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I-751 approving office for Phoenix
Hi guys,

Does anyone know which office approves form I-751 (joint filing). I sent my application to Phoenix and I just want to understand which office will be handling my case.

Thank you,
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I751 waiver november 2018
Hey guys i applied for removing conditions on my conditional green card. I applied in Nebraska service center in november 2018, it’s been almost 18 months i haven’t even received the fingerprints appointment not a single letter ? Any ideas ?
Thank you!
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Anyone else approved from Texas Service Center?
Saw a few people get approved recently, has anyone else from the Texas Service Center been approved and if so do you mind sharing your timelines? For anyone interested my application was received on May 6th 2019 and Bio was on November 19th 2019, no further updates.
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i751 - Texas Service Center - filed Jan 2019
Hey All

Any updates from anyone who filed in Jan 2019?
I see the case status says they are processing the ones in November 2018 right now.

Would love to know if someone is in the same file zone as me :)

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I-751 extension letter
First time posting here and I would like to ask the i-751 timeline for the recent filers.

I sent out the application on 4/15.
USCIS received it on 4/17
My check was deposited on 4/23.

Right now I am still waiting for the receipt/extension letter.

I found out usually people get extension letter within 1-2 weeks after filling the application. I am not sure why it takes so long for me.... Feel worried.

I am in California and application was sent to the Phoenix, AZ location.

Thank you!
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Texas Service Centre
I have been seeing a lot of TSC i751 applicants get approved. I applied in April 2019(Waiver no divorce at the time) due to NO-Contact-Order from the court for assault. On 04/21/20 the status date changed but the case status didn't change. I called to know why, and was told my case was transferred to the NBC, and was also told no letter of transfer.I made more calls to compare the info that i have but the last IO i spoke with said it under background check and i wouldnt not see the change online as it is not a major change.. Let me add that my spouse and i are back together and i sent supporting documents to prove that.But why transfer to NBC without a letter of transfer? Does anyone have a similar experience? Please share
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Hi everyone. Please I have a question. Is it okay to apply for naturalization if you are due for it but still waiting for response to your RFE. Also, has anyone that responded to RFE last month heard any news?
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Unemployment benefits
Hi everyone.
My i 751 extension letter expired this week. Still didnt hear anything from uscis no biometrics, no updates.
waiting for uscis offices to open to get info pass appointment.
can i apply for unemployment benefits in this situation?
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Case transfer
Anyone here whose case got transferred to Potomac in February and haven’t heard anything since or heard something since?
Please share your experience
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I751 California Service Center
Any California service center filers?
Wondering how long it’s been taking for us to get any updates,
I am a July 2019 filer and done my bios on Feb this year. It’s been 10 months (which I am guessing it is still early for any updates? )
Anyone that have recently got approve or asked for RFE would like to share timeline

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