Indian Citizenship Renunciation Certificate Processing and Timings

Note: Indian government’s contract with CKGS is ending on October 31, 2020. Therefore, CKGS will accept the applications till October 14, 2020. New provider VFS Global will start accepting applications from November 2, 2020 onwards. We will update the instructions when available.


Once CKGS receives your application, they will verify that all documents are complete and they will forward it to the respective Indian Mission (Embassy/Consulate) for processing.

Processing Times

Applications sent by mail take approximately 7 to 15 working days to process from the date of receipt by the Indian Embassy/Consulate. Business day or working day excluding any weekends and public holidays. And it does not include transit time/ shipping duration. Cases where additional penalty applies may take a longer time.

Track Application

On Hold

If there are any documents missing or incomplete or if you need to pay any additional amount, you will receive an email notification from [email protected] You will have to submit the complete documents and pay an additional amount, as applicable for processing to continue. If you don’t respond within 21 days, your application will be returned with no refund.

Post Processing

Your passport will be cancelled and returned along with the surrender certificate. The surrender certificate is simply a bottom half of your application form. They will simply sign it and send it to you. You will not get any other official-looking or separate certificate. The Declaration of Renunciation is registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, through the Consulate.

Sample cancelled Indian passport

Sample Acknowledgement Form

You should keep the cancelled Indian passports and surrender certificate in safe custody as they may be required to avail of consular services from Indian Embassy/Consulates.

When applying for any consular services for the first time, you must present a copy of the surrender certificate or the proof that your Indian passport was cancelled on or before May 31, 2010. When availing of the services any subsequent times, you do not need to present the surrender certificate of proof of cancelled Indian passport.

Travel to India

To travel to India, you require your foreign passport and either an OCI or Indian visa. You are not required to carry the surrender certificate or cancelled Indian passport while traveling to India.

However, in case the Indian immigration authority finds that a person of Indian origin is trying to enter into India on a valid and non-cancelled Indian passport, it will be seized.

Refund Issues

Persons who have already paid $175 for getting the surrender certificate according to previous rules, but are not required to pay that fee according to new rules will not get any refund. Therefore, you should not make any email or phone queries about it.


In case there is any spelling mistake in your name or a wrong photo has been posted, or signature is missing etc., you will need to send that document back to CKGS application center that originally processed it, along with a letter clearly stating the incorrect information. To get it corrected, you will have to send the proof of correct information. There is no service fee or consular fee for this matter. However, the applicant will still have to pay the cost of return courier.

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