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Converting H4 to F1
      I have completed 1 semester on H4 and have 2 more to go. I am planning to convert to F1 visa just before my last semester as it is complicated to find visa slots right now. What are the odds of approval. Does anyone have similar experience?
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travel to usa
I have my valid h1b visa with annotation excepted from or not subject to p.p. 10052 on my h1b visa page (stamping done onmar 2021). Can i now travel to usa now.
Its very urgent. Please reply me.
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H1-b stamping
Can anyone please tell me when will the US consulate in India be open for in person interview? Also I see emergency appointments are available in Mumbai and Delhi. Is there any criteria to be eligible for emergency appointments?
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221 g yellow slip for h1 & h4
Hello guys ,

Need suggestion for recent experience with Mumbai consulate for h1 b…

Visa officer handed me yellow slip at Mumbai consulate, returned my passport and asked me to send additional documents regarding project , client letter/EVC , academic copy etc…

I don’t understand why they asked me to send out EVC related documents even though I’m full time employee for big ISP company… and weird thing is they have already yellow slip ready for us before they started asking question to me and my wife…

Have you ever seen such issue before if person asked to submit EVC for direct employee ?

Can you please let me know how long it does take to resolve the case after they receive documents from employer ?

Thank you…!!
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Gap between Resigning from Old job to joining new company
My visa transfer with a new company is approved. They have given me the date of 26th July for joining. My old employer wants to apply for my amendment for a new project, even if I resign considering 15 days the notice period, I think I don't have to serve 15 days of the notice period and they will give me the last date after 2 or 3 days. Now if I am not on any payroll till 26th July, will it create a problem?
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H1B Epedited appointment and premium proccessing
Hi, I have asked the US consulate in Ottawa for an expedited appointment and its been two weeks and i still havent received a response. Did this happen to others too? I am worried because i flew to Canada to get this done asap and its taking a lot of time and i need to pay my bills. In addition does anyone know how long premium processing takes? I was told it takes 3-4 weeks for visa processing and 4-6 weeks for the delivery of the passport.
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H4 Visa
My visa experience ,
attended visa interview for h4(dependent) on June 28th
VO asked my marriage certificate and my husband's visa document .
VO said visa is approved but he didn't take my passport
I asked him if my visa is approved or rejected
VO mentions : your visa is approved mam and you need to go to Application center and drop passport
when I reached application center they didn't accept my passport and said please email to [email protected] and they will let us know the procedure.

This is first time I heard such kind of experiences !!!!
Is anyone had similar experience or if anyone know what is the process please help me out

Thanks you for the help!!
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H1B Cap exempt question
Hi, I need help on below query.

I came back to India in 2020 before covid, but couldn't go back due to travel restrictions. In this time my H1b visa got expired and I switched job. Now I again want to go back to US. I understand that I will be cap exempt and need to find a sponsor but can someone tell me the whole process and what all docs are required for cap exempt process ?
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H1B drop box appointment after june 14th 2021

DId anyone get H1B dropbox appointment (visa slot) after june 14th 2021.
please provide your inputs.
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DS-160 application is different in visa appointment
Hello team ,

Hope you are doing well..!!

Question : we booked interview slot for me (h1)and my spouse (h4) at Mumbai consulate however i made small mistake , I put the different ds-160 number in visa application for my spouse even though we have common DS-160 form(application ID)..

Will that be fine ? Or should I need to reschedule appointment and correct the profile for my spouse application id ?

Thank you ..!!
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