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H1B visa stamping with DUI- 2021 Chennai consulate
No need to panic. You will be fine. But just not worth the stress.
So dont ever drink and drive.

Date of arrest - 3rd Feb 2019
Location - Seattle, WA - Seattle to Bellevue Mid night 1.30AM

Waited for 2 years. No case was filed. Got lucky. However, visa stamp was revoked within 48hrs after date of arrest.

Feb 2021- Booked visa appointment for Sep 2021.

Sep 15th - In person interview at Chennai consulate
DS160- Be honest. Mention about the arrest

VO- Tell me abt the DUI
Response- Like I have mentioned, I was accused and arrested for DUI. however no case was filed later.

Keep your responses simple and to 2 sentences. No need to tell the detailed story of what happened on the day of arrest.

VO- 221g blue slip. Referred to medical panel at APHC Apollo primary health care Chennai.

Medical test reports will be sent directly to Embassy. I dropped off the passport along with 221g in Chennai VAC.
No further action now.

Sep 16th- Medical check up. Take your passport and 221g for medical test.

Sep 21st - Case status updated to Refused. But that’s not a problem. As it is different from rejected.

Oct 10- Case status changed to Administrative Processing.

Nov 3rd- Case status issued

Nov 6th- Collected Passport from BLR pick up location.

Good luck to everyone in the wrong side of the law. Pray hard and regret the mistake. Don’t ever drink and drive. Not worth the hassle and stress.

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H4 Spouse Intewiew
What documents are needed for H4 Spouse interview?
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H4 First Time Stamping
Does anyone know if appointments for H4 and H1B are the same ? For eg. If someone sees a H1B slot availability , will the same dates be shown for first time H4 also or different slots open for H4?

I have been trying to book a slot for first time H4 visa since few months but unable to secure a slot for the same .
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H4 Visa Stamping in India after Change of Status
Hi, I have below situation for H4 visa of my dependent.

I (Primary applicant) was on L1B and had a change of status from L1B to H1B effective 01-OCT-2021.
My dependent was waiting for USCIS adjudication of L2 visa extension which was applied last year(since I was on L1B before) till September end , however since she did not receive decision on L2 extension till 30-SEP from USCIS, she travelled back to India(Home country) on 30-SEP-2021 as she will be out of status when H1B becomes effective for primary applicant on 01-OCT-2021.

After going back to India , she got her H4 visa initiated(based on Primary applicant's H1B) and got the visa stamped/approved after attending consular interview.

After she got the H4 visa stamped, now she has received L2 extension approval which was applied long back and which pending previously.

Now since she received L2 extension approval from USCIS after her H4 visa is stamped, will that cause any problem in she coming back to USA ? (Please note, Primary applicant is on H1B)

Can someone please help with this scenario.

Really appreciate your help!.

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H1b visa stamping for indian passport holders in UK
Hi, Can someone let me know if US consulate in UK allowing indian passport holders to have their visa stamping for H1B extension? or is there a way to find out if US consulate is allowing or not.

Need information urgently.

Thankyou in advance.
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H4 visa stamping in India
Hi all,

I recently had my H1B amendment ( not extension) for a role change, As I haven’t filled I-539 extenstion for my wife while doing my H1B petition. Now my amendment is approved till july 2024 and my visa is only valid till Sept 2022, is there any restrictions for her to go get her visa stamping in india?

I heard some people that she cannot go for stamping 6 months before her expiry.
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Do NIE required if one of my child is US born?

I have a plan to visit india where i need to attend for a visa stamping.

Only thing that i am not clear is on NIE, Is NIE required if one of my child is a US citizen?

pls provide some info

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Currently working On L1B, switching to H1 (based on OOC, post Perm and I-140 approval)
I have worked on h1b from 2011 to 2017, later i moved out of US, travelled back again in 2019 on L1-b which is currently valid till 2021 November 18th. I have received perm and I-140 approvals recently. My employer filed H1b petition through Consular mode(new petition based on OOC category based on my PERM and I-140 approval) for which I have received approval recently. Now my employer is requesting to go out of the country before November 18th to get the H1b Visa stamped and travel back to US in order to continue working on H1b. Considering current delays in getting the appointments for H1-b stamping, Please provide me suggestions whether there is a way i can stay within US even after November 18th.
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H-1B renewal and H4 application overlap

Today is Oct 15, 2021.

My wife (Principal Applicant) is an H-1B visa holder and her visa expires on April 30,2022. I am her husband currently applying for an H4 visa and is scheduled for interview on April 1,2022. I specified on my DS 160 that my length of stay in US is 3 years which is the validity of my wife's 2nd H1B visa. My wife said her company will apply for her 2nd/renewed H1B by November 2022 and we don't know yet when will we get the 2nd H1B visa approved.

Should we reschedule my interview on May 2022 onwards which is after the expiry of the first H1B (April 30,2022)?
Will it affect the H4 application process?
Do you think the US consulate will deny my request of H4 visa because of the expiry?
What do you think should I do?

Thank you very much for your help!
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Re-scheduling H1B visa appointment.
Hello All,

I received an email today saying that my Calgary appointment in Nov 21 will be rescheduled. However, when I go to my account the date and the time are still the same. Not sure what that’s about. Suggestions?!

Anyway, I have learnt from this forum that as a Canadian PR I should have answered: “No” to “are your traveling from another country”. Apparently more dates are available. However, now can’t change that on the form. I click “reset form”, but it doesn’t work. Will it work if I cancel my appointment and then try?
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