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Applied for h1b visa appointment for the first time. Need guidance what they will ask and what docuements i have to carry.
Hey Everyone
My H1b Visa Stamping interview is scheduled for the 15th of march 2022. This is my first time.
So I need some help with those two who already face the h1b visa stamping interview. I wanted to know what documents I have to carry for the interview and what questions they will ask and how can I prepare myself for that.
Give me your valuable suggestions.
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H1B VISA transfer
HI Guys,

I would like to understand whether my H1B is valid to recapture or not. My H1B lottery picked in 2014 and stamped in the same year. But due to my personal reasons I was not able to travel and never got the chance to fly again.

Now I am looking for US opportunities so would like to understand whether my H1B is still valid to recapture as it was never being used and never travelled to US on this H1B
..?? OR I have to go for the fresh filing from scratch like lottery etc..??

Thanks and Regards
Siraj Shaik
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PERM Audit & H1B Ext
Hello Experts,

My company filed my PERM in July 2021 i.e. before 365 days of my 6th year H1B. H1B Maxing out in Aug 2022. My employer filed my H1B visa extension in Jan 2022 as its expired on 31 Jan 2022. While filing my H1B extension, they captured all dates when i was out of country and filed the extension based on that i.e. Aug 2022. Now my PERM application got audit and it looks like targeted audit. Could anyone please suggest what to do in this situation.

1. Should i wait for my H1B extension to approve then file for 7th Year extension OR USCIS can provide 7th extension based on my PERM application file with DOL?

2. is it advisable to change the H1B extension to Premium processing  from Normal processing to check if i am getting 7th year or not?

3. If i will apply for 7th year extension and PERM is in Audit state, can 7th year extension be denied?

4. Should i look for another employer to file my PERM as well and move out to country for few months to captured some time.
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221g no slip given

My spouse applied for the H4 visa. The consular at the visa interview asked my wife to submit my current visa via dropbox. However, my current visa was expired and my dropbox stamping was due after her interview. My wife's passport was returned to her and no 221g slip was given. My H1 is stamped now so I emailed ustravel docs and consular responded with standard template message about 221g under processing. I am not sure if I should just go to VFS and submit documents? Would they request for 221g slip or anything? Or should I be waiting for the consular to get back requesting the same documents ?

Thank You
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Outside USA travel when H1B Visa expiration is close

I have my H1B Visa stamped with expiration date as March 4th, 2022. However, stamped visa also states PED as Sept 1st, 2022 which is similar to I-94 and I-797A validity. I am planning to travel to Canada on Feb 17th, 2022 and return to USA on February 20th, 2022. As per stamped visa expiration date i will have around 15 days left on my visa. Will there be any issue during my return as it is pretty close to visa expiration?

Thank you.
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H1b visa in admin process, Can we have another h1b from different cap?
Hi and hello to all, I’ve got an approved h1b last year and went for visa stamping but my visa application was refused and put on admin processing. It’s been almost three months now and No response from embassy. I’ve got another job offer and employer is ready to apply for H1b for cap 23, my question is can we have another h1b with different employer?
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H1B/H4 stamping - US consulate Toronto IWP
Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing good. This forum has been very helpful.

I am on a work permit in Canada and I have applied for H1B stamping for myself and H4 for my spouse. Following is the timeline so far -

1/11 - Dispatched the documents to the consulate
1/12 - Documents delivered
1/19 - Application Received

However, there is no update since 1/19 and the Consulate has not requested for any additional documents or any follow up interview. so, not sure why its taking this longer. Anyone else also experiencing / experienced the same kind of delay?
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H1B petition was Reopened For Reconsideration

H1B petition was filed for me in 2008 and there was RFE for it. More evidences were submitted with in the dead line. In 2009, my sponsor cancelled all the H1B petitions filed in 2008. My petition current status (updated in July 2009) is "Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC0815251480, and are reconsidering our earlier decision. We sent you a notice that describes how we will process your case."
I understand i have to look for a sponsor again to file a H1B, my question is "Will i go through the lottery once again".
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Is it acceptable to apply for IWP at a consulate abroad from within the USA?
I am on an H1B in Seattle, and eligible for the IWP in Canada.

Can I submit my passport via FedEx (or some other provider) to the Vancouver consulate and get the stamp back without leaving the country? Would appreciate any guidance/experiences. Thanks!
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H1b, 221g for client letter verification @Hyd consulate
I had my first h1b interview(f1 to h1) on Dec 13. After basic questions, VO asked me for client letter and I gave it to her. She gave me 221g and told me that my case is in administrative processing and she need to verify the client letter and passport returned. On Dec 21, my manager received email from the consulate and he responded on the same day. Since then there is no update. Did anyone experienced the same recently or know how long it will take for the consulate to respond.
Thank you.
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