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Aditya builder is a big cheater

Please do not buy any property from aditya builders. Very poor quality, very arrogant people, greedy for money. They suck your money just like mosquito sucks blood. My bad curse - I wish he and his family gets the worst death till now in the history.
Let us fight together against this cheater and thereby saving innocent people. Let us spread this message and demolish this builder. Beleive me, you will loose your valuable money and in turn loose your peace of mind. Flat quality is poorest to say the least.
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I agree with the people who say "THEY HAVE BEEN CHEATED BY ADITYA BUILDERS" I too am a owner of a flat in Aditya arden City. After running behind each and every ENGINEER(so-callled), I got possession of my flat. And the flat had hel lot of problems:- leakages, fittings not there in place, screws missing...What a CROOK the builder is and one more point the lady who calls herslg manager there is the worsst person i have ever met. She is he most arrogant of all ppl there....
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Aditya Garden City , pune.... Aditya builder ..BIG cheat
he has cheated everybody badly... we are the flat oweners already and can not sleep due to cheating and problems which are tremendous... NOBODY SHOULD BUY OR RECOMMEND...
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Aditya Builders - Acheater
I am an owner of a flat in phase II. I agree with the comments. I am facing the same issues
- asking for payments in cash,
- Rs. 2700 per month as maintenance charge,
- collected first 15 months maintenance charge in advance,
- got a completion certificate in Jan 2008. So, I went to take possession and surprising flat was not ready at all. So many issues were there in the flat.
- After pursuing alot, i got possession in Jun 2008.
- Builder took the maintenance charge from Jan 2008 since the completion certification was given in Jan 2008.
- and so many..

I request all buyers to contact current residents before buying flat from Aditya.
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big cheater---------------------adiyta builder
We are having very bad experiece with this builder since we went first to ask for buying the flat. The builder used there pressure techniques to sell us the only flat available in phase 3(my friends inquired after 1 year and still there were enogh flats available). Now we are facing with 1.4lacs of interest fine(in cash) since we did not take the possesion(We have not recd the possesion letter yet). Also the maintainance is 2700/mth and he is asking 15 months maintanance in adv. It seesm he is just interested in money and no quality. My father in Pune told me that quality is very bad and some of the parking lots can only fit a maruti size car. I personaly will not recommend anybody to this builder even though I would love to have good people living in the neighbourhood of ours. Please don't spend your hard earned money on this builder.-----------------THINK million times __________ before u buy.
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Aditya Garden City
We just visited the site office at Aditya Garden city and were shown a sample flat which looked nice. However, reading through some of the posts here it seems that there are quality problems with the apartments. I thought I read somewhere that maintenance charges are high too. Can someone who is a phase 1 or 2 customer tell me how much the maintenance charges are, and how has their experience been with the quality of construction?
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I happen to read a brochure of a touship near pune.
Along with std. amenities that all builders "claim"; this scheme is ALSO talking about 24 X 7 bar and lounge...

"BAR LOUNGE 24 x 7 in residential area ?????????

what these builds are up to ??? - in the next scheme there will be DANCE BAR - and .....

The real neeed is for safe day-care/pay group .. a primary school - a school...

I really hope that, like all other amenities "FAIL" to sustain... this bar-lounge will also fail big time.

good luck to owners...
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Aditya Breeze Park is great! builder is good
I am surprised to see bad write ups (experiences?) from people here. My personal experience with Aditya Builders is extremely good. The quality of Breeze Park is excellent. Customer dealing is graceful.

After having heard many bad stories from friends around the city about various 'big' developers, I think I made the right choice.

Let's not bias the crowd here with few bad experiences as count of good ones is far greater.
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Hello All,

I am (unfortunately) an owner of a flat in Aditya Garden City Warje, Pune. I must say I regret my decision of buying a flat in Aditya Garden City. The builder is a cheater. He will promise you a heaven before you buy a flat and once you are paid the money, you will be the most ignored thing for him.
The construction quality is poor, the possessions are never on time and the height is maintenance cost is unbelievably high and in return what you get is poor security, no water supply ( I had to go to the office without taking bath one day) and the most frustrating thing is the builder does not care about it.
So my request to all you potential buyers, before you take a decision to buy please please contact any of residents of phase I to get an idea of what we are suffering.

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Hi ,

27 Years had passed away, Come to reality DO NOT make fool “CUSTOMERS”

Not at all happy with the service provided by Aditya builder. I feel like


Not at all happy with Aditya Bulder
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