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N400 Dallas TX
I applied on 07/17/2015 N400
N400 application received 07/ 20/2015
Finger print 08/12/2015
after fingerprint no update
one more question if I am using Federal facilities such as Medicaid, Food Stamp, Obama Health Care how much these affect on N400 process?
also if my credit score is Very Poor how much this affect on N400 process?
anybody can help
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N400 Application Status Pending after interview
Hello Everyone;
I need help with what I'm going through now!...I had my interview on Sep-14-2015 in Irving, Texas office.. I passed the interview but I got A decision can't be made! Due to my name that was written on my application so in my Green card my last name has space and on my SSN my last name has a Dash! I wrote my name on N400 application exactly how it appears on my GR! But the IO was'nt happy about it and said my name needs to match my SSN and my GR which is my SSN has my four full name and My GR has only three names which is my first and middle and last name. Long story short I asked for name change and IO said it's going to delay my application and advice not to change it!! So I didn't say anything and he wrote my name the way he thought it should be and to be honest I didn't argue because I just want to finish the interview, After we finished the interview I asked him how long it's going to take for my application to progress he made a funny face and said I don't know maybe a three months and maybe six months!! I said thank you and I left.. After waiting for 65 days after interview I called the USCIS and spoke to 2 tier officer to ask about my case status because my online status still shows (My interview was scheduled) ..The officer told me your case status is Pending!! I asked her what does That mean ? And she replied it means there is no update about your case and they have nothing for you!!!
Right now I'm worried and miserable don't know what to do or what to think!! Do I have to be worried!! Cause I have clean record and my file was really small??!
If there's anyone can share his/ her thoughts and experiences or knowledge I would really appreciate it if you share it with me!! Seriously I'm really depressed ????
By the way I applied for citizenship on July-10-2015

Thanks everyone one????
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I really need help with my N-400. i all my finger and biometric done and even the interview/ history exam, but the lady said she still can't make a decision because of my husband working in another state. so i passed my history part but she said i have to wait for a decision. i got my interview/ exam in MAY and not it's DECEMBER! can someone please with experience advice me what to do. also, in those months of waiting me and my husband called them and kept asking what is taking so long. they keep giving us the same answer. it's under review. i don't even know if they lost my file or what…..
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RE: Letter of oath taking
Can someone please advice me? I have received my letter of oath taking last Nov. 27, 2015.Since I am changing my name, I will do the oath taking in front of a judge.
I was so excited receiving that letter because I have waited for over 2 months after my interview. I read all the details of the letter without actually understanding it because of my excitement. Then I answered right away the question at the back of the page. Then when I read the letter all over again, it says there that I have to answer those questions at the time of my oath taking. Now I am scared and stressed out because I don't know if I am going to be in trouble for doing that. Please advice me if somebody had the same experienced and was able to get through with the oath taking without any problem at all.
Thank you and I really appreciate your advice/s.
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recheck your N400
I am also waiting for an interview. My husband did his application and biometrics on the same day as I did. He now has his appointment for his oath on Nov 24th. Mine hasn't moved since I applied.
I just went back and checked my application and found 2 places that I had missed. I hadn't put the dates for my last job and also had put return dates for trips I had taken but no leaving date.
I have made an info pass for Nov 9th to correct those 2 things. I will let you know how it goes.
I feel really stupid. They are silly mistakes but it won't hurt to check yours
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ATLANTA N400 experience

I submitted my N400 application on July 20th and got a received confirmation on July 27th
I got my finger print appointment a week later
then did my biometrics on August 13th
is being more than two months now since I did my fingerprint
and I have not got an interview date yet.

Please is anybody having a similar problem here in ATLANTA GEORGIA.....
Please I want to know
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N-400 after fingerprints
Hello folks!
My N-400 application was received on March-19-2015 and then did my bio-metrics on April- 10 and I didn't receive the letter of Interview yet!!!! Its been more than 7 months since I did my fingerprinting and NOTHING yet, its very frustrating and I really do not what to do? I did an info pass last week and they told me my application still processing at the national benefits center! Anyone here from Portland- Oregon that applied recently? I have no criminal record or any problems at all! All I do is working and school :/
Thank you so much!
P.S My online status haven't updated since last march which says: On march we have received you N-400 application for naturalization ..... Etc
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I applied for citizenship basing on 3yrs marriage to a US citizen.
I applied for citizenship basing on 3 years marriage to a US citizen, I had my interview in July 2014, the IO told me to wait for a letter in a mail since she couldn't prove me so she sent my file to her supervisor to make a decision, its been 15 months now and I haven't heard a word from them. Should I apply for citizenship again at 5years or do I have the withdraw the previous application first or do I wait until they make a decision?
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For getting experience about citizenship Interview Date In San Jose, Ca
Hi! There,

I’d like to mention something about my case and get some experience from you that are similar to my case.
I applied for citizenship by filling N400 form on April 17, 2015 in San Jose- California and after three weeks got a letter for finger print on May 11, 2015. I did my finger print on that day but so far after 6 months I haven’t get any letter for interview date and I don’t know when may receive this letter. If anybody has experience about these types of cases, please let me know.

Thank you!
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Form N400 concerns!
Hello everyone!
I have a couple of question about the experience that I am having with my N400 case.
I submitted my application late in July, got my letter of acceptance on August, got my fingers print appointment letter and date to be taken on the same month, I went and got the fingers print done in August 20's, and on September 1st on the web page says that the have scheduled an interview for my case, and that they will send me an appointment notice and that I need to follow intructions that will be in that letter, I call a week after because I couldn't find the keys of my mailbox to know if they have had send the interview notice letter to me so that way I figure out how to get it out of my mailbox, and they just said it hasn't been sent yet, so call again a couple of time in the same month and their answer was the same, and yesterday I call and have them get me a supervisor or somebody that can find out what happens with my appointment. They did so, and the supervisor told me that they made a mistake and that they still working on reviewing my documents, that they scheduled me for an interview by mistake and that the same day they change it in their system but not on the web page.

I don't have any idea of what is going on with my case.

Have any body had that experience before? Can anybody help me to understand this?

Thanks a lot!!
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