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Kalyan23     10/18/2017 13:48 PM


I am working for the current employer from this year April, I want to apply for new H1b transfer. I know that it is not required to inform to the current employer about the transfer, but what if the H1b transfer with new exmployer rejected.

I came to know that we again need to apply for the new LCA with new employer name and salary details, what if the new LCA is rejected, can I continue with my current employer only without any issues. Will there be any issues to my current H1b in case if the new H1b transfer petition is rejected. Do I need to submit these failure details next time when I file for extension with the current employer?

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krish99     10/16/2017 01:54 AM

HI , I need help to know if its fine if visa officer dint ask my i797 petition during the interview.

My experience :

interview date: 10/16/2017

VO: good morning

ME: Good morning madam

VO:Which university were you graduated in
ME: Told

VO: what is your designation
ME: Told

VO: What is your emplyer name:
ME: told

VO: What is your salary
me: TOld

VO: what is the name of the client:
ME: TOld

VO: what was your highest degree
ME: told

VO: you are good to go and kept the passport
ME: thank you mam

My i797 was not asked in the interview and I am worried if that has some negative impact??????? the case update changed from 12 th oct to 16 th oct but still states administrative processing. Is something wrong ?????????? no documents are asked or no slip was given.

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camel2usa     10/15/2017 20:52 PM

Background: I am an Egyptian citizen have been working on F1-OPT since January 2017 and got picked in the lottery. I changed my status to H1B on 10/01/17 and traveled to Cairo, Egypt on 10/15/17 for visa stamping.

Here is my experience:

VO: Good afternoon, are you applying for H1B?
Me: Yes.

VO: Do you work in accounting?
Me: No, I work in a construction company (the officer though that I work as an accountant because the designation may seem to be accounting related however it has zero accounting)

VO: So what do you do?
Me: Explained it to him.

VO: How long have you been doing this job?
Me: Since January 17.

VO: Where is the office located?
Me: Answered.

VO: Did you come here for visa stamping before?
Me: Yes I came for F-1 stamping, I did my master in Civil Engineering from XY University.

Then the officer was typing for 2-3 minutes, it felt like ages for me.

VO: Your petition is approved and your visa is also approved, you should receive the passport in the mail in within a week.

Me: Thank you
VO: Good Luck!

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BayAreaTechie     10/15/2017 13:31 PM

I posted the same on the other forum too, just to share our experience and latest on this area
In short, no need to panic(but I was), have your backup plan, and keep a cool attitude.

We had DS160 submitted for Vancouver, and finally while scheduling we found the appointments were only available on Jan 4 2018(we checked during Aug 2017).
    Note1: On the US-Embassy Canadian site, they say appointments available with in 3-5 working days. This is for residents/Canadians-citizens(I guess).
           We live in the US, we are non-immigrant residents of the US, so we fall into different queue and appointments are not going to be immediate.
    Note2: Also to check[& schedule] the appointments availability, you do not need a fully submitted DS-160, you only need the DS-160 application number to see the availability and schedule the appointment, in case it takes longer time to fill and submit the DS-160, in my case it is.

    Note3: Also if you are not able to link your family members(each one need a separate DS-160), after you submit your DS-160, no need to panic as some times the website doesn't offer the link to file DS-160 for family members as a link
           You can submit a separate DS-160 for your family members and while scheduling the actual appointment, you can link your family members(each need DS-160) DS-160 there. .

Then we changed our plans to go to Tijuana, Mexico; Dates available immediate next week.
    I used the Vancuover-submitted DS-160 to pay the DS-160 application fee(I guess USD 190)
    By Aug 29 2017(not sure the exact date), paying fees online is not available any more for Mexico consulates.
    The only option is to pay by cash in Mexico, no need to panic
    I found Mark from USVISAMEXdotCOM, he offers various services, for TCN(third country nationals)
        I took Mark's help to pay the DS-160 fees in Mexico. He is very much reliable, and one other of my acquaintances took help from Mark in the same week and it worked well for both of us.
    Finally I scheduled the appointment @ US consulate Tijuana, Mexico, with Vancouver-submitted DS-160

Again I was nervous about the Vancouver-submitted DS-160 for Tijuana Consulate.
Then called up the customer care, they advised me to submit a new DS-160 for Tijuana, Mexico(the actual location, where I already scheduled appointment)

On the day of biometrics, We gave the Tijuana-submitted DS-160, though appointment was scheduled with Vancuover-submitted DS-160
bio-metrics went well.
Came back home and checked online, the details(DS-160 number are update to Tijuana-submitted DS-160), perfect. at this time it was a lot of relief for us.

Next day VO interview, went well, with two simple questions, you are here for renewal:yes, then same company: yes. Thats it, he handed the slip, to collect the passport next day.
    Note4: (I guess or it looked to me)This VO was training/orienting the other two VOs, so I knew he is very well experienced.

Next day collected passport, came to PedWest, collected I-94(USD $6)


Overall its a very involved process and went like a breeze

    There were one family, they work for Yahoo-like company, got the VISA done(they also took help from Mark to pay the fees in Mexico)
    One guy working in Aeronautics, got it done
    One another guy working for Ericsson-like company, got it done
    And I m Cisco-like company go it done.
    Two other guys(looks like us/TCN) got it done
    I am not sure about Vendor-client-model, at least I met the some are the above(and I do not know they are all direct employees or VCM), please look for more experiences on this.

So overall, I felt Tijuana, Mexico has better probability to get the Visa done, even with this current political turbulence.

