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ravi124     02/23/2019 04:40 AM

Hi All,

I have already booked an Appointment for my 2nd H1B Stamping in India Mumbai Consulate.
But that is after a month and not able to get any immediate slot. While there is a faster option and quick slots available to go Mexico for stamping.

Is this ok to Cancel India (Mumbai) Consulate Stamping slot and go to Mexico with new fresh DS-160? I understand that my India Visa Appt Fee will be gone.

But will there be any issue in going to Mexico with New DS-160 and MRV fee while already one Appt is booked for India?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks & Regards !!

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jaipalvyza     02/22/2019 22:28 PM


I have attended H1B interview on Feb 19th 10:30 AM at Hyderabad Consulate.

Case is showing still in "Administrative Processing " till date

Any idea how long will it take to issue the passport . Any one on the same boat?


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akg102     02/22/2019 08:26 AM

Hi All,

I have attended H1B interview on 14th jan 2019 and VO gave me white slip which says "no documents are required " and case is still in Administrative processing till date.

Now, In this scenario.. i have my other case running parallel for my employer transfer with uscis which is now put in premium processing on feb19th and likely to receive response in 15 days.

Do i need to go for another visa interview if my new employer case is approved ? also, are there complications if my previous case is pending Administrative processing and i re-apply for new visa interview for my stamping with new employer ??

suggestions please

Thank you

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221GJan03     02/21/2019 00:36 AM

Hello Everyone,
I had my H1B stamping interview at the Chennai Consulate on Jan03 and was issued a 221g(white) asking for client letter and SOW.

I am working in EVC model, my company submitted the client letter on Feb 05th and i have not heard anything from the consulate yet.

Documents Asked
1) Client Letter
2) SOW

Any help is appreciated


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naveeniphone     02/21/2019 00:29 AM


Planning for H1B stamping in May along with H4 Visa. My wife visa expired within 12 months and she's eligible for drop box. So any one in the same boat where H1B principal went to Visa interview while spouse on H4 VISA went to drop box during the same time frame. I just wanted to confirm if that's totally fine doing.


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jgrover3     02/21/2019 11:30 AM

Thanks all for sharing interview experience. I wanted to return the favor by sharing mine.

Biometrics: Feb 17 (Took 10 minutes to complete biometrics)
Consulate Interview: Feb 19
I have a 3 year old, who is a US citizen. We decided to take the child with us so that we can get the interview done quickly vs. waiting in long lines. There is a separate line for elderly and families with children.

Interview time: 915AM
We reached at 9 but were able to enter by 9:10 as we had to submit our electronic equipment.
Security check took 10 minutes
We were straight away sent for fingerprinting and document check (Passport and I797) - took 5 minutes (including wait times)
There was a long queue, at least an hour wait for the interview, but because of our child, we were taken through a different line and asked to wait. We waited for 2 minutes and then were asked to go straight for the interview.

We went for interview.

Me: Good Morning , How are you
VO: I am good. how are you
Me: Doing great

VO: Pass me documents (I797 and Passport)
VO: Is this your first H1B
Me: No, second, last one was with XXX and this with YYY
VO: What does YYY do?
Me: It is a $25B company and one of the leading XXXX
VO: Are you full time?
Me: Yes, work in XXX area as full time
VO: What is your salary?
VO: Did you study in US?
Me: Yes, XYZ college
VO: What about your child?
Me: He is US citizen
My Wife: Cracked some joke, and asked my kid to talk to the VO
VO: Smiled at my kid
VO to my wife: Did you study in the US?
My Wife: No
VO: Thanks, your visas are approved, will get it in a week.

We came out by 9:35 (total time spent less than 30 minutes).

Feb 20: Issued
Feb 21: Received Passports

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smadwani     02/21/2019 04:47 AM

02/19/2019 - Biometric
02/20/2019 -

10:00 AM was the interview time, I reached at 9:00 AM.
After all security check I was in the queue @ 10.00 AM

Got Counter no 11:
3 people before me:

1. Lady with kid for H4 - approved

2. Lady - rejected
VO : how much you earn ?
Lady : 30000 as its a startup company ?
VO: 30000/annum ?
Lady - yes, no ( both smiled )
VO: sorry, this time your visa rejected.

3. Man - rejected
VO: why are you visiting ?
Man: Business purpose
VO : How many weeks ?
Man : 3 weeks
VO: explain the requirement...
Man: blah blah blah ... too much talking
VO: sorry, this time your visa rejected.

