers on where to upload the passport photo and digital signature. But no answers, I even contacted the VFS folks, got some unrelated answer with links.

          I guess we will have to wait until they activate the option again, maybe on a weekday?


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            Thanks @ renunication_oci for replying, It looks like the VFS is still half baked system. Hopefully, they will enable Renunciation option next week. Please update in the forum if you hear back from them on the uploading pic and sign. I will do the same.


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              Me too. I am unable to find the link to pay the fees


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                Nothing as of now, got my US passport in 8 Days and these VFS people are playing games, Typical Indian mentality and they want J B to give green cards to these 600,000 people on H1. To make America, India Again.


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                  @renunication_oci I am in the same boat as you, VFS website is half baked. While filling online application on Indian embassy site there was no option to upload photographs and as you rightly pointed out there is no option provided for passport renunciation and what frustrates the most is no customer support number to talk to anyone. I have submitted on-line enquiry form on VFS global and separately reached out to Indian embassy and left voice mail. As per Indian embassy SLAs they supposed to reach out within a day so fingers crossed. I will update you guys in case if I get any updates from VFS or Indian consulate.


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                    I am in similar boat and sent an email to VFS customer service. They have no phone lines in 2020 apparently. It took me only 5 days to get a reply from them, how lucky!

                    Below is the gist of their response, apparently the renunciation widget hasn't been enabled in the website yet. So, you have to follow a manual process to proceed! It has no tracking or login creation.

                    Thank you for contacting the VFS Indian Visa , Passport & OCI Application Center Help Desk in United States.

                    We understand that you wish to know the process for applying for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship or Surrender of Indian Passport.

                    Please note that the renunciation module would be available over the next few days. However, if you still wish to apply right now, refer to the below mentioned steps:

                    1. Refer to the documents checklist on https://www.immihelp.com/indian-citi...ate-documents/

                    2. Fill the online passport application form on: https://portal4.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html (Please register on the website and create your user Id for filling an online application form)

                    3.The Surrender of Passport form must be filled online and take a printout along with the print out of the complete documents checklist. The documents must be attached as per the checklist and must be submitted to the VFS Indian Visa , Passport & OCI Application Center Help Desk by post along with the return shipping labels.

                    4. The payment needs to be done in the form of money order and made payable to (VFS Services (USA) Inc.). The fees to be paid for Renunciation will be as follows.

                    If Naturalized Before 1st June 2010: USD 43.90 (Renunciation fees-USD.25.00, VFS fees-USD.15.90, ICWF-USD. 3.00

                    If Naturalized After 1st June 2010:USD 193.90 (Renunciation fees-USD.175.00, VFS fees-USD.15.90, ICWF-USD.3.00

                    The mailing address for San Franscisco:

                    VFS Global
                    228 Grant Ave, Floor 5
                    San Francisco, CA - 94108.


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                      thank you kiranboda this is really helpful.


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                        For the return envelope, should the fee include an additional $15?

                        So, $193.90+$15 = $208.90?



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                          Hello Guys,


                          Thanks for the information on the Renunciation process.

                          I am sending my documents to ICAC - HOUSTON

                          I do have the following questions

                          1. How many passport size photos to send in the application ? 2 or more, we will be pasting 1 photo on the physical application form right? So do we need to send 1 more hard copy or 2 more hard copies in the mail?

                          2. digital photo must be uploaded on Govt. form online? I did not see any place to do it? Were you guys able to find it?

                          3.The digital signature must also be uploaded on the Govt. portal? Same thing, no place to upload

                          4. What shipping service is the best for pre-paid labels? any specific envelope to be used? like this standard overnight FedEx service

                          Thanks Again


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                            I am trying to apply for OCI renewal. I have completed the steps need to be done on the govt of india website.
                            Next created the login and pwd on VFS site
                            after that I am getting stuck on the "add customer" link on VFS.
                            Is anyone able to successfully make a payment on this site ?
                            I keep getting the error message that the govt tracking number is wrong. Looks like VFS site is not able to look up the reference number provided by the govt of india website which i got when i submitted the application.
                            Is anyone else facing this problem ? How did you overcome this ?


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                              I have submitted a question on VFS website to explain the return shipment process, frustratingly enough, this is not clearly explained. Will keep this forum updated.