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Recent H4 Visa stamping experience and passport delivery timeline

We have booked an appointment for H4 stamping sometime in Jan first week. Can somebody share recent H4 visa stamping experience? and also please let me know how long does it take for passport delivery post interview? I know about pre pandemic process and delivery timeline, wanted to check if someone can share their recent experience.

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VISA waiver eiligibility
Hi Everyone,

I want to know if anyone has come into this situation ever. Please help me if you guys have any information regarding this.

I had a valid stamped VISA (2 months remaining) & I visited India and went for VISA stamping because I had the change the employer.

I got my passport stamped but the older VISA was cancelled with Prejudice. They put a stamp on it `Canceled with Prejudice`.

Now I want to know if I am eligible for VISA waiver program or not. Since there is a question `Has your VISA ever canceled or revoked`. What should be the answer for that.

If I select YES, it doesn't ask for reason and this means I will never eligible for VISA waiver program.
If I select NO, then not sure if that is correct answer because my VISA was canceled.

I had tried contact traveldocs but they are saying that they wouldn't comment anything on that.

Any help is much appreciated. thank you!
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Applying for H4 Visa while H1 approved and Stamping pending
My H1 visa got approved but stamping is not done due to slot unavailability. My husband has H1 stamping and planning to travel next month.
Is it ok apply for H4 visa and travel to US while H1b Visa stamping is pending?
If My H4 is approved will it impact my fresh H1 petition?
Can I travel to US and apply for H4 to H1 transfer?

Please help if you have some experience on these scenarios.

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Visa Stamping status is pending(S221g), as i didnt have a client letter
Visa Stamping status is pending(S221g), as i didnt have a client letter and while stamping I have different client which I have come out now. Hence I don't have a scope to get the client letter from the client which I have mentioned while in the stamping process. I was given yellow slip with 221g mentioned on it asking to mail client letter to my employer. Because i don't have that client right now, can i submit a different client letter now?
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H4 extension after H1B premium approval
Hi all,
Any idea on how long is it taking for H4 extension if the related H1B is filed and approved in PREMIUM process.
Nebraska service center.

Please share your experience. thank you.
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Do I need No Objection letter for my 10 year old from my wife?
Right now we are in India and Myself and my wife are staying separately for the last 4 months and no contacts with her but not divorced. She said she wanted to go for divorce but it is not happening. My son wants to stay with me forever. He is a 10 year old now. Do I still need No Objection Letter for him to apply for dependent visa category like L4/H4.

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Emails on DS-160
Hi! While filing DS-160, do we need to fill out all the previous work and school email addresses as well?

I know they are asking for personal email addresses but not sure if they ask for school and work email addresses?
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H-1B Visa Amendment while visa stamping is scheduled

Can some one help on below query?

I have got visa stamping scheduled in next 4 months. While visa stamping is scheduled, in between can I make the amendment to visa? Do I need to change DS-160 form submitted for stamping? Is stamping associated with latest amendment approval? In case amendment takes time and less possibility to get approval by stamping date then what is the solution or procedure?

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Need help on H4 to F1 conversion in India

I will be travelling to US in March 2022 on H1b Visa. I also have my spouse on H4 but we are planning to get her H4 converted to F1 visa before she can travel. Off-course she will not be travelling with me if we opt for this scenario. But I would like to know how to convert H4 to F1 being in India.

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[Urgent Query] For H1B stamping
There are few things :
I have my valid L1B and valid B1/B2 but i can't enter US on any of these.
My passport is expiring on July 2022 and My H1B I797 is valid till July 2024.
[Query]Will i get H1B valid visa till July 2022?
[Query]If above is yes, then my I94 will be valid till July 2022. I don't think extension filling will be needed but VISA stamping will be needed. Correct me if I am wrong?
I have my biometric on Dec 1, 2021 and consulate on Dec 22, 2021. I can get my passport renewed during this time usually it takes max 2 weeks. It will result in my passport number change and its validity change. I just checked with Embassy, DS 160 can also be changed after biometric. But my petition would have been approved w.r.t my previous Passport number.
[Query]Since this is first time stamping will changing DS 160 after biometric result in consequences like visa rejection or 221g etc because petition was approved based on previous passport number?
[Query] Whats recommended in terms of stamping w.r.t above case (Not changing DS160 and just travel with new passport/Changing DS160 after biometric and get stamping done on new passport)?
Any help will be appreciated.
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