Now My turn, scared but confident, had decided will treat this as normal conversation:
Me: Good Morning Officer
VO: Very Good Morning
VO: So you are going for company xxx ?
Me: Yes
VO: For How much time working with this company ?
Me: Its a new opportunity
VO: so, its a new H1B ?
Me: Yes
VO: What is your position ?
Me: Told as par LCA and I-129
VO: How Much Salary you are getting ?
Me: Told as par LCA and I-129.
VO: What is you highest Qualification ?
Me: xxxx
VO: Do you know your rights ?
Me: (Smiling) Yes was going through outside...
VO: Yes, they are running videos... do you want pamphlets ?
Me: Yes, it will be good
VO: Smilingly gave me pamphlet
VO: How do you know about this opportunity ?
Me: My friend referred me.
VO: How do you know this friend ?
Me: Basically he is my college friend and he is Indian.

VO: your visa is approved, have a safe flight :)
me: Thanks

My whole body were having goosebumps.

Left the area, came out by 10:25 AM

02/21/2019 10:00 AM : Admin processing
02/21/2019 2:30 PM: Issued

now my question to community...
I have not received any mail or message regarding collection ? when should I expect this ?

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rampageboy     02/21/2019 04:22 AM


02/20/2019 - VAC appointment - I :N: 3:30 PM, OUT 3:45 PM
02/21/2019 - Interview - IN: 8:45 AM, OUT 10:00 PM

 VO asked basic visa questions, took my passport, no slips were given and nothing was mentioned about admin processing. Here are the questions asked and the comment made at the end of the interview.

"How are you doing today?"
Q1) Is this your first interview on H1B, or is it for extension?
Q2) who is your employer?
Q3) How long have you been working with this employer?
Q4) Where is your employer located?
Q5) Do you work directly for your employer or for any client?
Q6) What is your highest level of education?
Q7) Did you know about your rights in the United States?
Q8) As this is your first interview towards H1B, how do you think you did today?
"Alright gentleman, you are good to go" - No comment on approval/admin processing. Portal shows Admin processing currently.

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sc444r     02/21/2019 02:40 AM

I'm on EVC model. This is my 2nd time H1b stamping but with new employer and new client.

Nov 5th, 2018 - Dropbox at hyd.
Nov 15th, 2018 - Called me for face to face Interview. Interview went good with no documents requested but retained my passport.
Jan 3rd - Embassy returned my Passport with no stamping and asked to wait for further communication.
Jan 14th - Got a call from Embassy and requested to send Client Letter and LCA. Sent on time.
Jan 25th – Client got verification email. Client confirmed my assignment on time.

Mine is SoW project.During Client response for one of the question SOW End date which is mentioned as April 2019 , but it will be with possible extension.
Working for same client since from 2 years. Since SoW end date is nearer, does it impact stamping or any next query to my client ?

I did sent lot of emails to consulate but received only Auto responses. Any idea what would be next ?

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Srikanth Majji     02/20/2019 11:15 AM

My Visa interview experience

I work for EVC model and my employer is IT staffing company (working 8 years) and working with same client (from past 4 years). This is my second stamping (I lost chance for drop box because I lost my passport)

My interview is at 8 AM. I went around 7.30 am and stood in the line.
After 15 min of wait, they let us into the main security area.
Security check completed in 10 min and they made us to sit in the waiting area in queue.
They called us to stand in a line for finger print check, later they made us to stand in another line, where they are assigning the counter numbers.

I got counter number 13 after 5 mins of wait.

I went and stood in the line. In front of me there are two couples for visiting visa (Parents)
One of them asked my help to find his son’s latest visa in their docs and I was helping them in that line. (This was happening in front VO queue)
Both of them got their visas.

VO looks tall, thin, grey hair, glasses and in formal suit (age might be around 45)

Interview -

Me - How are you doing?
No reply
Tried to pass I797 document

VO - I don’t need it. I’ll ask when I need it.

VO - What Company do you work for?
Me - Company name

VO - What’s your client name?
Me - Told the name. He couldn’t get it clearly, so I spelled it out. (I guess he was typing and searching for something)

VO - Are you working at client location?
Me - Yes
(A brief pause - he was looking up some stuff in the system)

VO – What’s your highest education?
Me – Masters in Computer Science

VO - Do you know your legal rights
Me - Yup
(A brief pause)

VO - Your visa is approved
Me - Thanks.

By 8.45 AM, I’m out of consulate with a big smile


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