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H1-B renewal dropbox stamping. Appointment in Chennai, dropped off documents at Mumbai. Picking up in Mumbai
Hello All,

I dropped off my documents for H1-B stamping at Mumbai on Jan 9th. The appointment location is in Chennai. till now my case status shows as No Status, so I am a bit anxious.
Has any one had similar experience for dropbox and what timeline can I expect?

Also the lady who took my docs, hesitated a bit when checking my photo but then accepted it. I even offered to submit a new one but she said its fine. Are there any chances of my visa getting blocked/refused due to any photo issues? Once it has been accepted by the consulate officer?
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H1b visa rejected under 212(a)(6)(c)(i)
I recently applied for a US H1b Visa through dropbox in India and my case was refused and was called for an interview.

After the interview VO was put my case under 212(a)(6)(c)(i) due to some issues with my previous employer with whom i worked 4 years back.. after some discussions with VO and some documents proof she said that she would consider my case and would apply for a waiver on my behalf with the DHS. She kept saying that i don't see any information and i just see a Hit (flag) in system for your name.
She finally said she submitted a waiver to CBP and gave me a document and asked me to wait... she said she dont know how much time it will take to get result...
Did anyone faced this issue? and how you resolved it?

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H1B stamping at Ottawa canada
Sharing my experience and timeline for people wondering how long it takes and what is the experience. This doc explains the overall experience:

My Timeline:
Jan 4: 08:30 am appointment
Jan 4: 10:am : interview done, visa approved
Jan 5: 10:30am : Visa status changed to Issues
Jan 6: 10:30am: Email to pickup the passport from BLS
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L1B to H1b visa
I was on L1b visa and now changed the status to H1b. I have got a visa interview waiver as I have a L1b visa. Do you think that I would be called for an interview as it is changed of status and first h1b. Anyone on the same boat?
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Can I go for stamping
I moved back to India in April 2021 and currently working with Indian subsidary of the same US company I worked while in USA. I have a valid petition upto Feb 2024.. I am planning to move back to USA, so would like to know If I can go for Stamping without any Job offer.
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221G Administrative Processing

I had an H1B dropbox appointment in Delhi on Nov 9th. On Nov 14th, the status changed to "Refused". I received my passport and a blue slip with ticked documents on Nov 18th. I sent the asked documents - LCA, I-129, and I-797 through email. There was no communication since then. I work in the Employer-Vendor-Client model. On Dec 23rd I was asked to send more documents - client letter, vendor-client agreements, joining letter, etc. I emailed all on Dec 23rd. My vendor has given me a deadline as I cannot work offshore outside the USA after a certain time period as per their agreement with the client.

What should be my next step? I can not lose my h1b status because of the time taken in administrative processing. Please help and advise.
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Lost 221g issued by U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai. How do i get a duplicate copy?
Need Help. I have lost my 221g right after interview somehow. How do i get a copy of 221g issued by U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai? and How long does it takes?
kindly please help me out.
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Dropbox appointment and return travel before new petition start date

I have my current H1B petition valid till May 7th 2023. We are planning to travel to India on Feb end as we have drop box appointment on March 3rd 2023 in Hyderabad location and stay in India for 5-6 weeks . As my petition is expiring soon, got my extension approved through premium and got it from May8th 2023 for 3 years till 2026.
Now question is will I get Visa stamped based on new petition i.e., from May 8th 2023 till 2026.
will I get stamped based on old petition which is till May 7th 2023.
from the date of drop box till 2026.

I want to travel back on April 7th.

Note: Last stamping done in 2014 ,came to US in 2015 and haven't travelled to India since then.

Thanks in Advance.
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H1B visa stamping in canada
Hi - Need an urgent information.
I am in Canada right now and planning to get my H1B extension stamped (after I140 approval) . I am a resident (work permit) in Canada now. Question is,
1. Do I need to appear for an interview in Canada?
2. After stamping (be it interview or drop box), do I need to again appear for an interview in India if I go back from Canada to India before traveling to US. ? Can you please share the process for this scenario?
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Waiting for Passport-Visa status shows approved
Hi, I attended my H1b Visa interview on Nov 21, 2022, VO office said the visa is approved and you should get your passport within a week. The status changed to APPROVED immediately after the interview which is Nov 21, 2022. As of today 11/24 , I have still not received email with the tracking number , did anyone faced the similar issue. Appreciate your response on this.
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