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Can I still apply for N-600?
Hello everyone,

I am in my 30s and was wondering if I can still apply for N-600. Here are required details:

1. On November 14, 2001:
1. my biological mother naturalized and got her citizenship.
2. I was under 18.
3. I am permanent green card resident.
4. I have never been married.
5. I was under her legal custody.
6. I was living with my mom at that time and until 20 years old.
7. I am now in my 30s.

So just wondering if I can still apply for N-600? Thanks.
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Expired green card with extension
I need your help guys,

Did anyone enter to us with PR expired and extension letter with turkish airline? Which airline accept extension letter?
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Expired green card with extension

Did anyone enter to US with expired green card and extension with Turkish airline or qatar airways?
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n400 interview went bad, need help
Hi All,

I had an interview in NYC office and it just went super terrible.
I got my green card through the marriage, divorced the wife (another long topic which I won't touch here) and applied for naturalization based on 5 years. (I got divorced after being married for 5 years but applied for naturalization after 6.5 years from the date of marriage). We were not living with my ex since 2017, I applied for removal of condition on 2016 (granted 2017) and I just had hard time to find her to divorce even before the 10 year green card was approved.

During an interview officer asked me about date of the marriage and my brain just farted out and I gave wrong date (it was 10 day difference from the date that is originally). He said that in documents it states different date, but I was confident that it is the date that I said I firmly believed for some reason that is the date (later I was so mad on myself on this stupid mistake), but this was the red flag (well I would raise myself a red flag here) and officer started bombarding me questions about my previous marriage: 1) Full name of my ex wife' parents - I just remembered her mom's first name as we never spoke with her and she didn't like me, but why would i know her full name middle and last? Her dad was never in the picture and left them early, so i didn't even bother to learn his name ever. - It is getting sketchier right? 2)He asked about the kids, I told him that I never had a kid with her (in my N400 I had my kids written) and he started claiming that in the forms that it is mentioned that we do have a kid and I kept claiming that we don't and she had a kid of her own before the marriage and he was living with his grandma. - I think here I might've misunderstood the question as I thought the question is still about her and our life with her. He asked date of birth of the kid, I said I don't remember (honestly my memory was giving up on me and betraying me, I couldn't remember a single digit). 3) Asked about which area they lived, I said the city - he asked the address - I said I don't remember it was long time ago how could I remember all of this stuff?

He started drilling me on the questions about her to which I said, that I didn't expect it to be questioning about whole my life to which I don't have memory or recollection and which I tried to forget.

Well long story short, he asked civic test questions, writing and speaking - this part went good.

At the end he asked me to step out by living my stuff in the room. Then called me back in 20 minutes and asked to raise my hand and that it would Oath Testimony, he asked same questions about her and etc what I wrote above and asked if I ever lied for immigration benefits (of course NOT). At this moment I couldn't take it anymore and I just broke and almost near the tears told him that this is isn't fair, I specifically didn't apply before cause I didn't want to have any recollection about her and what I went through with her as this wasn't the best part of my life and if i could divorce earlier i would definitely do. He stopped questioning me and asked to sign the paper with answers I gave (idiot me under the stress and emotions signed it).

He told me that I passed civic test, but can't make a decision and they will contact me or reach me or stop by the address I provided. I said sure. He didn't give any papers or copy of that oath testimony.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2020 and I have been taking prescribed Adderall and I think my memory blanked because of that, I never had such experience where I would have false dates remembered in my head. Yes even until now I don't remember the date of birth of her kid, I just can't. He was claiming that I had it on file, but I am pretty sure I didn't (maybe again my memory issues), unless he was speaking about 2 of my kids which I had on n400 form.

If I would be him, I would think that I am crazy or really ***d my marriage.

Not sure what to do now, I am super scared. Please if anyone had any experience let me know what should I expect next? I know I should've stopped an interview and I tried, but his question: "So you can't answer my questions now?" made me think that if I stop it now then he might think that I am really faking it.

Please help me with any suggestions.
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Any experience!!!
I got my 10 years gc before 3 months...I have 3 years my wife she want go to live next to her family ..and I know if I move with her I will not find job because her family live in very small town the nearest big town I have to drive more than 3 hours..we live right now in virginia..if we divorce now I will not have problems about my citizenship after5 years?
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N400 upcoming interview
I have my N400 interview January 24 and I was asked to bring my passport or any other documents I used in connection in coming to the US. I lost my passport recently from my country and it’s also expired but I got the scanned copy on my phone which I can print out. Who has experience of this please respond thanks
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Green card extension

Did anyone enter to us with expired green card and uscis extension paper?
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hello my san francisco peeps. anybody got an update or interview scheduled, plz share your timeline, i filed on OCT 2020 and still nothing. anything helps, thank you guys
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I pass my interview
had my interview today. and it went well. I pass just make sure you guys are prepare.good luck to everyone!
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Submitted application in January 15, 2021.

Accepted and receipt notice on Marcch 28th.

Fingerprints re used.
April I75 approved.
August 5, N400 interview completed. Gave me form that I cannot be approved but passed my test.
August 24th RFIE Sent. Printed online using my USCIC account ( very very helpful, make sure to create one.)
August 25th Responsed to RFE With Lawyer costing $1650 all he did was send my documents nothing special, I could have done it without a lawyer but my husband insisted.

November 8th, I received notification of approval and in line for Oath ceremony.
Nov 9th received and printed oath appointment date online. Very thankful.

Nov 22nd attended my Oath Ceremony and my Certificate of Naturalization.
All praises is due to Almighty God for seeing through.

Thanks to everyone that posted on this community, it was avery helpful community of Immigrants. Be patient your time will continue. Best of luck to my Immihelp community.
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