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Business Visa - B1

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B1 visa
Dear fnds,

I have attend the Visa per my experience

VO will observe mainly u r Body language and u r eye to eye contact.
For my Interview she has asked me 7 questions.
1)why r u going to US
2)WHAT IS UR Annual income
3)who is u r contact person
4)what is u r role thr.
5)whihc is u r previous company
6)what is the role
7)wr u r going to stay in US

For every ans...she has not concentrating my answers ...she is oberving my eye to eye contact.

while answering be comfertable and casual.

Best regards
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US Business Visa
I would like to share my experience of VISA interview at Chennai on 6 April 2010.

Let the hotel at 7.50am reached US consulate at 8.00 am, stood in queue , secuirty guy did not allow me inside as my appointment was at 10.15am, finally at 9.30am he left me inside , passed the security check..pls carry only douments required nothing otehr than that.
Aperson took my biomarkers and gave me a sleeve to hold passport and confirmation letter and asked me to wait ..I waited for 2 hrs and finally my turn came.

v0: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning
VO: What do u do
Me:Explained by position in so so so company
VO: expalin about your role
Me: Explained shortly abt role
vo: Purpose of visit
Me: training
Vo: YOu will receive visa in week
ME: Thank you
Key is first relax, stay calm, listen to question answer crisply waht is required only and take all possible documents required.
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B1 Visa
I was asked by VO only one question.

Explain in 30 seconds why you are going to US?

I explained purpose to attend meeting with technical teams there for domain knowledge transfer

Thats all I got the visa
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my B1 got approved in chennai
Thankful to immihelp. It provides very useful information.

VO: How are you?
Me: I am good, How are you?

VO: I am good. Why are you going to US.
Me: expalined the purpose of going

VO: Who is your client?
Me: told about client.

VO: How long you are into this company?
Me: Answered the question.

VO: Your visa is approved. You will get it in one week.
Me: Thank you so much.

Consuler was very cool. All the best guys.
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Many many thanks to Immihelp. It is indeed the best forum I've come across for this purpose.

I was haunted by the thought of interview for more than a week. But it went real smooth, nothing like i worried ..

So my tips would be

1. keep all documents ready, in order.
Dont forget the CEAC barcode, interview letter and HDFC receipt!
Not a new thing to hear - But today i actually saw a family who dint get their CEAC barcode for the interview!!!!!
and they were sent out, obviuosly .

2. Be confident, dress comfortably ( cause u r gonna sweat like pig, trust me!)

3. Answer appropriately !! DONT BLUFF

4. My VO didnt ask me for any documents. But i pushed my invitation letter and sponsor letter when he asked the appropriate questions

5. and Dont be LATE !! ( I was, Chennai is the epitome of Morning Traffic)
So start early ..

Everyone in my counter got visa granted !!

ITS JUST NOT LUCK OR MOOD OF VO !! Its in your hands too..
So dont worry if you dont have much luck , THE VOS seemed kind to me.

All the Best folks !!

Thanks to immihelp once again !!
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B1 visa approved 10th march morning.
Hi All,

I thank immihelp for providing their services for many years now.

i applied for B1 visa thru a reputed company. i attended the visa interview at Hyd consulate on March 10th & my visa was approved in less than a minute.

Tip: if u have lost a passport previously plz carry the FIR or related documents.


1. i entered the consulate with the main folder.
2. done with security check
3. submitted my docs at the 1st counter for initial check.
4. Q)lady asked me for the FIR of the lost passport.
 A) i answered.
5. Then i was asked to go to another counter for finger print scanning & the visa app barcode scanning.
6. Done with the finger prints
7. i was asked to go to the waiting area & collect a token for my round.
8. collected the token & there were 50 ppl waiting for their turn.
9. but after 2 mins i was called to one of the counter .
10. i went to the counter & interview begins with a greet from me.

Me: Good mrng.. loudly
VO: good mrng

VO: extended her hand for the docs
ME: submitted the folder

Vo: How long r u working for the current company
Me: answer

Vo: what do u do at the current company
Me: explained the job role.

Vo: have u lost pp
Me: yes

Vo: ur visa is approved.
Me: Thank U, have a nice day.

came out of the consulate.
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Got B1 Visa already holding H1B Visa
Hi All,
        I got b1 visa last week.vo didn't asked me about my h1 visa.Interview happend like this

Which place are you going?

Your visa is approved.

Dont mention any thing related to requirements gathering.use business discussions and meetings.
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Pending administrative processing
after my interveiw for B1 Visa CO replied to go to window no. 16 at us consulate hyderabad they kept my passport with them with one form filled by me abt my employer and education and provide one white colour token what this mean

will consulate issue visa to me i have to go to us in next month pls write if any idea
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Abt B1...

My wife applied for HB1 in Feb 2008 and I applied for H4.We got blue form (221g) and we didn't follow up about the status of the Visa after that.

Now my company is planning to send me to US for training.What should I mention in my DS form when they ask me about previous Visa refusals?

Is that going to be a problem? and also I see dates are not there for Visa there a way to get an appointment at earlier date?

Plz advice...

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I had my B1 Visa interview last week. Before leaving for interview, i heard some common comments like:-
1. Though you answer all questions correctly, it depends on the VO's mood to issue visa.
2. Sometimes it takes only 20 to 30seconds for the VO and without even asking couple of questions VO makes a decision and so on.....

To my surprise during my waiting time in the consulate, i saw one VO not taking 60seconds for a candidate & didn't ask for any documents, and another VO takes more than 5 mins for each candidate & was asking for many documents. Unfortunately, i was in the "Q" who was demanding more documents and he asked the usual questions (Organization name, What is ur responsibility, salary, what'll you do during ur visit in US and how long will you stay in US) and he started typing for a minute.
He then asked me to wait for 5 mins. I was surprised. I waited and then he went on to another counter to the VO, (who took 60secs for a candidate) to discuss something. After 5 mins, he called me & said that he cannot process the visa this time.

I really couldn't think of any reason, why he should have denied visa.

It would be great, if i can get some advice & whent would be the best time to re-apply again.
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