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After Greencard

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Please help
I finally got an update from !
I submitted a outside normal process time and within 24 hours it changed from
Name updated to case was transferred to a different office
Followed by case transferred to local office to scheduled interview.
Both these notices were sent via email notifications however the one that is currently on “egov” website is case transferred to a different office
Why would they give me different information??
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Notice was not received
Hello Guys i just want to ask if any of you experience this.

It showed in the online status that finger print were applie to the case. After that I request for a letter so I cam file it and as an evidence if something haopened in the future. At June 1 they sent an email re the issue. it said in the email that i can send an email to lockbox for copy. I mever emailed the lockbox but on June 8 thats case status was updated to: letter of notice was returned to uscis coz USPS cant delivered it.

1. Do younthink its just a copy that confirming my finger prints werenaoplied ( even without doing biometrics)

2. or is it something else? ( i guess its too early for interview and what not) Let me know;)

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I 751 Waiver Approved
Received - 7-26-2019
Finger print - 11-21-2019
Ordered New Card - June 18th 2020

Less than 12months

Texas Center
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I-751 & I-400
I am applying for removal of condition in November this year. Since we have been married for 3 years now can I apply for removal of condition and citizenship concurrently ? Anyone with ideas or experience pls share your thoughts. Thank you
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Nebraska update
Received 07/17/19
Biometric 11/25/19
Case approved 06/18/2020

Receipt number lin1990588....

Sending I-400 next month

Good luck to everyone!
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Transfer to Lee’s summit office
Hello there , have any of you been transferred to lee’s summit office after a request for more evidence or without it and have gotten the residence approved without a second interview ? Could you share you experience ? I highly appreciate your answers I am in a very stressful moment. Thank you !
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I-751 TX service center February 2019 Filer
Here is my time line

2/6/2019 Case Filed
2/8/2019 Case received at USCIS
2/12/2019 Receipt Received for 18-month extension
9/27/2018 No fingerprint needed notice received
10/18/2019 Fingerprint needed notice received
11/8/2019 Fingerprint completed and status change
6/17/2019 New card is being produced

Documents submitted
Tax Return for 2017,2018 and 2019
Apartment Lease for 2017,2018,2019
Joint bank statements for 2 years. (2017 and 2018)
A letter from our credit card provider indicating that we are the authorized users for each other’s card
Utility statements with both our names on it for 2017 and 2018 (Electric and cell phone bill)
Cell phone records
Car registration with both our names on
Health and car insurance showing both our names
Itinerary showing trips we took together
Vacation pictures and pictures with family and friends
3 affidavit letters
The whole process took a little over 16 month it was such a LONG wait……... but thank God it is finally over. I wish each and every one of you waiting on your status best of luck and I pray that God will give you the patience to get through it.
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anyone with I751 interview experience what to expect please share, I have an interview coming up.

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No extension letter ( I-797 )
Hello, My package was sent and received by USCIS Lockbox, on May 14 2020. Money order cashed and text notification received May 18 2020. Text stated that my official receipt notice ( i-797 ) should follow in the mail. My online tracking said that i should follow instructions on the receipt and to contact them if I didn’t receive it by June 13.
I tried contacting them via phone & it was just a loop and the only thing it allowed me to do was track my case.
I also files via email, but have not heard from them. I have no receipt or way to prove that I tried reaching out to them.
MY CONCERN is, if the letter I was supposed to receive was asking me for additional info, im afraid it would have an expiration date for me to respond.

Anyone have a different way of reaching USCIS.
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Request for Additional Evidence
I did the finger print in December and since then I got no answer. Today they asked me for Request for Additional Evidence. Is someone also in the same situation?
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