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Atlas America and Insubuy
My mother in law was on Atlas America (HCCMIS), bought through Insubuy. We got a lot of help from , who helped guide us through a successful appeals process after the initial claim was denied by HCCMIS.

Personally we are not very happy with the insurance company. They denied the claim just because she had a history of that problem (but it was not a pre-existing condition). Then if we call them directly, it takes too long for them to respond. Once we decided to file the appeal, we contacted Insubuy, and that is when things started happening.

Also, the appeals process took very long, we were asked to wait 60 days for appeal response. It took close to 75 days (again fault lies with Insurance company, not Insubuy who in fact pushed them for a speedy response), and in the meanwhile we started getting borderline threatening collection calls from collection agencies for the hospital and doctors bills.

We are however very happy with the services of Insubuy. Do not get visitors insurance from anywhere else, you can be left in a lurch! Insubuy does not abandon their clients after the insurance has been purchased. We are not sure what we would have done if we did not have them in our corner, as a bill in the excess of $36,000 for hospital and labs was denied by the company.

The reality is that HCCMIS is actually one of the better insurance companies, and in the end, they did pay up after we provided additional evidence on appeal. But whichever insurance you buy, go through Insubuy.
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Insubuy staff feedback
It worked perfectly.

I just want to thank you one more time for your help, guidance and follow up with my concerns.

Also, we are very pleased with the quick response on the information that we called for, and for finding the appropriate plans that fit our needs.

Your professionalism and ethical standards were key for us on buying the Travel Policies.


A. and O .Valdes
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Commendation of Insubuy service
This is a note of commendation for your customer service rep, Sean T. Sean helped me in my purchase of a Patriot International insurance policy and I had the good fortune to have him help me twice. Twice was a random occurrence, but I was grateful for his help. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and has a helpful, professional tone in his voice. He was fully engaged during our conversation, which isn’t always the case in customer service. With 20 years’ experience in this profession, I am fully aware of its challenges.

Sean is to be commended.

C. Peters
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ICICI Lombard advertises their International Travel Policy as one of best offering cashless claim facilities worldwide and offers peace of mind. Well, all that's only true till someone unfortunately needs to make a claim using this policy. Like most parents visiting USA do, my father bought the ICICI Travel policy for his 3 month trip to USA in June 2015. Unfortunately he had to be hospitalized and had to undergo a gallbladder surgery. We informed ICICI Lombard within couple of hours of hospital admission in ER. They didn't respond to hospital enquiry for verification of benefit. Subsequently, they have now pulling out a line from their policy fine print that "Cashless payment is at the sole discretion of ICICI and customer can not claim it as right by way of having insurance policy". This is the biggest catch in their policy. It's been more than 2 weeks and ICICI Lombard have basically done nothing to help us and just trying to find reasons like insured is old (74 yrs) and has been taking some medications (blood pressure, thyroid, etc) because of which they can't process the cashless claim. WELL, THEY HAD ISSUED THE POLICY THEMSELVES! This is PLAIN CHEATING and FRAUD on ICICI;s part to claim one thing and when customer needs to claim then they totally back out and leave insured on his own.

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Claim assistance
I am glad I bought health insurance for my mom through Insubuy when she visited me last year.
One day, she had dizziness and chest pain suddenly after she woke up from bed. I had to take her to emergency for immediate medical help. The hospital billed all the claims directly to Coventry/HCCMI.
Almost 4 months later I received a letter from HCCMI to provide some info to process the claims.
I submitted the required info, but they rejected the claim saying "not timely filed".
I did try to resolve the matter by calling both Hospital and HCCMI quite a few times but no clear response was given.

I contacted Insubuy to help me with the matter. They were not only very responsive but also followed up with me and HCCMI to clear the claims. At one point HCCMI rejected claims stating pre-existing condition, but again Insubuy submitted appeal on behalf of us and at the end the claims were processed and paid by HCCMIS.

