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H1-B Questions asked
Here is brief of my H1B interview at Mumbai consulate office.

1. What are you doing now?
Ans:Working as a software engineer at so and so co.

2.What is your current salary?
Ans: 000000 INR per annum

3.What are you going to do in US?
Ans: I am going to develop an ERP module for so and so client.

4.What will be your salary in US?
Ans>000000$ per annum

5. What is your wife doing?
Ans: She is working with so and so.......

That's all..
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Reg Working VISA

Iam a 3 year degree holder(B.Sc. Computer Science) from India.Prior to B.Sc i have completed my 3 year Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engg. In addition to this I have 3 years of work experience( 2 Years in Banking domain and 1 year in Software field). Now my question is with this 16 years of education and 3 years of work experience am i eligible to apply for H1B in 2008.

Please kindly let me know.

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Hi All,

First thanks for all for sharing thier experience, it helps me a lot to prepare for the interview.

I have issued 221g from chennai consulate today.

She asked me to show the Client letter which I showed her. She continued browsing. I produced the Financial documents of my company like TAX returns, Unemployment Wage Report, Notorised list of all employees and W2 form as she asked for the same. After going thru them she returned me just the W2 form. After sometime she wrote the 221 g form mentioning "Documents for Review" in Others coloumn and was informed by her that I will be contacted after review. No other fields are ticked in 221g. They have not collected my passport.

Friends, does anyone had similar experience?
whats is Documents needs Reivew means?
In how many days I can expect email from them?

Please help me.

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Visa outsourcing
The new procedure to outsource visa applications is the biggest mistake the Indian Conulsulate has made. Trying to pick up yopur visa between 4.30pm and 6.00pm is utter chaos. The company has abolutely no organized system in place, resulting in inflamed tempers, delays, and rude customer service. This reflects poorly on India, when you subject tourists and business people to this kind of poor service. I would suggest the Indian consular general visit this location duringpick-up houirs and observe what they are subjecting people to.
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H1B/H4 Visa approved @ Mumbai on 17th Sept
Hi Friends,
First Of all, I like to thanks this site for I got better idea about Visa interview experience and process.

My Interview Conducted on 17th September 2007, at 8:30 with My Family.

I Carried Document As Below:
1. US Company Offer Letter.
2. US Company Snaps
3. US Company IT Return
4. 1797
5. I129
6. LCA
7. Education Evolution Report
8. Current Company Appointment Letter
9. Current Company Salary Slip and ID card
10.Past Company’s Experience Letters
11.My IT Return
12.Marksheets and Certificates
13. Marriage Certificate
14. Child's Birth Certificate

At 7:00 AM
-- Wait for Enter In US Consulate

At 9:00 AM
-- Security Check, security person checks document and give one wooden stick
-- Finger Print

At 9:30 AM
-- Interview as Below

Me: Good morning Sir
VO: Good Morning

VO: Please give your pink token Number
ME: Given

VO: Why you want to go USA?
ME: Answer

VO: Who is your Petitioner?
ME: Answer

VO: How many workers in US company?
ME: Answer

VO: What is your Salary There?
ME: Answer

VO: Where you working currently?
ME: Answer

VO: What is your current salary?
ME: Answer

VO: Which technology you working for?
ME: Answer

VO: What is your Current Project?
ME: Answer

VO to my Wife
VO: When did u married?
Wife: Answer

VO: How did you meet your husband?
Wife: One of my relative introduce

VO: Who is this you’re relative?
Wife: Answer

VO: How old you’re Baby?
Wife: Answer

VO: Sir, I m Approving Your VISA
ME: Thank You

VO: Congratulation
ME and My Wife: Thank You

We had leave US consulate at 9:45, with give back wooden Stick to security person.

Allow Only Harmonium Bags and Polythin Bag
Listen carefully your token number for interview
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E3 visa
hello all
i am australian.i just went through interview couple of days ago.VO said everythin is fine in your case including qualification and all. But, He gave me 221 G white page ,He gave all of my docs back and kept passport informed me if u need u can ask for untill we make decision.

He told me there everything is fine from you just extra docs from your employer and that's it.

he asked for
1.TAX return(3 yrs)
2.Photos of workplace(inside, outside)
3.Wages Report of one year.
4.Software inventory ,like what software they using and clint data. etc..
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Successfull DV2007 Interview in Montreal, Canada
Montreal Canada Consular Processing Procedure

It ONLY applies to the DV winneres who choose Montreal US Consulate and:-

(i) do not currently live in the US, or
(ii)are legally living in US and prefer CP to the option of Adjustmnet of Status(AOS).

CP procedure after Winning Notification Letter
1. Complete forms DS122 (principal applcant only) and DS230 I and II [all applicants(i.e. for Principal, spouse if married and for each children, if any]; send back to KCC and patiently wait for your no. to become current.

2. See past 2 years Visa Buletin to estimate when your No. (DV 2007OC00000ZZZ) becomes current

3. Then at least 8-10 weeks before the month that your No. would become current, do the following:-

- Have the required Immunizations taken, if you do not have the proof. It takes 8 weeks if you have to take them all again.