Safey @ Tijuana, Mexico: There is unknown fear, I must admit, Do not panic, take it easy, people are very very nice. The taxi people are very kind, overall people are friendly, no need to panic.
    I will definitely visit Mexico for tourism sometime.

Before all these things, we need to go to San-Jose Mexican consulte for Mexico Visa
They need 6 months(not six pay-stubs, it is SIX months) and all pages copies of your passport. 6 months of bank stmt for each applicant, even dependent spouse.
These guys do not budge for it, they are very very strict
Get online appointment for each family member
Take all the docs + copy, even for dependent spouse they need bank stmt with their name on it.
    I understood(at least it looked to me) they do it make it look tougher
    So better go to SFO-Mexico consulate(this is only a word of mouth experience, i got it done only in San-jose, but after three visits), if you are looking for Mexican visa.

Good luck :)

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ankushkamble93     10/15/2017 06:45 AM

Hey yall,
I work in an EVVC model. I went in for the interview on June 18, got a yellow 221g slip. No docs asked. They asked me to submit a soft copy. June 25 - docs submitted. A month later, I was called in for a re-interview. Went in Aug 28. Got a 221g blue slip with AAP ticked. I lost my client Sept 1. Consulate emailed to ask for updated i-797c. I'm guessing they asked for updated i-797c because my client told them i wasnt working there anymore. Meanwhile, I got offer for another client. Hes going to give me a client letter and other docs soon. What are my chances of approval?

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ITProfessional     10/14/2017 21:46 PM

Hi All,

I’ve been working in the USA on L-1B for 3 years and my I-140 is approved. This year my H-1B was selected in the lottery and it got approved. I’ve H-1B stamping interview tomorrow at Chennai consulate.

I need your help to clarify my answers for some tricky H-1B stamping questions.

1. Why did you move from L-1B to H-1B?
My company applied for my H-1B because I’ve been performing really well and my employer wants to hire me for long-term and L-1B visa can be extended only till 5 years.

2. For how long you are planning to stay in the USA?
My company wants to hire me for long-term. I definitely want to stay in the USA for next 4 to 5 years but not sure on the long-term plans. What should I say for this question?

3. Why you applied for the green card?
My company wants to hire me for long-term that’s why they applied for my green card.

Can someone please help me with these questions?

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manrag     10/14/2017 00:02 AM

Could someone guide me based on the scenario and experience?

Background: Have i-140 approved
Three times had been for visa stamping and successfully got approved (1st time in Canada, 2nd and 3rd time in Chennai)

I live in US and I have my H1B valid until Nov 1st, 2017 (without stamping)

On Aug 27th,2017 my employer applied for H1B extension and amendment(without client letter) because i changed my client and location.

I left to India on Sept 12th due to family emergency.

I went to visa stamping based on old I-797 which is expiring on Nov 1st. My LCA has previous Client details

My h1b extension/amendment has new client name and location

On Sept 20th i had OFC appointment
On Sept 21st - Visa interview

VO asked me few questions like, client name, salary and asked for client letter

I gave all the details of new client name and location but since i didn't had the client letter i gave VO a contract papers between Client and Vendor (Here vendor is the one who was implementing the project at client location)

VO gave 221g blue slip and said that they have to do employment verificaiton and gave the passport back.
Now my case is in administrative processing.

In the mean time, i upgraded my h1b extension to premium processing on Oct 13th.

Now i am not sure what will happen to my H1B extension as i left US while it is on processing.
And i am not sure whether to withdraw my case which has 221g blue slip.

Please someone guide me in this situation.

Thanks in Advance.

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Saurabh999     10/13/2017 23:45 PM

Dear All,

I attended visa interview in Mumbai on 10-Oct-17 and thought to share my experience here -

Me - Hi, how are you?
VO - Good. How are you?
Me - Doing good.

VO - Is this your first H1?
Me - NO.

ME - Do you need I797 copy as well?
VO - Yes.
Me - Passed I797.

VO - So what do you do for "ABC"?
Me - I am working as Data Warehouse Specialist for their client "XYZ". We are working on building a new Enterprise Data Warehouse.....

VO - ( Interrupted in between ) What will be your annual salary?
Me - $xxx,xxx

VO - How much experience do you have ?
Me - Almost 11 years now.

VO - Your visa is approved. You will get your passport in 3-4 business days.
Me - Do you need my old passport as well?

VO - No
Me - Thank you and have a great day.

VO - You too.

This was my fourth H1b visa interview and second time in Mumbai. Overall it took around 45 minutes.

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gvenkatmba@gmail.com     10/13/2017 02:09 AM

Dear All,

I attended H1b visa interview first time. At Hyd Consulate.

Answered all questions like qualification, Company, Salary, Location, Number of Employees in the company, Project and how do u know about the company, Qualification etc etc..

But they gave me white slip 221g with just case number written on 9-Jun-2017. After 2 days got call from Hyd Consulate to submit soft copies of all docs. the next day I have submitted all of them by mail. But after that no update from them. No status change or Case updated date change from then.

Any help from forum friends is greatly appreciated.

Anybody in the same boat.


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swethach     10/13/2017 02:07 AM

OFC-Oct 11-16:00 slot
Consular-Oct 12-10:00 slot
Visa status is changed to Issued-Oct 13
Waiting for the passport status to change to ready for pickup

Entire process took 25 min. Asked for passport, DS-160, Appointment Confirmation. Took the fingerprints and photo.

Entire process took 1 hour. Security Check, followed by biometrics verification and interview.

The following questions were asked:
Who is your employer?
Who is the client?
What is the location? (City, State)
How much is the salary? (In US)
What's your designation?

That's all for me. VO said Congratulations and Visa is issued.

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