U.S.A. Visa Fee Payment Options in China

Most individuals, including minor children, need to pay a non-refundable, non-transferrable visa application fee.

As described below, there are several options to pay the U.S.A. visa fee in China. For any of those options, you must first create a profile on the government website.

  • Register on the website.

  • Log into their website and choose ‘schedule your appointment’. You will see the payment options. Even though the values are shown in U.S. dollars (USD), you must make the payment in RMB. The exact amount you need to pay in RMB will depend upon the consular currency exchange, as determined by the U.S. Department of State.

  • Complete steps for the Visa Type, Post, Visa Category, and Visa Class.

  • Click on ‘Click Here For All Payment Options’.

  • Choose your preferred method to make the payment.

  • You must save your receipt number. In case it is lost, it can’t be replaced. You should print the receipt number for your records. You will need that receipt number in order to schedule your appointment.

  • Once you have paid the visa fee and have the receipt number, you can schedule your appointment immediately.

Payment Options

There are several payment options, as listed below:

  • Alipay
    • Select the Alipay option on the payment page.
    • Click on the button ‘Pay’.
    • You will be directed to the Alipay page. It will have a QR code that corresponds to the amount of visa fee(s) you need to pay.
    • Scan that QR code with the Alipay application on your mobile.
    • Once you have made the payment, the website will show the confirmation screen confirming the successful payment.
    • You will again be redirected back to the ustraveldocs.com website. Before clicking the ‘Continue’ button, take a screenshot of the page or write down the receipt number.
    • Enter your receipt number on the website and click ‘Continue’.

  • Online with CITIC Bank
    Payment with a debit card is the most convenient payment method for the U.S.A. visa fee in China.
    • The debit card must have been issued by a Chinese bank. Debit cards issued by a bank outside of China are not accepted.
    • Credit cards are not accepted.
    • Union Pay Debit Cardholders will be charged a fee of 0.3%. This fee is charged by Union Pay, and not by the U.S. government or their agency CGI.
      In case you have any difficulty paying with your debit card online, contact your bank to activate the debit card’s online payment function.
  • Cash at CITIC Bank
    You can pay the U.S. visa fee in cash at any branch of the CITIC Bank.

    Before visiting the bank, make sure to print the applicable U.S. visa fee collection slip by logging into your profile. You need to carry your passport and the printed deposit slip to the bank when paying the fee. You must print a unique slip for each person in a family or a group. Therefore, you can’t print multiple copies of the same deposit slip or copy them.

    Once you have made the payment, you will be given a receipt which will have a receipt number on it. If you lose it, you can’t replace it. You will have to pay the fees all over again in order to get a new number.

  • Smart Counter at CITIC Bank
    Log into your profile and print the CGI reference number.

    You can visit any of the thousands of Smart Counters located in the hundreds of China CITIC Bank branches in mainland China.

    You can make a payment at a smart counter with any China Union Pay Debit Card.

    At the Smart Counter, you will need to enter your card details, the CGI reference number, and your telephone number. Follow the instructions on the screen. Once you make the payment, you will be issued a receipt that will have a visa fee receipt number. You will need that number to schedule your U.S. visa appointment.

    After paying the visa application fee, you can click the ‘Send SMS’ button to send the receipt number to your mobile phone.

    Union Pay charges a fee of 0.49% in addition to the visa fee if you use non-CITIC bank cards to pay the visa fee through Smart Counter. For each transaction, you will not be charged more than 17 RMB.

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