Logical and Science-backed Travel Motivation For Procrastinators

Travel Motivation

With jobs and family, life can be pretty busy. Your lack of free time can make it easy to keep putting off travel.

But, enough with the excuses. In this guide, you’ll find all the travel motivation you need to pick yourself up. We give you immaculate reasons to travel, explore several types of travel motivations, why it is essential that you make time to treat yourself, possibly along with your family, and head out for a vacation.

Why Do You Need Travel Motivation Right Now?

The importance of travel cannot be overstated. It is an excellent way to break out of a rut, experience different cultures, and expand your mind. If you are feeling stuck in your routine, take a break and take that vacation.

Not only will your stress evaporate, but the relaxation will fill you to the brim with energy and new ideas. In addition, spending time outdoors can have a host of physical health benefits. Plus, new cuisine and a different culture can help you feel alive and broaden your horizons.

Why Should I Travel? Your Excuses, Addressed.

1. It costs too much

No one has said that a vacation means that you need to travel to the south of France and its exotic beaches, or to Florence and its grand mansions.

Travel could be to a lake or a forest a hundred miles away, or even close by.

If you plan it right, your vacation could cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

What matters is that you visit a new place – maybe the next state or the next country. The destination hardly matters.

2. I can’t get time off from work

If you feel that you need to take leave from work for a couple of days to travel, just do it. If you don’t, your work performance might suffer, and you will be less productive. When you ask your boss for some time off, there’s a good chance they will agree that you could use a break.

3. I can’t travel alone

It’s nice to travel with friends or family, but you can surely enjoy time alone.

Sometimes, we might be afraid for our safety when we take solo vacations, or we might be worried that we won’t have any fun by ourselves.

You should instead think of how relaxing a vacation by yourself can be. You can do whatever you want, regardless of the activity. If you want to stay in your hotel room and sleep, you can do that. The only expectations that you must meet on a solo vacation are your own.

Also, if you travel alone, there is a chance that you might make friends with others who are traveling alone, and you could find companions to travel with in the future.

4. I don’t have enough motivation to travel

This does not necessarily mean that something is wrong physically. Emotionally, most of us get drained at times. The myriad of demands that life places upon us are often too large a burden. Soon enough, it is a chore to even drag ourselves out of bed and get dressed.

If you want to feel well, you have to do things that make you feel well. A vacation is an ideal way to feel better and recharge your body and mind. Pick yourself up, trust in the activity that millions undertake every year to freshen themselves up. Look for them and you’ll find countless reasons and motivations for travel.

Inexpensive Travel – the Instant Cure for Blues

1. Choose the offseason

This is the easiest trick you can adopt. Try not to travel during school holidays like spring or winter break. Hordes of families head out, and all of the prices are greatly inflated. From flights to hotels, everything is overbooked.

Offseason travel largely depends on the place that you are visiting. Early winter is an offseason in most destinations. Ski slopes have not had enough snow yet, and the seaside is too cold for comfort.

2. Be flexible in accommodation

Skip big hotels and take advantage of other options. Airbnb has made it easy to find great deals all around the world.

You could also try a hostel or a motel. This strategy is the best way to travel cheaply, because hotel rooms are often the most expensive part of travel. Find places where you can save on expenses in a way that does not detract from your holiday.

3. Fly midweek

Tickets are quite cheap when you fly midweek on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Try to buy tickets early for discounts. Airlines like to fill up empty seats. and offer heavy discounts if you book a month before.

Of course, once you get to the airport, you may find that a few dollars can get you a decent upgrade to business class, but you can save money by flying economy instead. Every cent you save is one more cent that you can invest in your next vacation.

4. You don’t need to stop working

There is no need to stop working when you are on holiday. If you wish, you can keep up with your work while traveling.

Of course, much of this depends on the industry you work in and how your employer views remote work. Often, you might be able to work remotely for the short time that you are on vacation. If it is vital that you stay connected to the office, meet with your supervisors to see what your options are.

The Case for Traveling Right Now

You can always come up with excuses to not do things. However, you do not want to wake up one day and regret all of those times that you did not travel.

Make time to treat yourself with a vacation, and find ways to do your vacation in a way that works for you. You will never know your options until you do your research.

Taking a short trip could be exactly what you need.

Before You Act On Your Newfound Travel Motivation

Even short getaways can be fraught with uncertainties. Cancelled flights, lost baggage, and other travel mishaps can turn a happy holiday sour in an instant, and pour cold water over the sparks of your travel motivations. To reduce the chance of these uncertainties having a negative impact on your wallet, be sure to invest in travel insurance before you take that well-deserved trip.

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