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    H1B for a B.Com Graduate????

    I am Swetha. I am a B.com graduate and have done a Post Graduation diploma in
    computers from Osmania University I had nearly 4yrs. of real time experience in software field. I have a H1B interview with in a few days. Will my education be a problem for getting the visa? is it compulsory that we need Masters education for H1?
    if any one got visa with BSC , pls reply back. Does BSC come under technical back ground? & do I need to take previous months pay slips to consulate

    my mail id: [email protected]
    looking fwd for u r valuable reply.


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      Eventhough u are a Bcom graduate u r having the PG diploma and take all the documents ie marksheet etc while going for interview,and answer the interviewer with confidence stating that ur very much qualified for a software programming,and when they ask u about ur pojects tell a brief descriptio about ur project and ur role and responsibility. As ur having a real time experience i think u won't face any trouble.
      all the best and Pra well before u go


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        H1 B appointment

        to join for the job on NOV1st, no dates available in chennai
        since she is in India, previously refused for J2 visa, she has to go chennai
        any body can give any suggestions to get early date
        do you think we can approach for emergency appointment in her case


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          H1 B Transfer doubt

          I work for company A and I am transferring my H1 to company B. But the company B says that there is no longer a "premium processing" and everything is a regular method of visa processing. I tried to search the USCIS site for this but I haven't heard anything of this sort. I just wanted to know if company B is giving me false information to save few bucks !!

          Help is appreciated. Any more links/resources for H1 transfer status is also appreciated.


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            company is giving u false information

            i have couple of friends who just did their premium processing very recently.


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              H4 Revalidation refused 221g

              We are married for 5 years. and My wife is also here with me in USA from 2001. And She had H4 Visa twice (Initial, then Extension) my baby is born in USA, and now My wife is in India for vacation. She has to get H4 revalidation for which she went to Chennai consulate on December14th.
              VO refused H4 for my wife --221g to get Original Payslips & good copy of my Passport. and mentioned to come back after January 31st 2006 any TWTH.

              Just want to check is there any one like me --never got any queries before (2 times---visa was given without any queries) and now for third extension (revalidation --H4) with 221g.



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                How to add another applicant - H4 Appointment

                I am on H1 status in US. I and my family went to India in the month of May 2005 and I returned back to US on July 2005. My family wanted to stay for long vacation. I took the appointment for them in Oct 2005 for Feb 2006. But when I was preparing online application, I did not see the option to add my son into my wife’s application.

                Is it ‘OK’ for my wife to go to consulate along with my son?.
                If not, what will be the way to attend the interview for both of them on Feb, 2006. Please don’t tell me to cancel this one and create new appointment. It’s very hard to get the appointment again, there are no open slots nearby.

                I assumed that since my wife is primary H4 applicant, we don’t need to add him in the appointment. But I remember there was provision to add another passport details in TT Services online application. Now I don’t see that option while creating new application.

                When I try to created new appointment with my son’s receipt number, VFS system did not accepted it.
                This Process was new to everyone in Oct 2005, I could not get the correct help from online. I was even getting error pages while creating the application.
                Now all I wanter to know is "Is it ‘OK’ for my wife to go to consulate along with my son?.” and let me know about steps to follow.

                Hoping to expect good answers from this forum.

                Thanks lot


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                  What's going on?

                  I obtained my MBA from an American University with some of the study done in Europe.

                  An American company that a close relation owns has subsequently fiiled an H1 petition. All the required processes were followed and they had actually tried to find an American Citizen or permanent resident and found none for several months.

                  This was filed in September using premium processing and was supposed to take 10-15 days. It has taken the time from then to now with no explanation on the USCIS website. The lawyer who filed the petition was told that the case is under intense review!

                  What does intense review and why could this happen and what is the implication. I have had to remain in the US for the period since then and I am unable to work or do anything and have had to pass opportunities elsewhere.

                  One other matter of note is that the petition was filed during the grace period following the completion of my MBA. I was in fact still in status. According to info on the USCIS website petitions filed using normal processing have been treated but mine has had no explanations given except that it is under "intense review"!

                  One other question I have is: Would an eventual refusal affect my ability to obtain a US visa or gain entry in the future?


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                    Kindly Help me in preparing

                    Hi All,

                    I m attending Chennai Consulate for Visa Stamping in April 06. Can any body help me in what are the normal questions that are asked at chennai consulate.

                    Thanks for your help.

                    With Regards


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                      H1 transfer

                      I came to US on H4, did masters here.
                      A Consulting company sponsored me H1 and it got approved in October 2005.
                      I got an offer with company B in Novemeber 2005(a reputed firm).
                      So my new employer applied for H1 transfer a month later without any paystubs.
                      Now I am waiting for the H1 transfer approval.

                      So I havent started working with company A and waiting for company B's H1.
                      If there is anyone with similar kind of issues can you please share your experiences.


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                        Pls Suggest

                        HELLO FRIENDS,

                        Iam Nikita Sharma ,a B com graduate passed out in 2000... i have 6 yrs work experience...some yr in SAP...will i get the visa as i dont have tech.background...I was told that the H1 claimer shud show some Property in his name to make the VO beleive that he will come back to India ....? Is this true? Pls do let me know...if so how much property one need to show?

                        pls feel free to contact me at " [email protected]"


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                          Pls Suggest

                          undefinedHELLO FRIENDS,

                          Iam Nikita Sharma ,a B com graduate passed out in 2000... i have 6 yrs work experience...some yr in SAP...will i get the visa as i dont have tech.background...I was told that the H1 claimer shud show some Property in his name to make the VO beleive that he will come back to India ....? Is this true? Pls do let me know...if so how much property one need to show?

                          pls feel free to contact me at " [email protected]


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                            Mumbai h1....help needed

                            Hi all,

                            Thank you all for making this site an amazing source of information, i could sense so many approvals succesfull just because if this site.thank you all for the contribution.

                            I have a specific task which i think you all will help me tackle with.

                            #I have an appoinment with mumbai consulate in next 10 days.
                            #I am a B.com Correspondence Graduate with 1year Post greaduate diploma and additional 1year advanced diploma from reputed institute.
                            #I have 7years of real time experience with 2years in a small company and the latest 5years with gaint multimillion dollar companies.

                            Issue :The job title in my H1 petition is "PROGRAMMER" whihc quite doesn't match with my experience letters but the job responsibilities match.but given a chance to explain i can justify my job reponsibilities as same.

                            Query: Is the job title not matching a problem ,adding to which i am not having a BE/Btech/MCA.

                            I willbe thankfull to you all, please give me your experiences.



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                              Bsc Electronics & PGDCA Is this qualification problem fr H1B

                              Hi All
                              This is murali fm hyd. I am applying for H1B next month.. I had a small clarification please help.. I will get INS papers and all from US company, but will my Qualification [B]BSc electronics and after that PGDCA be any problem at stamping.i completed PGDCA in 2004 and got 2 years softwae experience(data warehousing).. Please give me reply..Do u know any one getting visa with Bsc and pgdca. PGDCA from institute which is recognised by govt of andhrapradesh india.

                              Please give Suggestions.....