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Visa Stamping from Canada/Mexico

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On TD visa living in USA, want to bring family to travel in USA

i am Thai living in USA on TD visa, my Canadian husband is on TN. I want to bring my parents to travel in American. I have some questions to ask for the advise. Thank you in advance:)

their background
- dad is a fortune teller, 40 years + experience, get paid by cash
- mom is just a housewife, take care of the family
- they got denied from embassy in bangkok before in 2018
- they both have traveled to Canada and have Canadian tourist visa
- they have traveled to some other countries too

1. should they sponsor themselves or should my husband does? Since dad’s job is not a stable job in the interviewers’ eyes. If my husband sponsor them, will it look even more like running away here?
2. Can they come to apply and interview for the us visa in Canada? (Or doing again back home is better choice?)
3. Some advises for us? I really want them to see and travel in America, see where we live and stuffs

Thank you so much!!
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Visa Stamping Experience-Vancouver
Hello everyone,

My wife and myself recently got our H1+H4 visas stamped (renewal) at the Vancouver Consulate. Since this forum has been of help, wanted to share my experience to help someone else.

Visa Interview was on 01/22 (Wednesday) at 7:45 am


There was a line outside the consulate. At around 7:30 they started calling everyone with 7:45 appointments. They asked to see our passports and DS-160 confirmation at that point.
Then the security officer looked at all our passports(mine+wife+kids) and then let us in.

Inside the consulate, had an airport style security check.

After that we were in line for Window 1. The VO there just checked our passports and verified I-797 etc. We were then told to proceed to Window 2

At Window 2 , they took our fingerprints(wife+mine) and were told to proceed inside to go up to Window 3.

Security guard then took a few of us in a batch up to the 20th floor . We then waited in line for a few minutes. In about 5 minutes we were called to Window .

VO- Where do you work?
Gave response
VO- What does your company do?
Gave response
VO- What is your title?
Gave response
VO- Do you do this work at your company or client?
Gave response
VO- What is your client name and where are they located?
Gave response
VO- What is your highest degree obtained
Gave response
VO- How long have you been married (looking at my wife)
Gave response
VO-Where did you meet?
Gave response

She was fairly pleasant and understanding. She then said Visa is approved and we could expect the passports back in a week.

The whole process (from entering the consulate to exiting) took less than an hour. It was fairly smooth.

Wednesday(-1/22) - Status read Administrative processing

Late Friday (01/24) - My status online was updated to Issues

Monday(01/27)- Got email notification (around 11:00 am) that the passports were ready for pickup.

Some other comments-

1- We had to apply for a Canadian visa , so that whole process took 1.5 months
2- We filled the DS-160 , paid the fees and then looked for a date. Earliest available was only April 30 in Toronto
3- We kept checking for about 2-3 weeks and somehow managed to get a Jan 22nd date in Vancouver.(You may have to keep some other cities in mind).

The biggest uncertainty is getting a good date , only then i booked hotels+flight etc.

All the best

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F1 to H1B stamping

I am planning to attend for my first H1B visa interview,
1) Please help me in choosing India or Canada for the visa interview in ? Which one is preferred?
2) I applied for my Canada Visitor Visa (Waiting for the approval), how Can i look for the available interview slots without filling the DS-160 form ??

Thanks in advance.
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Visa interview on 1/30/2020
Hi my visa interview H4 to F1 is next week in Canada
I am reall scared as I am traveling for the first
time to Canada. For how many days should I book the flight?
Is there a chance of getting stuck there? PLEASE help.
Should I just abandon the program or is my fear irrational?
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Post visa interview wait
Hello- My wife and I had our interview(H1+H4) on Wed- Jan 22nd in Vancouver. VO said it is approved and we can expect the passports back in a week.

Has anyone else faced this? Right now online it still says AP. Can i expect my passport back only on 01/29 ?

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Stamping in toronto
Anybody travelling from Massachusetts to Toronto for stamping shortly?
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Anyone stuck in Vancouver for 221g
Currently anyone stuck in Vancouver for 221g .thanks
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221G - explanation issue
Need help in getting clarification for interview ...working in EVC

I did change from client c1 (SC) to c2 (FL).

All the c2 client (FL) project work is done from cogniz's office located in (NC).

So my LCA is from NC

1. During the interview if they ask me about "End-client" should i say cogniz(NC) or end client(FL) ?

Option A -- Is it ideal to say Vendor (Congzi) is my end client [Sounds so fishy] ?
Option B --- If i say End-Client is in (FL) then my LCA will not match ?
Option C -- Give a long explanation to 1 wrd que [Suicide]. My end-client is FL "BUT" i work from cogniz office in NC
Needs answers ..urgent ..going for emergency in India Expedited Appointment(48hr)

I know if i screw up will get 221g for no reason
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US Visa stamping in Canada, with current expired Visa
I have my H1B petition valid for next three years, but my Visa expired last month. Is it fine for me to travel to Canada to get my US visa stamped? Or because of my expired US Visa it might be a problem?
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F1 visa Renewal
Hi guys,

I would like to ask you a couple of questions please

I am PhD student with an expired visa and valid i20. I am planning to renew my visa in Canada. I already have a Canadian visitor visa

1- Which consulate is recommended for F1 visa renewal ?
2- As international student, can i drive my car to Canada ?
3- If the visa get approved, how long does it take for me to collect the passport ?
4- If the visa get denied, can I travel from the airport and leave my car temporarily in Canada ?

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