India Renunciation Certificate Documents

Note: Effective Nov 2, 2020, Indian government has given the contract to VFS Global. Previous contract with CKGS has ended. We are updating the instructions as they become available.

The following documents must be submitted to get the surrender certificate:

  • Renunciation Form
    The form you have to fill varies:
    • If you have original Indian passport, complete Renunciation Certificate Form.

    • If you do NOT have original Indian passport,
      • If you were naturalized before Jun 1, 2010, and over 10 years ago, complete Deemed Surrender Certificate Form.

      • Otherwise, complete Renunciation Declaration Form.

    In any case, any of the forms are not paper forms to download and complete. You will be guided through the VFS Global widget and you will have to complete them through online questionnaire and you will print the completed form to submit.

    The form must be filled in duplicate.

    For child above 5 years of age, signature of the minor child is mandatory. For child under the age of 5 years, thumb impression of the child is mandatory. For all minor children, signature of both the parents are mandatory. For parents signature, the signature must match with the passport signature.

    The applicant’s name should appear the same way as in the Indian passport even if the name in the US / Foreign passport is different.

    Caution: When you complete the form, the date of Naturalization Certificate must be entered as the date when you acquired US or foreign citizenship, and it not the date when your US or foreign passport was issued. More than 90% of the rejections are due to this error.

  • Checklist:
    After you complete the online process at VFS Global, you will be provided with the document checklist. You must print it and enclose along with all other documents.

    Check list for those naturalized on or after June 1, 2020:
  • Additional Particulars form:

    You will be required to complete this form if you were naturalized less than 10 years ago.

  • Naturalization certificate:
    Copy of naturalization certificate, as appropriate.

    If a child is under the age of 18 years, is greencard holder and lives with the parent in the US, they can get the automatic citizenship when one or both the parents become US citizen through naturalization. They can apply for the US passport but don’t automatically get the naturalization certificate. However, for the the purpose of getting India renunciation certificate, US naturalization certificate is required which you can apply by filing form N-565 with the USCIS.

  • Most Recent Indian Passport:
    Most recent Indian passport must be provided in original.

    If it was lost, misplaced or submitted to foreign government earlier, the following documents must be submitted instead:
    • Affidavit of Loss

      For those applying in Houston, additionally,
      • a police report for the lost Indian passport.

      • either a copy of your Indian birth certificate or school leaving certificate.

    Additionally, provide the photocopy of the Indian passport, first three pages and last two pages.

  • Copy of foreign (US or non-Indian) passport:
    A copy of the information page and the last two amendment pages of the U.S. or Non-Indian passport is required.

  • Proof of address

  • Proof of name change

  • Police Report:
    • Applicants naturalized after Jan 1, 2005
      In case Indian passport is missing, provide a police report.

    • Applicants naturalized before Dec 31, 2004
      Even if Indian passport is missing, police report is not required because it is deemed renunciation case.

      • Affidavit of Loss Form
        If you don’t have your most recent Indian passport, complete Affidavit of Loss Form.
        If you have a copy of Indian passport with Cancellation Stamp, send that. Otherwise, you must submit notarized Affidavit of Loss Form
      • Copy of your Indian birth certificate OR school leaving certificate OR any document showing proof of former Indian citizenship.

  • Fees:
    • Application Fee / Penalties:
      Fees and penalty charges, if applicable, as described in the rules section.

    • Other Fees

      ICWF Fee:
      All applicants need to pay $3.00 as ICWF fee.

      Reference Fee:
      All non-U.S. passport holders must pay an additional $20 as the reference fee.

      All non-US citizens residing in the US for less than 2 years and applying for any service need to pay a reference fee of $20 in addition to other fees.

      Processing Service Fee:
      Those applying at the VFS Global (that is, everyone in the US) should add a Processing Service Fee of $15.90.

      Additional charges (where applicable):
      Biometrics finger printing = $0.50
      Biometrics finger printing /Facial biometrics = $1.00

    Fees must be paid by money order, pay order, cashier’s check or bankers check. Payment should be made to VFS Global. It is also possible to pay with credit card or bank transfer. Personal checks are not accepted. When paying through credit card, convenience charges apply. Payment by cash or personal check is not accepted.

  • Shipping arrangements

  • Minor applicants:
    1. Parental authorization form. It must be signed and notarized for both parents.

  • Notarized Affidavit:
    If the applicant was naturalized af the expiration date of the latest held Indian passport, you must submit a notarized affidavit explaining the background and the reason for this gap.

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