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potomac service center
any one whose center is potomac YSC? no updates for my case, priority date is april 01,2020. whats the month potomac is processing right now?
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127 Days & Still WAITING !!!
Applied in early November 2020 - Got my 18 month extension receipt on January 4th 2021 and haven't heard anything since. Am I suppose to take any action at this point ? Please advice. My processing center is Nebraska.
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NBC Fillers
Thank god the journey is done after long wait. As I promised to post any news. I was approved on wed March 18. Received approval letter on Monday and today as March 24th I received my card in mail.
I applied to remove my condition on late June and they received it on July 2nd. August applied my fingerprint and since then nothing change until March 18th. Basically 8 months. I did it my self without lawyer and provided all the joints files that included our names together, photos from traveling and family.
I would like to tell NBC fillers just be patient and you will hear good news in next few days.
Wish you the best to everyone and thanks to this great platform that let us reach and help each other.
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Travelling with different name on greencard and extension letter
Hi, when I first got my greencard, they used my maiden name as last name. Error on the uscis agent as I already clarified I want my maiden name as middle, and my husband's last name as my last name, like stated on the marriage certificate. But since we were travelling abroad in 2019 and I heard that submitting it for a change will take 8 months, I decided to just keep it and change it in 2020. In 2020 when covid hits I totally forgot about it and only remembered when Im about to sent the removal of condition form.

I received my 797 with my correct name (maiden as middle and husband's last name). But now it doesnt match my current greencard (which will expire soon) which has my maiden name. Does anyone have the same issue and will I have trouble coming back to the US with mismatched names on my expired greencard & extension letter? My passport has both names on it (they added an addendum page for my alias name).
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I-751 Divorced Waiver, Texas Service Center - Now it's my time
Here is my timelines. NO RFE, NO INTERVIEW, NO LAWYER. My 2 years conditional green card is still valid(not expired yet) and will expire in next 4 months.

04/18/2020 - I-751 package sent through USPS
04/19/2020 - USCIS received package
04/21/2020 - I received text message confirms receipt number starts from SRC
04/22/2020 - Check cashed
04/26/2020 - I-797 receipt received in mail with 18 months extensions
08/15/2020 - Fingerprints applied to the case
11/09/2020 - Service request opened to review case
11/12/2020 - Service request completed by USCIS and response received in email.
12/20/2020 - Case transferred to another USCIS office
12/21/2020 - Case transferred to another USCIS office that has jurisdiction over the case.
12/26/2020 - Case transfer noticed received in USPS mail stating following :

"We have completed a preliminary review of the application or petition ("your case") listed above. As part of standard processing, we transferred your case to the USCIS office listed below that has jurisdiction over your case. That office will notify you in writing when they make a decision on your case or if they need additional information.
NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER, P.O. BOX 648005, Lee's Summit, MO 64064".

01/18/2021 - I raised service request for second transfer receipt not received
01/31/2021 - USCIS email response received

03/22/2021 - Received email and status updated online that "NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED"

Hopefully, I will get 10 year green card soon in mail. I am hoping to get it in next 5 days.

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How it takes to get interview notice
Does anyone know how long it takes to schedule an interview from when the status changes to case ready to schedule for interview. Mine has been saying that since December 2nd (Potomac serviced)
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Timeline for i-751
Just an update for others who are worried about their i-751 timeline.

- I sent in my i-751 package on 2/5
- USCIS received on 2/8 at the Arizona office
- My check was cashed on 3/18
- Received text message confirming receipt notice on 3/20
- Received I-751 receipt/18 month extension on 3/22

Took 45 days total from the day I sent my forms in to get the receipt in the mail. Hope this helps!
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Update after fingerprints applied
Below is my timeline
I submitted my I-751 packet in November 2020. The check was cashed out almost a month and a week later.
Then it took almost another 2 weeks to receive my 18 month extension letter. (Potomac Service Center)
March 18th 2021, fingerprints was reused.
Any idea how long it takes to get an update after fingerprints/biometrics applied to your case?
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I751 & N400
Below is the timeline of my I-751 and N-400 Nebraska service center and Detroit respectively.

May 28 2019 - submitted my I-751 with lots of evidence, our house deed, my son birth certificate, joint tax returns, letters from friends and families, proof of health and life insurance, plane tickets and lots more.

Oct. 22 2019 - Went for my fingerprinting.

Didn't hear anything until June 3rd 2020 when my case was transferred to NBC then Jun 10 2020 it said my case was ready for an interview at my local office

July 30 2020 - Submitted my N-400.
Oct 28 - 2020 - they reused my biometrics.
Jan 25 2021 - my N-400 interview was scheduled for Mar 3 2021 and still nothing on my I-751.

On the day of the interview I went with my son and wife and they didn't let them in, it was just me and my lawyer.

The interviewer asked few questions about my I-751 then she moved to the civic question, she said everything seems fine but can't approve.

Later that day my online account changed for my N-400 to submitted for quality review then to placed in line for oaths, then it changed the same day of my interview to oaths was scheduled for Mar 18, my I-751 was approved the next day.

Went for my oaths and got my certificate of Naturalization.

Good luck to everyone in line, the forum was helpful.
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I751 ROC - 18 month extension letter is expiring, what to do next ?
My I751 ROC- 18 month extension will expire on Mid June. If i dont receive my approval/GC (permanent) by than, what i have to do next? Do i need to submit any form to USCIS or they will send me another extension letter? Let me know if you face the same experience.
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