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After Greencard

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EAC i-751 Approved
Hi fellows,

This forum has been super helpful. So I wanted to share my experience

New York filer.

PD - Nov 20 2020
Biometrics reused - Jan 2021
Card being produced - Sept 10 2021
Case Approved - Sept 11 2021
Card Received - Sept 14 2021

Hope the timeline can give you some rough idea about your cases. Best of luck!
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Biometrics update
My case status said that my old fingerprints were reused in April 2021. But in August 2021, I received a letter in mail to appear for Biometrics and photo in person at the local office. I appeared and gave my biometrics in person. Its been more than 2 weeks, but there is no update about the in person finger prints. It is still showing reused status from April.
Is anyone in such situation? What does this mean? Why would they request in person biometrics, even after reusing old ones? Is this something to worry about?
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Name change after greencard in NJ?
Hi all,

I want to add a last name in my official documents. I am an Indian citizen and live in NJ - I want to add a last name. Do you know what the process would look like? Do I need to go through Indian consulate or NJ courts?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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WAC APPROVED!! Los Angeles
I-751 approved. God is Good
I filed NOV. 18th 2020
PD- NOV 22th 2020
I received my extension on 1/10/2021
Took fingerprints on 8/23/2021
New card in production 9/9/2021
We approved your I-751 9/10/2021
We have mailed your new card 9/10/2021
And today 9/15/2021 I have my new 10 year green card in my hands.
I’m posting this because this forum was so helpful to me.
Also to give an idea on how long is taking to process your case. Feel free to ask any questions. Good luck all
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YSC 2021 timeline
Hi. YSC filers 2021 could you please share your timeline below?

Mine so far :
Jun 28, 21 - case received
July 6, 21 - received extension letter .
Since then no updates .

I’m worried I’ll miss my biometrics appointment as we are moving now and heard that a lot of people didn’t get their appointment letter because it was sent to the old address and there was no update online . So it’s basically impossible to know if you missed biometrics or no. Going to change address with USCIS and request mail forwarding from old address but would really appreciate to hear your timelines .
Thank you!
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Filed: April 30
Service Center: Nebraska
May 28 Biometrics reused

Just to make long story short, me and my wife had issues to make children, I even went back to my home country couple times to take some treatments because in US it was extremely expensive. Because of that we always have conflicts with each other. She got pregnant from other man and admits it. Now, she wants a divorce. Since we filed already, what should I do? Do I need to divorce and refile ?

Please share with some of your experience
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I got my green card in April 2018, I applied for my i751 through divorce waiver in April 2020, my application is still pending.

When am I eligible to apply for N400?

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Finalizing Package
Hey everyone, I just have a few more questions while I finalize my package. I can’t remember what I did for the conditional and I’m pretty much overthinking things

1. Does it matter if I send color copied or black/white of my GC, SS, ID, etc?

2. Does it matter if I put our IDs on the same page or does it need to be separate? I put our credit cards and bank cards on the same page last time but I didn’t have an ID before when we originally filed so not sure if it matters if I do the same for that.

3. Did anyone have any issues leaving sections that didn’t apply, blank? Or did you put N/A?

Really appreciate feedback. Thanks for always commenting and giving me advice!!!
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Any Potomac center filer here ??
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Pending i751
Hi Everyone, I need an advice over this please, I do have a pending i751 in progress to remove condition on green but sadly I got someone else pregnant and she had the baby boy. Before then my wife can't have any more kids because of health related issue, thou she has a child before We got married and We did not know about the health problem till after We visited the hospital after several trying for her to take in. Will me having another child outside my wife be an issue for my application?
Please share your thought and advise.

Thank you.
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