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H1B stamping, In a tricky situation!!!
My H1B was approved on Oct 2019, Valid till March 2021. I came back home for stamping on Jan 2020. Had my visa interview on Jan 6th 2020, Initially visa was approved but it went under administrative processing meanwhile the Presidential proclamation was effective. So my application is still under administrative processing but my i797 will Expire on March 16th 2021. The consulate will start processing the visa application after march 31st. Don't know what to do now. What other options do I have?
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How to Get I-94 Extension after Passport Renewal
My kid i94 Passport got expired on july 2020. I94 also expired on the same time. I applied for new passport on june due corona it got delayed and got now. How to Get I-94 Extension after Passport Renewal. My Kids visa is valid only one month. i need to extend visa but with out i94 they can't extend visa. Please suggest me asap..
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I140 approved but no h1 visa. how to enter US
Hi All,

I have an approved i140. My h1 extension also done with that i got 3 years of visa. now my visa is expiring in 6 months. due to my family issues i have to go back to india. I have to stay 12 to 18 months over in india. so by the time my h1 visa will be expired. But 140 approved 3 years back.

1. can I extend my h1 with any employer or i need to cap?
2. Can i return us after 18 months with expired visa is it possible?

Please suggest how can i achieve this.
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DS-160 Application Related
My wife is currently pursuing her Masters degree on H4 visa. Also, we are in the midst of filling-up the DS-160 application for her H4 Visa stamping (renewal process). My question is whether to mention about her current Masters education in the 'DS-160' form whatsoever or should we just exclude it altogether?
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H4 Visa Extension and Stamping HELP PLS
My wife H4 visa extension is denied but during visa stamping officer raised this concern in the end she issued a visa for her , i am trying to under stand if this will cause any issue in future visa extensions' or anything i can do now. Visa is denied on Feb-2020 and today(feb-25-2021) i came to know about this
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H4 Stamping Concerns

I'm currently on H1B in the US, my wedding is India in July after which my Spouse will be attending H4 Stamping interview. I have a few concerns and would appreciate all of your input, if anyone has been on the same boat -

1. I had a transfer last year in June. The new company I work for is a large firm with several affiliates. For example my Petition was under affiliate ABC-123 but for the first few weeks of my employment my payroll was run under affiliate ABC-345 and then the HR department shifted me to the correct affiliate.

So I have two W2's [For last year] from the same company but different affiliates ABC-123 & ABC-345, will this be an issue during my spouse's H4 interview?

2. Also, MY H1B visa stamp is from the old employer and not new employer as it is valid till next year. Will this cause any issue during her H4 interview? The new petition and old visa almost have the same end validity dates.

Thanks in advance.
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B2 to H4 for Canadian - Next steps
Citizenship: Canadian
Current Status in US: B2 Visitor

Subject: Got married to H1B visa holder in the US few months ago. Planning to exit the country and come back on B2 again with the marriage certificate proof since my I-94 is going to expire soon. Planning to stay for another 6 months up on next visit.

Question1: Would it be an issue if i come back on B2 (can work remotely for Canadian employer ) and stay for 6 months in the US or should i opt for H4 (No work authorization) and process it at the POE on next visit?
Question2: Do i need to fill in DS-160, if i am processing my H4 application at the land border POE?
Question3: Will it work if i apply for B2 extension inside the US now instead of leaving US since its COVID and there are travel restrictions arouond the world?
Question4: what are the chances of approving Change of Status to H4 from B2 while i apply now without leaving? How long does it take.

Confused on my next steps and looking for suggestions please. Thanks!
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H1B Stamping: 221g white slip - Letter from US Chamber of Commerce
Hi All,

I appeared for H1B Visa interview @ Hyderabad consulate, today and asked me to email the specified documents to mentioned email address and Passport returned.

VO asked for some basic questions, employer profile, location & salary details.

Later handed over a 221g white slip with 3rd check box ticked and requested below:

"Letter from US Chamber of Commerce or other NAM related entity"

Can anyone please help me with your experiences?
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H-1B masters cap subject visa
Chennai consulate - approved

Used to work for this company on F1 - was not in US for a year - was not in US in June 2020. PR of canada, working for same company in Canada, H-1B is to try to get back to US. Company is large American infrastructure company with offices worldwide. Software engineering position, have US master's degree, selected in 2020 lottery. I was not eligible or any NIW exemptions and was affected by the travel ban.

Carried Chamber of commerce letter - but was not asked

Interviewer asked ONLY for passport, I-797.

We chatted for less than a minute about the job - what does company do? What's your salary? Where is your office in the US? (He was just cross checking my answers with the stuff on his computer screen).

Then he returned the I-797, gave me a know-your-rights booklet, asked for left hand prints, and said I'm approving your visa.
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Question on biometrics
Hello everyone, have a question regarding the biometric.

My wife’s scenario is like - she applied for COS H4 to F1 in July 2020 and she has received her biometrics appointment letter today for March. This is her final semester which started in the last week of January and as per university guidelines, we have to have the COS approval before Feb 25th 2021. As we received biometrics appointment letter today, looks like we have to withdraw the cos application. 

Meanwhile her H4 extension is due in June 2021, so we will go ahead and apply for H1 and H4 extensions together in a week or two. 

My question here is, should we go ahead with cos biometric and withdraw it after the biometric  is complete. So that it could be of help for H4 extension (will the cos biometric be considered for H4 extension?)

Thank you in advance.
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