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Visa Stamping from Canada/Mexico

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H1B stamping @ Toronto jan27 PIMS verification email
Hi all,
I got H1B interview in jan27 at Toronto , I want to send email for PIMS verification but I don’t find any appointment confirmation number on the email that I got when I booked appointment so can any help on this please text or email to below
[email protected]
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L1A experience at Toronto

I am a Canadian PR living in Toronto and attempted L1A blanket appointment on Jan 15. Here is my experience (excluding my spouses L2 experience) :

1) Got initial date in March at Ottawa. Kept on retrying and same day got date for 15 Jan. Tried in mid Dec
2) At the visa counter, had initial hiccups as the documents were not appropriately arranged. Also, instead of 3 copies of G28 form, my package only had 1 copy. Luckily the paper which the authority gave me mentioned that G28 was optional. His anger dissipated after I could point that out.
3) Next was fingerprints
4) Now Visa Interview - chill guy but was trying to throw googlies like -

A) What’s your designation - Associate, Sr Associate? Obviously, it was written as Manager and I replied Manager.

B) He had access to all my previous details in his system. He asked - You will be based out of City A? I used to work out it City A in my previous stint in US. In my current stint I am going to City B. So, I told him no City B. He replied saying but earlier you were in City A. I said yes sir and we moved on.

C) He had started with asking my role. I had memorized the bullet points in to-to. So after vomiting out the first bullet itself he moved on to next question.

D) Other easy questions like how many reportees, salary, do you have hire and fire authority which were mostly 1 word or yes / no answers.

5) Status changed to Admin Processing later in the day
6) On Jan 16 Morning, status changed to Issued.
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Visa Appointment Waiting Time In Vancouver
I am applying for H1B stamping in Vancouver. Anyone experience "There is no available appointments at this location" message when schedule the visa appointment in US Consulate, Vancouver for non-canadian citizens? If yes, how long do you wait to get the interview schedule?
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Visa Stamping at Ottawa
Interview date - 01/02 7:30 AM - Ottawa- H1B

I reached the consulate around 7 and parked my car at near by municipal parking garage located @ 70 Clarence St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9B8, Canada (If not 141 Clarence St, Ottawa). This is very affordable parking, I paid literally under $2 USD for 1.5 hr and its the same from 6AM-11AM.

Walked to consulate which is 2 mins away and was there by 7:20 and security personnel came out and informed me that I should wait until at least 7:40.

At 7:40 they opened the doors and asked everyone to stand in the line and asked everyone with back packs to keep them at some other place as they are restricted.

I've entered the consulate at 7:45 and at the first stop I had to give my passport and DS160 confirmation page then she asked me to go to security check. With security check I had to leave my wallet and got the token.

Literally I was the first one to be interviewed for this 2020 at Ottawa consulate :-)

First window there was a lady and asked for my passport and I-797 and she literally verified letter by letter my petition no. and validity and asked for the passport picture and asked me when did I take that pic and I answered couple of weeks ago. She also asked me why did I came to Canada and I've answered only for the US visa stamping. I was waiting for the interview questions and she asked me to go to the next window.

There was a gentleman at second window and asked for my passport and took my finger prints and when I was waiting for inter view questions he asked me to go to third window.

At last third window was the actual interview window and the lady asked me about my employer name, location and the kind of business they do. She also asked me about my salary and confirmed that I was on H1B visa for more than 12 years and my I-140 got approved. After that she didn't ask me any question but kept typing so much in her system for more than 3 minutes and at the end said, my visa is approved and will get it in 3-4 days. Even though I was sure about the answer still asked if there is any way I can collect the passport from consulate the next day and the answer was no.

As I don't have anyone at Ottawa driven to my friend's place at Toronto and was waiting there for passport.

On 3rd Jan at 11:45 AM got email saying that the passport is ready for pickup for the courier company, Purolator. After couple of hours at 2 PM or so Purolator picked up my passport from consulate and there was no status until 6th morning 7:30 AM saying it was on vehicle for delivery and got delivered at 12:30 PM and I've traveled back to US on the same day.

I've chosen the premium delivery service by paying $20 extra but I felt I made mistake by doing so, otherwise my passport would've been sent to local post office and I would've collected on 01/04th Saturday it self (Just wild assumption)
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H1B extension - stamping in Vancouver
Interview date - 1/14 (9.15am)
Questions asked
1. Name of employer
2. What do they do
3. How long have you been with this employer?
4. What is your highest qualification?
5. What is your salary?
Handed me the rights book and said visa is approved and that I will get the passport in 3-5 days.

Current status: Admin processing
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AIR BNB Near Consulate
Does anyone ever lived in airbnb near Toronto consulate ?
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Successful H1b h4 extension stamping - Vancouvar
We had successful h1b visa stamping for me and h4 for my wife and kid done in Vancouver. Interview was on 7th January and status changed to issued on 13 January 2020.
Got email for Passport pick up on 14th January 2020 from 666, Burrard st BLS location.
A big thanks to this forum for all the support and suggestions.
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Need help
We have our H1b interview scheduled at Montreal in February. I had few questions if someone could please share their experience and help --
1) Are we allowed to take any kind of folders? Online i read only transparent folders are allowed. Can someone help?
2) Since it will be very cold can we keep our jackets anywhere once inside the consulate or we need to keep them on?
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H1b and H4 Visa approved

Me and my wife had our H1B visa and H4 visa appointment on January 13th along with our baby who is US citizen. We had our visa stamping approved.

Question asked in interview:

VO: what does your company do ?
Ans: *****

VO: What client do they work for ?

VO: whats ur highest qualification?
Ans: ****

VO: Whats ur specilization in masters?
Ans: *****

VO: Is your child US citizen ?
Ans: yes

VO to my wife

VO: Whats ur highest qualification?
Ans: *****

VO: Are you currently working ?
Ans: ****

She approved our visa. Total time taken for all the process is about 1 hour.
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January 10th - Vancouver
Anyone who attended the interview on Jan 10th at Vancouver and got their passport issued? Please comment.
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