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Visa Stamping from Canada/Mexico

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San Jose no Update
any one who is still waiting for decision after AOS at San Jose/Santa Clara. Its about month and still waiting for decision.

My case was transferred from San Francisco to San Jose.
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Please advise if anyone in this group also attended H1B visa stamping interview in Canada during first or second week of february. I had interview on feb 13 and still it is in administrative processing. Please share your experience if someone else has also gone through same situation.

Thank you
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H1B & H4 Stamping in Ottawa
appointment was at 7:45 AM in Ottawa on Wednesday.

questions asked :
What do you do at your company ? - asked twice
What is your status in Canada ?
What is your salary ?
Highest edu qualification?
Did you complete your education at the university mentioned on the f1 visa ?
Was there any unauthorized stay during f1?

Questions for my wife’s H4
Highest Educational qualification?
Are you a cpa?

We were out of the embassy by 8:30 AM.
Visa status changed to issued on Friday.
Received passport on Monday
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Visa Interview in Vancouver
Hi Team,

Have anyone been for visa interview in vancouver?

If yes please let me know what you did for commuting?

I'm planning to take my car, but just read that car remote keys are restricted inside us consulate.

Can someone please help me with this.

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Vancouver H1B Extension Feb 26 Interview
Having benefited from the forum for the past few months on Visa experience outside home country thought I would share mine.

My H1B petition was the fourth from the same employer and second extension beyond 6 year period. I work for my employer so I don't have any other client letters needed other than Employer Verification letter. This was my first visa interview outside my home country India, also have Canadian PR to travel to Canada.

Feb 25th Landed in Canada border from Seattle, questions from why you haven't moved yet as its been little over a year. CA Officer at the border said if I don't meet eligibility I will lose PR.
Feb 26th 8:00 AM

Morning at the visa office my appointment was 8:15 AM, parked the car in the lot right across the visa office street. It is written in green sign. Park the car and lock all your phones, bags, handbags, laptop bags in the car. I heard from someone on the queue there is a locker across the visa office in coffee shop. Also they don't allow old car keys that has key sticking out.

There is one line which says NIV (Non-Immigrant Visa) in the middle you enter show DS160/Appointment letter page with bar code and passport. Then you will be moved to next line for security check your folders to enter the Visa office ground level.

Then you go up one flight of stairs to second floor for another security check, here empty pockets and place in bin and remove jackets or hoodys as well and place it in the box. Walk through metal detector and go inside the Visa office at second floor

Here there are two windows, first window take your passport add all the barcodes and details and sent to second window for finger prints.

Then take your passport with DS160 and go to elevator with security who takes you to 20th floor for interview.

Wait in line and as they call window number attend interview.

My questions are:
1) Who is this dependent? As I went with my wife for H4 stamping
2) Which company do you work for?
3) What's your title?
4) What's your salary? Gave approx number
5) He gave me a white flyer about know your rights and asked me to read it later
6) He came to ask a question and stopped that question and said Visa approved.

That's it for me and went to ground level went back to airbnb where we stayed.

9:00 AM same day Administrative Processing

12:15 PM Visa issued status

Meanwhile no change in ais visa page.

Feb 27th 9:30 AM email that tracking number is generated

Feb 28th 5:00 PM Canada Post picked the passport

Feb 29 and Mar 1 No updates on Weekend

Mar 2nd 11:00 AM passport ready for pickup at post office. Both our passport and I797C receipt in the package.

Was really worried before the trip and I'm glad everything went smooth. Hope this helps.

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Toronto H1B Feb 28
Anyone have their interview in the Toronto consulate in the past week and have their passport back?

I was told at the end of my interview that my visa was approved. However, my ceac status went through the whole ‘refused’ fiasco on March 3. Now the status is back to administrative processing since yesterday.
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Received 221g at Calgary consulate and stuck in administrative processing

I had my visa interview on October 29th, 2019 for H1B category at Calgary consulate in canada. After the interview I was told that my application has to undergo administrative processing and issued me 221g yellow form asking me to submit my resume with contract information of all my projects to vouch my experience. I submitted it on the same day through email and below is how the process took place.

October 29th submitted my resume.
November 22nd reached out to my client and asked them to submit my resume what I have submitted to them at the time of interview.
November 26th reached out to my employer again asking them to submit my resume and verify few details.
January 24th, 2020 received an email from yatri DOS to mail by passport using canada post within a month.
Since l was in India couldn’t send my passport immediately.
Feb 4th, 2020 received e-mail from calgary_docs asking for my bank statements, W2 and paystubs for 2019.
Feb 6th I sent all the requested documents.
Feb 11th mailed my passport.
Feb 12th consulate received my passport confirmed by department of state.

Throughout the process my status showed administrative processing and case last updated date got changed only a couple of times.

March 3rd status changed to refused but case last updated is still the old date Feb 3rd.

Since Feb 12th it has been 3 weeks my passport is with them and never got any update from the consulate. Whenever I tried calling department of state they said my case is still in administrative processing and don’t have an ETA on it.

Can somebody please guide me what would be the next steps and my chances of approval as it has been 3 weeks they had my passport and status is still in administrative processing.

Thank you.
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H1b ottawa 221g yellow
interview date -26th feb 2020
Last update 26 Feb

Interview was fine, VO asked all common questions. VO took few minutes and entered some info in the system and then said they cant issue me visa now and they need some more time to do some verification. they dont need any information from me. VO kept my passport and returned my i797 and gave me 221G. VO asked me to wait for their email.

Does anyone have a similar experience?
How long does this process takes?
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No update after AOS interview

My PD is Sep 2019. I received RFE in Oct 2019 and submitted docs in Nov 2019. After that my EAD, AP was approved in Dec 2019. In Jan 08 I received letter for interview date and finally I had my interview on 12th Feb.

Interview was good, they did not asked many question. Mostly corrected details and updated address and employment details. After that VO asked how we meet, how we choose each other and stuff. We tried to show her photographs which she said she is okay with relationship and she will see those pics later and after that she never asked for pics.

After interview while returning back my wife asked when can we hear back and she said it might take up to 120 days before you raise a case.

My original field office is San Francisco but my case was transferred to San Jose. I have travel plan and I am wondering what is happening in my case because I saw many people got their decision in at max 2 weeks.

Anyone from San Jose still waiting for decision post interview?

Thanks in Advance.......
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Looking for Appointment
Hi Friends,

I am looking for appointment at Ottawa,Montreal, Quebec something by before end of this month. I couldn't find anyone yet. so if anyone planning to cancel then please let me know.

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