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PIO for minor @ NY
Friends NY branch is slow or stopped issuing PIO cards?

From last 30 days I haven't seen ppl saying they got PIO card from NY. I think we all have to go NY branch and ask the status on the Applications submitted.

crazy guys!!!!!!!!!
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Minor PIO concerns
?1)?T?he? checklist pio card form PIO application form says "All questions should be answered fully"- N/A as an answer not applicable for a minor, these can?'t? be no business address, do we leave it a blank or should i put N/A?
?2)?For all other forms like disclaimer form, order form, etc should be notarized by signing by parents or figure prints are enough??

3) On the last page its asks us "i am applying for visa/oci/pio card (Select whichever not applicable)"it is asking us to select whichever NOT applicable. Do let know what to select for Minor?

?4)For notary, banks are not notarizing the form and asking for additional declaration form. I been to DMV office they notarized by hand writing on the PIO applicaiton? on 3rd page and punched the state symbol below written message? ??Is that OK or any other alternative way??

Can anyone please reply to the concern.
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Received my baby PIO Hurray, from Houston 2 weeks time for processing
but in the begginning CKGS did not find my application for 1 week, after i checked with them and gave all the details , they found teh pacaket and gave the tracking number , from that day it took 2 weeks,

thank to houston embassy and ckgs
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PIO @ Washington DC
Below is the status for my PIO application so far -

* Submitted documents in person on 10/1
* Received by Embassy on 10/13
* Flight reservations for November 19....will I make it? Getting nervous! Can anyone PLEASE provide dates for DC if you recently got your PIO approved?
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Can we get the US passport back

Looks like the NY center is extremely slow in processing the applications. Most of the good experiences seem to be from SFO and none from NY. I made the mistake of applying for PIO one month before travel and now its stuck. Is it possible to cancel the application and get the US passport back so that I can atleast get a visa?

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Visa on arrival?
I am in the same boat as most of you and share the frustration. I need to travel with my infant who has a a US passport and the PIO has taken way too long. I am running very short on time.

The visa on arrival was supposed to be started for US citizens by end of October. Could that be used to diffuse our immediate urgency? Can anyone confirm that the program has been started? Thanks.
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Received PIO card for my 9 months old daughter
I Received the PIO card for my 9 months old daughter from Indian Embassy San Francisco. Overall experience is good. Sharing the information which may help:
• Sent completed application form along with the support document to CKGS. (10/06/2014)
• Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification (10/08/2014)
• Your application is in process. Your tracking id is YYYY XX (10/08/2014)
• Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. (10/13/2014)
• Your application has been collected from the Embassy/Consulate and is being sorted. Your application will be ready for collection from our Application Centre within one business day. (10/27/2014)
• Passport sent by post/courier number YYYY X (10/27/2014)
• Received the original passport and the PIO Card. (10/28/2014)

Sent 2 copies (original) of the following documents:
• PIO card application from (3rd page notarized)
• Additional Particular Form
• Checklist-Parental-Authorization form (Notarized)
• Declaration Form
• Order Form
• Original US Passport
Sent 1 copy of following supporting documents along with the above forms
• Copy of first 3 and last 3 pages of US passport
• Copy of First and last 3 pages of parents’ passports
• Copy of US birth certificate
• 4 photograph (2 X 2)
• Copy of California driving license (Father)
• Copy of Lease agreement (not a valid document as per the list but sent because there was no address proof for my wife)
• Copy of latest electricity bill
• Cashier check for $220 (including the return shipment)

Few points which I was looking help before submitting the application:
• Expired Visa: I am on L1 and my visa expired on Feb 2014 but have a valid I-94 till May 2016 so the PIO card is issued based on valid I-94.
• No Address Proof for Suppose: There was no address proof for my wife so I submitted only my driver’s license, copy of electricity bill (my name only) and a copy of lease agreement.
• FNU in the first name- My first name and last name in the VISA / I-94 are different than the names in my daughter’s passport.
o Visa / I94: FNU <First Name & Last name>
o Daughter’s passport: <First Name> <Last name>
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CKGS@NY worst experience
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 10/07/2014
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy for further processing. 10/07/2014
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USAN **** ** 10/07/2014

I have applied on 30-sep and its the same status ever since. I'll be relocating in couple of weeks. Don't know what to do now. The response from CKGS is to wait for 4-6 weeks. I didn't miss anything and this is how they process. These guys are hopeless. Indian Govt works the same whether at home or abroad. keep it up guys.
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Confusing PIO status
I submitted my application on Oct 6 2014 at NY via Fedex. Now status is "YOUR APPLICATION IS ON HOLD due to the missing or incomplete documents as mentioned in Remarks Column Only once the documents are received by us at CKGS and post verification, will we be able to continue to process your application. Refer to the Email sent to you from CKGS with further details. " Consulate rejection Marriage certificate copy needed.
I have not received any email from CKGS, NY. Further, I sent copy of my marriage certificate on Oct 20 via USPS but still its showing ON HOLD. These guys never pick up phone calls on there help line numbers. Wrote few emails to [email protected] and they are keep saying that please send your document to continue process.
Dont know how to proceed now.
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Very good experience.

Applied in person on 10/10/2014 for my son
Got fedex tracking number email on 10/28/2014

Great job. I am very thankful.
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