I appreciate the outstanding help/service from Fallon and Insubuy.
I will gladly refer Insubuy to my friends and family and will buy again from Insubuy.

Thanks and regards,
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Highly recommend Insubuy for visitor incurance
Hi All,

I had a difficult situation while my mother was visiting me last time. I purchased her medical insurance from Insubuy , the best one available from their website.

One day she had Major abdominal pain started in the middle of the night , she was taken to emergency room and within 24 hours she had to go for a surgery. Hospital got pre-authorization from the insurance company before the surgery . However all the claims related to her surgery was denied by the insurance company due to "pre-existing" limitations.

Then I contacted Insubuy for help. They helped me filing the appeal to the insurance company , they helped me collecting all the required documents from providers and after a long wait insurance company finally agreed to pay for her claims. This was such a relief for my family.

Special thanks goes to Fallon from Insubuy for her kind help.

I highly recommend buying visitor insurance from Insubuy.
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Another testimonial of Insubuy's Service
This testimonial was received by email and reproduced here verbatim.

To Management:

I wanted to make everyone at Insubuy aware that Fallon went above and beyond in assisting me with my medical claim. She is responsive in every way and kept me aware of the progress at all times.

Thank you.

Sandy L.
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Insurance for Dad 75 yrs preexisting condition
Hi My Father is visiting me in US heis 75yrs old ,he suffered from a small stroke (ischemic) about a month back howeever he has recovered well and the doctor has cleared him for travel. I wanted to buy insurance for him however most insurance I have seen give very minimal coverage for pre existing conditions at his age. esp for ER visits which is my main concern. Otherwise I am thinking to completely let go of covering pre existing conditions and just take insurance cover for other health issues since paying a high premium for a nominal coverage of 2.5k or so is useless.

Any advise on insurance options esp ering covPre Exisiting ones would be helpful


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Please do not wait until getting sick to buy visitors insurance
It is advisable that you purchase the visitors insurance before the trip starts and keep the insurance for the entire trip.

We recently got a phone call from a customer who just purchased the insurance and wanted to change the effective date from the next day to the same day. When asked why he wanted to do that, he initially protested and hesitated about why we are even questioning him. After some discussion, he revealed that his mother is already in the hospital now.

It seems that his mother arrived 2-3 weeks ago, and when she was hospitalized, he hurried up and bought the insurance and later realized that it only started from the next day. Therefore, he wanted to change the effective date to today to cover the hospitalization that already occurred.

Obviously, no insurance company (that sells any kind of insurance anywhere) can afford to just give away money to people who need to claim. No company can stay in business like that.

When asked why he didn't purchase the insurance so far, he said that he thought that the visitors insurance can be purchased instantly online and can be made effective right away. Therefore, he didn't feel the need to purchase earlier.

He continued to argue and request and he also said that "It seems you are Indian and I am also Indian. Therefore, can you do something on that basis?" Obviously, nothing can be done about it. His only option is to pay out of pocket at this point.

Had he purchased the insurance before she arrived into the US, that hospitalization might have been covered. But at this point, it was too late.

The basic logic of insurance is that many people pay the small premium and if few people need large amounts unexpectedly, insurance company will pay them while covering their expenses and profit. If only people who buy the insurance are the ones who need it, there is no way to provide large sums of money to all of them.

I hope this would help others in making the right decision to get proper coverage for their visiting families.
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Great customer service
This was sent by one of our customers regarding a staff member.
I've owned retail business's for over 40 years,

Brittany at Insubuy, is doing a wonderful job, as well as being a great representative for Insubuy.

My situation is best described as a consequence of automation which Brittany is working to unravel.

I know she will resolve the confusion on my account efficiently and as quickly as possible.

I will continue to work with Insubuy because you have such a trustworthy employee I can count on to follow through with customer service.

Thank you for having Brittany on your staff.

I am not a relative of hers (lol) just a very satisfied client.

Fred Simons
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