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Minneapolis i751 form
Question regarding the CHILDREN section in form I 751: do i need to add my stepson who is US citizen from my wife's previous relationship and is currently living with us on the form on children section or this section made only for couple who have biological children together ?
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Request for more evidence and office transferred.
Hi there , I applied in October 2018 jointly with my husband, at the time I didn’t have any financial proof because of fraudulent actions of him, was reported and could not open an account or have any type of credit, in February I got an RFE and hired a lawyer I had a lot of proofs of his fraudulent actions to explain de financial situation plus history of treatment and drug addiction referrals and rehab center. My case was in Texas and was transferred a couple of days ago to lee’s summit it says it was transferred to speed up the process, not sure what to expect, anyone with a similar situation at least with request for more evidence, reasons why you think you got it , being transferred or/and being scheduled for a second interview ? I would highly appreciate your inputs....
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So my 2years will expire in Aug 25th we plan on submitting next month, we only have 1 travel history to my home country for our traditional wedding which we have the evidence, life insurance, 2years tax return, 2 affidavit of witnesses, pictures, no utility bills on my name cause he was when we moved in i gat no ids, so we never bothered to change it, we use to have rental insurance which we submited on our evidence while applying for the GC (the officer took some of the page as evidence)but got canceled by the insurance people cause my Husband did not pay, so we had another one April this year(can i submit this it like that? Since its not up a 2year?, we dont have bank accounts together cause he misuses our money not a good spender at all, on April this year we open another we only have 3 months statement together,we dont have lease cause they changed management in our apartment building , so all we have together now is 2years life insurance, travel history, 2months bank statement, 2months rental insurance, pictures, 2 affidavit of witnesses, prove of address, 2 years w2 is that enough evidence? And we using our family lawyer to submit
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I751 California
I applied jointly i751 February 2019, finger prints done in April, case transferred to Lee’s summit MO on 02/20/2020. Received a letter that I ll be schedule for interview. No updates after that. It has been 18 months now since I applied. I don’t know what’s going on and how long it is gonna take more. Wait is for ever
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finally finally finally
i751 Form Received Date : 01/22/2019
Notice date: 02/21/2019
Fingerprints: 09/24/2019
New card is being produced:06/16/2020

Phew. Took a while.
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i751 Interview After COVID19
Has anyone had an interview scheduled after USCIS reopening?
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I-751 Nebraska
Not many timelines from Nebraska so here we go

Original Status in US TN visa

Case received July 17 2019
Bio - Nov 17 2019
Case approved June 11

less than a year.

Had a lot of evidence as we have been together for more than 10 years at this time. Lots of documentation supporting that and tons of pictures. Travel, banking, insurance. I did include a facebook pages for both of us that showed a lot of evidence.

In two days I am eligible to file N400 so timing is perfect.

Good luck to all
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I-751 Vermont/Potomac
My timeline:

04/08/2019 : Case was received (Vermont Center)

05/14/2019 : Biometrics were taken

01/22/2020 : Case was transferred to another office (Potomac Center)

06/03/2020: We ordered your new card.

06/04/2020: We approved your Form I-751. We sent you an approval notice.

06/08/2020: Card/Document Production

06/08/2020: Approval notice received

06/11/2020: Green Card delivered

I applied from New York. No RFE, no interview. Documents submitted: Copies of: passports, driver licenses, marriage certificate, green card, tax account transcripts from IRS from the last 3 years, joint credit card and bank account statements (about 2-3 from each year from the last 3 years), utilities bills, health insurance statements, two notarized affidavits, travel records, about 16 photographs.
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Hello there. Hope everyone is safe
My conditional green card is expiring on October and I have to sent everything by July 2020(next month)

I think me and my wife(U.S citizen) have enough evidence, we were living for a year at her aunt’s house and she wrote us an affidavit and mention it too, and we just moved in our new apartment 2 months ago. I couldn’t put my wife’s name on a lease due to her low credit so apartment denied her application. I don’t want this to be a red flag for us. Do you know if there’s another way to show them we live together? I don’t know if I will be able to put her as attend on the lease. What do you think?

We have 4-5 affidavits from family, joint bank statements, filling jointly taxes, travel together, A LOT OF PICS, she is under my car insurance as well. All documents with the new adress.
We are going to change our adress on driver licenses to nee adress as well.

I just want your opinion. Do people really get called in 2nd interview with all those normal evidences? We’ve been married for 3 years and 6 months
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Case approved card being processed!!!! Thank GOD!!!
 Here is my timeline located in
Houston, Tx.

07/23/19 -We received your Form I-751
11/21/19- biometrics where taken
11/22/19- biometrics where updated have been applied to your case
05/01/20- on says under case updated but nothing else is updated. When I log in to it’s says May 1st case was received to local office.

So I decided to call customer service (which was waste of time) She did not seem to care or want to help. She was like your case seems like it was transferred to your local office maybe for an interview. But, not sure but wait it’s still at the Texas SC. Then I was like so where is it?? She’s like i don’t know if you don’t have anymore questions “thank you for calling” bla bla bla and hangs up. So, I’m assuming it was transferred to balance the work load since that’s something that Uscis does.

I posted this a few days ago and today I got my notice today for approval.
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