- Order the Police Certificates from all countries that you lived since aged 16, it may take at least 4-10 weeks if for some Countires.
In Canada the RCMP Name Check costing $18.00 and can be done at any RCMP Office is acceptable for all Visa Applications.
For Australia refer to the Australian Federal Police website for Criminal Records Check. Forms are available for download from their website. It takes about 4-6 weeks.
Contact Police Departments for other Countries for their Criminal Check Procedures


- Once your No. becomes current:-
- call or email KCC to know when and which US embassy will your interview take place. In Canada only the Montreal Embassy issues IV and so if you use Canada as CP then it will be held in Montreal.
- schedule an appointment for medical exam, usually takes 2-4 days. In Vancouver, Canada Dr. Ian Morgan provides same day service, arrive at 6.30am and all done by 9.30 am and get your medical reports by 2.00 pm. They have all the necessary forms and are very nice and helpful. Cost = $275 per person including Xray, and blood checks

Following are Vacination and Panel Physicians and their Addresses in Vancouver, Canada:-

Health Canada Approved
Dr. Rusung Tan
(604) 681-8930
304, 13798 - 96 Avenue
Surrey BC

Travel Clinic-Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre
304-13798 94A Avenue
Surrey, BC V3V 1N1
(604) 583-0039

**** **** **** **** **** **
International Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic
107, 1959 - 152nd Street
South Surrey, BC V4A 9E3
P: (604) 541-2829 F604) 541-2824
Dr. Gerald Kenefick



Dr. Ian Morgan
Working Medical Services
Suite 420-1144 Burrad Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 2A5
Phone: 604-681-8873
Fax : 604-662-7729

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** *
1. Arrived with all prepared documents 2 days before the Interview.

2. Stayed at:-
La Tour Centre Ville Apt Hotel
Downtown Montreal
It cost about $100 CAD per day. The rooms have cooking facilities as well Average Accomodation but very convenient location to US Consulate, just accross the Road from US Consulate, takes 2-3 minutes to cross the road.

3. Arrived at Consulate at 8.30am on Monday April 2nd, 2007 and after showing appointment letter and the security check was told to go floor 19.
NOTE: No brief case of bages are allowed so leave them in the Hotel. Arrive around 7.45am to be in front of the line. I was a lttle late and arrived at 8.30am so I got number 11.

4. Took number 11 and waited for my turn.

5. Got called around 11.00 am to Window 9. He was a middle aged Man and was very nice and polite. He reviewed our DS230, DS122 and made some clarifications and then asked for all documents. He sighted them and put them into 2 piles, One Original and one copies. He just took my High School Diploma and returned the rest of the certificates and job letters, saying all he needs is High School Diploma. He also checked for my Finance support letters from Banks and property deeds. He then said everything looks good and it is clear case with no complexities. He asked me to take a seat while they process some papers and then they will call us again.

6. Half an hour later I got called to Window 8 where a different young man as at the counter. He just asked if I had ever been to US before to which I replied "Only while transiting to Fiji via Honululu". He also asked what I intended to do in US and when and where would I move there and I replied, work as an Accountant and Real estate investment as I have been doing here in Canada. I said it will take me 4-5 months to sell 2 of my houses and complete some other business transactions before I can move to Seattle, WA as it is conveniently closer to BC, Canada where I will still have some real estate investments to take care of. He then returned all our originals, took biometrics for both index fingers and said our Visa would be mailed via Canada Xpresspost within a couple of days, commenting that it will only be valid for 6 months and I must immigrate before it expires.
I thanked him and happily left for my hotel.

7. Received my Xpresspots with passport stamped with Visa and sealed enevelope on April 9th, 2007

- I will be validating my papers at the Peace Arch Border Crossing later this week.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ** **** *

Important Contacts

US Consulate General Montreal, Canada
Consulate General of the United States of America
1155 Rue Saint-Alexandre, Montreal, QC H3B 3Z1 Canada

Tel: 514-398-9695 Fax: 514-398-0973

Mailing address
Post Office Box 65
Postal Station Desjardins
Montréal QC H5B 1G1

Phone: 1-514-398-9695 Press 6 Ext #3833 (between 2:00 & 4:30 eastern time)

[email protected]

KCC Public Inquiry E-mail: [email protected]

KCC Public Inquiry Phone : 1-606-526-7500

Subject line should be your Case No. (example: DV2007OC00000ZZZ)
The Beginning Messgage text
- write your case number
- your name
- date of birth
- postal address

Then the Messgage for Inquiry.............
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Certainly wwics is doing just a courier job. They dont have any professional guidance. And moreover,the time it takes to immigrate to canada is increased to 5 year in india. please check the website Everything is out there.

Its little bit tedious job to go through the site and prepare the documentation. Probably enquire and look for a better consultant.

And before doing so, keep the processing time in mind. Over these processing time, many things can change.

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WWICS are world number one fraud
They are number one fraud.
Dont even talk to them
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The WWICS is a cheat
They take your money and before you pay your money they will call you everyday.
Once you pay if you call 1000times and email million times, no one will respond.

The guy who worked with you will not work in anymore. They are a big scam and they need to be reported to canadian government.

I lost lots of money and they donot send any reply and and they do not do anything besides collecting money

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